Top 10 Best Poems For Your Kids

Many poems are written specifically to children. Some of them were published long time ago but still children’s favorite. Poetry is rated to be fun among children. It also builds their speaking and reading skills. In most cases, they find poems to be interesting and tend to listen carefully when recited to them. Difficult words should not be used in such articles. This will give them hard time in trying to find its meaning.

List of Top 10 Best Poems For Your Kids in 2017

10. The Fisherman

the fisherman, Top 10 Best Poems For Your Kids 2017

Fisherman is a nice and lovely poem that was written specifically for children. A story behind it talks about a certain angler in line of duty. Most children are always motivated upon listening to this poem. In that way, they are able to cope up with daily chores given out by their own parents. Fisherman described here wakes up very early when other people are still sleeping and goes to his work. From bottom of sea is where he gets his daily bread. Such people can never go hungry.

9. Paul Revere’s Ride


This is another poem for children taking ninth position of this article. A famous and successful poet known as Henry Wadsworth first wrote it. This poet narrates to children that they should be obedient to their parents. Obedient children throughout this world love narrating Paul Revere’s Ride because it is something in them. If you are a parent and wondering how to bring up you lovely child in an obedient way, then try teaching them by means of poems. In that way, you get to discover that his or her behavior is changing slowly.

8. I’d Love to be a fairy’s child


I’d love to be a fairy child is a famous poem for kids that was written by Robert Graves. This man is best known for creating many inspiring and motivating poems. This is just part of his success. He wrote it with a lot of passion such that you will never imagine it came from mind of a mere man. Graves motivates children that come from humble families that they will always get they have been admiring. Some of these things include clothes, food and education. All of these come at right time.

7. Puppy and I


As we all know, almost all children love pet animals like cats and dogs. Puppy is a young one of a dog. Children say that they are always friendly and good to stay with. Puppy and I is a popular poem among children that was written with a lot of passion. In most cases it is sang to dogs and young ones. This is done simply for entertainment. Unlike other poems that we have studied above, this one holds a pure conversation in it line and is an elderly person questioning all about a child.

6. Friends


Friends is a kid poem that was created and published by Abbie Farwell Brown. Amazing lies of these lines will definitely inform you that it came from poet’s heart. This amazing star from Boston, America died long time ago but left a legacy of poems like friends for children to enjoy reading. She published it many years back but still lives in people’s hearts more especially children. Other articles of her own composition were collected in on book. Parents have seriously committed themselves in buying these books for their children to read. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Poems For Your Kids 2017.

5. I am late for school


I am late for school is a beautiful article from Gareth Lancaster. He wrote this poem with an aim of inspiring kids that often get late for school. It is believed to help them bring change in their lives. Parents should live with a lot of hope and expectations in their lives. We all know that when a child gets late for school, he or she might end up quitting classes for that day. Instead, they should hurry to recover lost time in that particular day. Kids should give in for any punishment given out by their teachers.

4. The sun


When we were little children, we used to be curious about earthly bodies such as sun, moon, stars and many others. In most cases, kids examine the sun because it only moves during daytime. This poem talks about the sun and was written by a poet who had undergone same experience of life. He talks in its lines by asking question like where this earthly body goes after daytime. Children love narrating it because it contains questions already I their minds and soul. Apart from sun, moon is also mentioned in here.

3. the most Magnificent Zoo


It has come to my observation that kids love going to a zoo. Having a title of most magnificent zoo will definitely pull attention of children. They would want to learn more about zoo animals such as squiroose and Hippos. Almost all lines of this poem talk about magnificent zoo that is certainly about animals. Different names of animals have been mentioned in each line and in every paragraph. As they read along, they get more curious of wanting to know them. Sometimes they tend to develop games out of such articles like this poem. That is one way of making your children busy with important stuffs.

2. Dirty Face


Dirty face is another popular and best poem among children, which was written by Shel Silverstein. Shel narrates about young children with dirty face especially after crawling along in dirty floors and dust. Mothers when speaking to kids below 2 years of age can also use it. Parents teach their lovely young ones on how to maintain hygiene. However, getting dirty is part of their childhood experiences.

1. Teddy Bear


Teddy bear is our best of all poems discussed in this article. It was written and published by A.A Milney. Teddy Bear narrates about a lifeless doll for children that cannot move or eat but is fat like live creatures. We credit Milney for his fantastic work.

These are Top 10 Best Poems For Your Kids in 2017 review. They have amazing lines with different meanings in each. Most of them are written out of real experience of children. That is one way of making them understand what is written.

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