Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time

Of the things that inveigles man it is no longer a question that music is one of the oldest genre that has single handedly and tacitly played a pivotal role in entertaining and calming a worn out mind. There is a number of music across the genres each with its own taste, design and appeal to different audiences but no music has been lauded appealing to majority – especially women – as the western music.

Weaved and packed in an soothing and catchy manner encompassing zeal and brio of highly elevated opium lyrics, the western music has rendered geographical boundaries obsolete and since its origin in the 20’s has remained has one of the attractive music to many across the globe. With millions already in the market, they are those however that withstood the test of time and have always been there to effectively represent the brand. Some of the greatest and timeless best 10 songs include:

Western Song Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Daddy Sang Bass (1968)

The song by Carl Perkins got an international acclamation for it not only remained in the 1st position in the country chart but also remained in the charts for a remarkable 19 weeks. Cash box pop singles also placed the song 56th position a year later while the version of the same that was released in Columbia found its place in the top 40 Billboard hits as the best. A CMA nomination came a year later and ever since the song has featured in a number of his successful albums including his famous “The Holy Land”.

9. Amazed (1999)

Amazed genius simply lies in its lyrics ability to express the marvels and wonders of those in a love relationship and whose success can be simply expressed in the 1650000 sales of the song copies as per February this year. Originally available in two versions, the second version from the album “Lonely Grill” remained the talk of 2000 after maintaining the top slot in the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 weeks consecutively and runner up in the Hot Adult Contemporary Track. Projects of the same are still undertaken by other artists.

8. Somebody Like You (2002)

From Golden Road is Keith’s Urban “Somebody Like You.” The song will always be remembered due to its ability to remain the best song in the Hot Country & singles tracks for six weeks, maintaining 23rd spot on Billboard Hot 100 and as the best song of the decade. Other notable success includes a remix to a movie “How to Lose a guy in 10 days” and Shady Sheha’s 2014 performance at “The Voice of Germany” which placed the song in the 97th position in the “German Single Charts.”Records indicate at least 1.05 copies have been sold in the United States.

7. Convoy (1975)

Convoy made a name for Billy Fries by taking over both country and pop domains. As one of the best songs of modern age, Convoy maintained a stunning 6-week record in the country charts and 7 days as the best song in the pop charts. It was the best in Canada, it was the best in RPM singles and it was a runner up in the UK. It inspired the creation of Convoy – a film by Sam Pekinpah. And a soundtrack in the Rebel radio and all Disney channels around across the globe. All this from Billy fries 1975 song – Convoy!

6. Love’s Gonna Live Here (1963)

Love’s Gonna Live Here by Buck Owens has always received applause from many quotas as perhaps the greatest song of the 20th century. It is the only song in the 20th century known to have topped the country chart for 16 weeks not to mention other 14 weeks of different positions on the same chart. A record which was broke close to 50 years later by Cruise – our best western song so far – by a margin of one week. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time until 2017.

5. There Goes My Everything (1965)

Despite the original works belonging to Dallas Frazer, it was Jack Greene’s Version all the way in 1966. The inflammatory lyrics inspired by the pain of losing a lover rendered it as one of the most emotional song of its time. The lyrics also saw so the song dominating the Country music chart for seven weeks while securing the 65th position in the Billboard Hot 100. It also won both the single and the year awards. The song earned Jack Greene the “Male Vocalist of the Year” award.

4. Take Your Time (2014)

Powered by positive reviews, “Take Your Time” which majors on the power of seduction is arguably one of the “big things” in market today. Sam Hunt’s creativity and style placed the song as the best country song by February 2015. Some of the charts that the song has fared well include: “Billboard Country Airplay”, “Hot Country Songs”, “Pop Songs” and “Adult Contemporary Charts.” The song has an estimated sale of 2 million copies.

3. Wanted (2012)

Just like the name suggests, it was Hunter’s desire to make his lover feel wanted but he had lacked proper tact to broach the subject. Wanted becomes one of the best in Hayes list as the song was hardly a year old when it received its first Grammy nomination. After two years, the song becomes Hayes second-best selling song while still enjoying a 3rd place in the Billboard top 100. Positive reviews from different sources and platinum certification has made the song one of the best sellers in 2016 with an estimated sale of up to 3.6 million.

2. Walk On Bye (1961)

“Walk On By” was no doubt the best song in the sixties and probably the best in Leroy Van Dyke’s album “Walk On Bye.” Upon its official release in 1961, the then bestseller, dominated the country charts for astounding 37 weeks after securing a 5th place in the pop charts. Later that year, Billboard magazine famed the song as the greatest ever in history.

1. Cruise (2012)

No song in history can claim to have received fame and recognition as Cruise. After two years of official release, Cruise climbed the ladder of success to become the mostly sold country song of all the times in the United States with an estimated sale of 7 million copies. It also remained the best song in Hot Country Songs for a span of 24 weeks. The song was placed well in other charts before it finally dropped from hot 100. A remix by Nelly returned the song to original glory and ever since the song has been featuring in both home and away charts.

These above are the Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time until 2017. Music’s ability to convey message, inspire and strong liaise with broken hearts has seen many seeking the services of the genre. No music however can handle these tasks effectively as the country songs. There are thousands of country songs with different concerns but above serves as the best guide best western songs of all times.

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