Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time

Music is the reason that gets most of us through a hard day. For some, music is a form of expression; for others it is a stress buster. Music has been a part of our lives since forever and it is something that everyone enjoys in one way or another. When it comes to singing a song, there are several languages involved and it is impossible for us to know all of them. But if the music is great, then most of us don’t mind listening to a language that we do not know even a word of. Swiss songs are turning out to be immensely popular and with the world getting increasingly smaller thanks to the internet, these songs can reach out to everyone’s ears. Swiss music is appreciated worldwide and most of the Swiss songs are hits all over the world. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time:

Swiss Song Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. On My Way To LA

Phil Carmen Phil Carmen along with being a singer is also a producer. This Swiss artist began his music journey with another bassist. Their forte was country music but they did not receive much popularity at the time. But with this second single On My Way To LA, Phil Carmen was in the limelight as a singer and given the due recognition he deserved. This single made its way to the Swiss charts. This is a catchy song that can definitely get you shaking your head in tune with the music.

9. Walking With A Ghost

Kadebostany The Switzerland band, Kadebostany is known for their own unique performance style that is capable of entertaining their fans every single time. Be it in their music videos or at live performances, this band sure knows how to get their fans in the groove. Walking With A Ghost is a song that is bound to mesmerize you, especially when it is coupled with the singer’s voice and the bands performance.

8. With A Little Help From My Friends

Bo Katzman Bo Katzman always seemed to have a certain inclination towards gospel music. At the young age of eleven years, he started his own gospel choir within his scout group. In 1999, Katzaman along with Steve Lee and John Brack came out with this song that till today is a favorite in the music industry.

7. All I Need

Pablo Nouvelle Pablo Nouvelle is a perfect example of a person chasing his dreams. Nouvelle who was studying architecture decided that he should go after his passion instead and that is how he got into music. Nouvelle released this song which is slow paced yet catchy and therefore you will definitely enjoy listening to this one.

6. Let You Go

Ira May Once you listen to Ira May, you would most probably feel some goosebumps especially if the song is Let You Go. This seriously talented singer had taken the music industry by storm with this song and her fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of her music. Let You Go has the ability to stir up all your hidden emotions, particularly if you have made the mistake of letting your loved one get away.

5. Crossroads

Shem Thomas This Swiss singer with a beautifully powerful voice won the title of ‘The Voice of Switzerland’ in 2014. Shem Thomas then began his road to success with his voice being a national sensation. This amazing voice soon reached fans all over the world thereby only increasing Thomas’ popularity. Crossroads was the song that Thomas sang in the finals of the Swiss reality show and it was later released and was without doubt, a hit. 4. Maybe In Heaven – Daniel Kandlbauer Daniel Kandlbauer had music in his blood since a child. He got the chance to showcase the same by entering and winning the second spot in a Swiss show. From then on Kandlbauer began his music career. Maybe in Heaven was actually Kandlbauer’s first single which needless to say, turned out to be a major success. The lyrics of this song will touch your heart and the feel in Kandlbauer’s voice just makes it that much more touching. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time until 2017.

3. Music Makes My World Go Round

Lovebugs Among one of the most successful and famous Swiss bands is Lovebugs. Lovebugs began their journey nearly twenty years ago and have still maintained their reputation for releasing some of the best hits in the music industry. Over the span of twenty years a couple of members were replaced, but their music was always consistent. When the song Music Makes My World Go Round was released, it soon climbed up the Swiss charts and will always remain an all-time favorite among the music lovers as it is all about how much love a person has for music.

2. I Can’t Stop Loving You

Ray Charles A Swiss favorite, Ray Charles can do more than sing a lovely song. He is a famous Swiss musician and actor as well. Charles is mostly popular for his voice as his singing is capable of making anybody fall in love with his songs. I Can’t Stop Loving You is a song with such perfect lyrics that it seems to come straight out of a lover’s pure and true heart. Ray Charles does this song justice with his amazing voice and it is no surprise that this single of Charles was a major hit when it released.

1. I Take It All

Pegasus Biel has given Swiss music one of the best bands of the music industry. The secret behind the hit albums of Pegasus could be the long and strong friendship between the band members. These artists were always in love with music and even had their jam sessions as kids. Today, they are a widely recognized and much adored Swiss band that plays music from the heart. This song by Pegasus will leave you a fan of their music and you are sure going to find yourself playing this song on repeat. The lyrics, voice and music all come together perfectly in these Swiss songs and you cannot help but love them. There are several other Swiss hits that will surely make it to your playlist, but these Swiss songs mentioned above stand out from the rest and have therefore made it to this list.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time until 2017.

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