Top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time

Having a party? Then you have to have music, right? What’s a party without music? Just a dull gathering where no one has fun. But great party tunes set the mood for an evening full of dance, laughter, and good times.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great dance music for your next party. Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of great dance grooves out there we’ve compiled a list of the ten best party songs of all time.┬áReady? Then turn those speakers up, and hit the floor! Let’s party!

Party Song Top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. LOVE SHACK – The B-52’s

Based on a real life shack near Athens, Georgia, home of the new wave group The B-52’s, Love Shack was the band’s biggest hit. Released in 1989, the million-selling single reached number three on the U.S. Billboard charts, and was a hit all over the world. Unfortunately, the actual Love Shack burned down in 2004. But the song lives on.


Swedish super group Abba had many hits, but none paralleled the success of the three-million selling, multiple chart-topping hit Dancing Queen, the 1976 smash from their fourth album, “Arrival.” Rolling Stone ranks Dancing Queen #174 in its list of The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time,” and in 2016, The Guardian published an article about the hit, titled, “Why Abba’s Dancing Queen Is The Best Pop Song Ever.”

8. CELEBRATION – Kool And The Gang

Played often not only at parties, but weddings and sporting events, Celebration topped the U.S. Billboard charts in 1980 for two weeks, becoming the biggest hit for Kool And The Gang. Performed at the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Paralympics, the hit has been covered by artists such as Kylie Minogue and the New Zealand band Dragon. But at our party, we prefer to celebrate with Kool And The Gang.

7. PARTY IN THE U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

Released in 2009 by Hollywood Records, Party In The USA was the lead single from the album “The Time Of Our Lives.” The song made it to number two on the U.S. charts, not quite able to unseat I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas. Billboard described the tune as a “reggae-powered pop tune,” and the lyrics detail Cyrus’ transitioning from Nashville to Hollywood. Selling well in excess of five million copies the song remains a big hit for Cyrus and for party-goers.

6. AT THE HOP – Danny And The Juniors

Let’s go to the hop! This 1957 sock-hop smash by Danny And The Juniors became a number one hit in the U.S. the following January. A staple at sock hops and high school dances, the song is a successful merging of blues, rock and roll, doo-wop, and boogie woogie. Initially titled Do The Bop, music kingpin and host of American Bandstand Dick Clark suggested the name change and the rest is history. At The Hop has been covered by artists such as Elvis Presley in 1959, and Sha Na Na at Woodstock, in 1973. It was also featured in the 1973 film American Grafitti. Kick off your shoes and dance in your socks!


From Cyndi Lauper’s 1984 debut album, “She’s So Unusual,” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun shot up to number two on the U.S. Billboard chart, just behind Van Halen’s Jump. Widely regarded as a feminist anthem, Lauper’s dance inspiring song was a worldwide hit, charting all across Europe, Japan and Australia, as well as receiving a Grammy nomination. A Karaoke staple, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was popular enough to be covered by at least thirty other acts as well as being featured in films such as Clueless and Baby Mama. The hit was also heard on multiple television shows such The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Married With Children. If there are girls at your party, this is a must-play tune.

4. GET DOWN TONIGHT – K.C. And The Sunshine Band

This is one of the Top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time until 2017. Get out your high heel boots, because disco lives! K.C. And The Sunshine Band’s first number one hit, released in 1975, became one of their biggest. A disco standard, Get Down Tonight reaches through the radio and demands that you get up and dance. Remember when K.C. And The Sunshine band performed this tune at Six Flags Mid-America in 1976? Thousands of disco-dancing teens were there, and at venues all across America. Defining the disco era with a string of number one hits, Get Down Tonight remains at the top of any disco chart, and is one of the ultimate party songs.

3. 1999 – Prince

The year was 1982. But Prince was already singing about dancing the millennium away. Now well past 1999, party-goers are still dancing to the song which, oddly enough, failed to make the American charts in its initial release, although it made it to number two in Australia. Re-released in 1984 and following the success of Little Red Corvette, 1999 rose as high as number twelve on American charts. As the end of the millennium drew near, it received more airplay, and has maintained its mark in pop music, making music charts in three different decades.

2. TWIST AND SHOUT – The Beatles

Written by Phil Medley and Bert Berns in 1961, Twist And Shout was first recorded by The Top Notes.Recorded by artists as diverse as Buck Owens, Cliff Richards, and Salt-n-Pepa, it’s the 1964 version from The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” album that became a huge hit. Rising to number two on the Billboard charts, Twist And Shout failed to reach number one because of another hit song called Can’t Buy me Love, by, you guessed it…The Beatles. Not many tunes get a party going as well as Twist And Shout.


This is it. If Play That Funky Music can’t get your party started, nothing can. This 1976 number one smash sold over 2.5 million copies for Wild Cherry. The funky riff and the blaring horns reach out and grab party goers by the lapels, drawing them to the irresistible dance floor. Covered by dozens of other artists, from Vanilla Ice, to George Michael, Prince, and Adam Lambert, nothing beats the original version by Wild Cherry. Play That Funky Music may just be the ultimate party song.

These above are the Top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time until 2017. If you’re planning a party, you’ve got to have more than drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Playing these Top Ten Party Hits will make sure your party is as big a hit as these dance-friendly songs!

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