Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year 2017

Reading a good book refreshes one’s mind, offering inspiration, educating and entertaining. Some people love to clear their mind after a long at work, by a good book besides their bed. Going for a vocation, you need to have a good entertaining book with you to give you company. There are educating books as well for every age group found in our bookstores. Below list will take you through the best selling books you can read this year 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year in 2017

10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year 2017

Some people will prefer watching this film than reading, but wish they can go for the hand copy and enjoy every sentence of this wonderful story. Creativity is put into place in this book, offering a sense of wonder to the reader. This series book talks of a boy’s life changing from the miserably state, all through wonderful and magical life.

9. Swing Time

swing time, Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year 2017

For those with quest for knowledge, this is the best book to look for. It takes you through the life of two girls, growing and being raised from a very humble background. These girls love to dance, by this they bonded nicely and became great friends with the time they spend together dancing. Their lives started taking a new move in their adulthood stage to the best. This book was introduced in John Hopkins University in Baltimore, and every student loved each chapter. Zandie Smith a great writer writes it.

8. To Kill a Mockingbird


It is a fictional classic storybook, a storybook leaving you wanting for more. It talks about a tomboy living with her family in southern. The family is going through a hard time due to moral crisis in their neighborhood. This book was released back in the year 1988, but has been ranking the best book of all-time and loved by many. Written by Harper Lee, he is a good storyteller who will compel simple stories and tell it in a convicting ways. Nelle Harper Lee was an American novelist widely known by this novel, published 1960.

7. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up


As the title, it tells all about it, making it to be top selling and read book in the world. The details entailed in this home-making book, are very simple to follow giving your home a sense of classy and comfortable home. If you think your home is in order and organized; buy this book from Amazon and will see how you have a lot to do in the house. It is the best New York best selling, for it has transformed homes of many making them look splendid. Marie Kondo does this combination.

6. The Girls


This is the famous selling book to read in the world, was published in the year 2016 but its setting is taking us back at Northern California in the year 1960. It takes us through the life of Evie, a lonely teenager who is taken away from her mother. Looking for love and she is fascinated by the love offered by other girls in her life. This book written by Emma Cline is available in the bookstore near you, Amazon, libraries also online.

5. Autumn


It is a fictional book, one volume with four series that is; autumn, spring, winter and summer. It is an exploration book through the four seasons, their mysteries, difference and how we interconnect with them. Reading this book you will have knowledge and understanding of this seasons change and shape our lives. Ali Smith writes it, and she is the winner of Baileys Women’s Price for Fiction 2015.

4. Woman of God by Maxine Paetro


Now with gender equality and women being empowered, the writer expounds the mind of many who thinks of handling even the impossible. It is talking about a woman who was a pope, seems to be loved and wants to the church into a new direction. This book broadens the mind of hardworking women. Paetro is an American author who has collaborated with best selling author James Patterson and standalone novels. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year 2017.

3. On the Places you’ll go


We cannot forget our children; it is advisable to encourage them in book reading, as it will improve their glamour in writing and expressing themselves. It is suitable for pre-school kids, a colorful book on its content thus attracting them and increasing concentration. It is a bedtime story book, very useful as they are growing and builds their creativity. It is an inspiration and honest informing the children have brains in their head, to steer themselves in any direction they choose and move mountains of this life.

2. Strengths-finder 2.0


It is ranked as the top popular selling book to read in the world all time, written by Tom Rath. It is a self-help book to guide you on your potentials and acting on them. It plays the role eye opening on your capabilities of your everyday life, by giving you guidelines and strategies to handle your life. You can be assured of the details of this book, in mind it is written by an American consultant on employee engagement and well –being author.

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 1 and 2


You will never go wrong with Harry’s collections since he is a great writer. This play starts in deathly hallows where Harry Potter brings his son Albus to school, and willing to place him in the slytherin house. Jack Thorne and the story written by J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany write it. This fantasy and drama book is recommended from age twelve and above.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Selling Books To Read This Year 2017. It is very good to invest in good books and owning a small home library, your children will emulate on that and become great leaders. Through reading, you will always learn something new that will change your way of thinking.

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