Top 10 Best And Worst Movies 2017 So Far

Movies are created to entertain people as well the character making money through it. Movies allow us to escape whereby they take us to places we have never been before, they open our eyes to new ideas, which gives us a wider perspective in life by enabling us to imagine and see ourselves through other people’s eyes for whom we have never met. It focuses on our everyday reality whereby our existence must find interpretation. Below are the top five best and worst movies 2017 so far:

List of Top 10 Best And Worst Movies in 2017 So Far


collateral beauty, Top 10 Best And Worst Movies 2017 So Far

This movie was rated the worst. This is because Will Smith is a legend in movies and so, Collateral Beauty had some rough edges. This needed some smoothing out reason being there could have been some emotional punch to this film. The movie also felt incomplete at parts as if other scenes were deleted to take out the incomplete feeling. It does not have the terror and despite the movie’s teaching values, it was just not as unique as it wanted to be. There were no twists, and no key features to help make this movie stand out from similar morale tales.



This movie is also the worst because they lack charisma, imagination, the spirit to play their scene reason being the characters seems bored, and in the end, they are not engaged in their character, they have no spirit. The movie comes out as very predictable making the audience rating it the worst movie.



In this movie, the aliens that attacked the earth 20years ago return for a second attack. The movie is considered the worst for the absence of Will Smith this time round and the characters that remain spend most of their time explaining an unnecessary plot, watching this movie as aliens blow up is not fascinating at all.



This movie is too slow as it takes a long time to show the audience its moral value. The fact that being rich and successful does not necessarily mean being happy. The movie really lacks charisma to make the audience want more of the story since it is too slow.



This is a story about two sibling rivals. It’s the worst rated movie because it could not be tied to anything in reality all because the Gods have been digitally enhanced to three times human size and to make it worse, the characters bleed gold which does not make sense and shows that none of the magic they use on the movie make sense at all. For sure this is a movie that is meant for children not adults due to a lot of fiction.



This is a story about an uptight CEO who threatens to shut down her brother’s branch, which leads to the branch manager throwing an epic party that gets out of control in an attempt to impress a potential big client to save their jobs. The movie is one of the best because unlike many Christmas movies which all look the same due to their carol melodies. This one is different in many ways because they include a lot of drama, a lot of fun and it is rated the best because characters who the audience expected to remain uptight, are seen loosening up due to their drunken state. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best And Worst Movies 2017 So Far.



This is a story of racial discrimination, which leads a father to refuse his son from playing football because of what he experienced in the past. This movie is one of the best since it shows how people build fences despite the fact that they love the person they are shutting out more than anything does. The circumstances they are facing in their everyday lives, through the father who though hardheaded and poor at demonstrating affection, nevertheless loved his son.



This movie is one of the best because it’s one of those story that focus on its characters while also feeling like it’s dealing with universal day to day life about identity, sexuality, family, and, most of all, masculinity making sure it’s not moralizing. Every performance shows a twist of dialogue that is one of the best single scenes in many years reason being it reflects the conflicted masculinity of young African-American men in the States and its also unpredictable at the same time. The film is divided into three chapters and three names used to refer to the same person that we follow from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. He’s a boy and then a man who has trouble figuring out his place in the world.



Most of the movie fanatics can relate to this movie because it’s fascinating how based on a true story a guy loses everything including his house but never gave up despite his ordeal and by a stroke of luck discovered a gold mine. The movie is full of adventure because getting the gold was easy but keeping it will be much harder making it more and more unpredictable making the viewers anticipate what will happen next.



It’s a story about two brothers whose mother died leaving them with unpaid mortgage forcing them to rob banks in order to save their farm which they discovered had oil in it. The story is rated one of the best because it relates with the audience, though one of the brothers die in the end, the story still has a happy ending because the brother who was left behind now pays the mortgage in time and secures a future for his two sons and his ex wife.

These above are the Top 10 Best And Worst Movies 2017 So Far. Based on what I have found out is that the best and worst movies all depend on one’s taste about it since someone’s best movie can be another person’s worst ever movie therefore one might prefer action movies over dramas among others.

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