Top 10 Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time

Villains are people who play a very bad role on a movie they act scarcely people and with characters which are not even human. Most people tend to believe that this people in their real life are that bad .In some case that is very different some of them are good fathers that you envy there family, some are very polite something that you cannot expect. The following are some of the much known villains who have played a big role in different movies.

List of Top 10 Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time until in 2017



In the movie, harry potter is one of the actors who have played a very negative role that scares everyone. In this movie, he is the one who creates a thrilling e environment he is just amazing, acts the best way ever. He acts as a dictator in the movie where else he is not .He is just the scarcely person you would not like to meet with. Most of the people just like he plays great role in deed some even would like to emulate him.


JOKER Top Famous Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time until 2019

His real names are Heath Ledger, in his personal life, he has very many problems but he is just good. He has acted in movies such as “THE DARK KNIGHT’”. He played this movie very well that the movie got so many funs .People were all over in the cinemas to what this movie. One movie that has attracted many people. The movie is a bit scarcely to watch with children but it is a nice. Joker his just too nice not many can act as he does he is one of a kid. He was born in 1979, he is very good in relating with people and has won so many awards.



He a dynamic actor, his real names is Ian McKellen he is an amazing actor he have, made it the best way possible. He has the black, white and grey shade that is so good. He is just very good .One of the many movies that he has acted is X Men .Magneto has been in the film for very many years. Most people tend to see him acting in a very shallow way but when you get to know who he is, you will just like to keep watching his movies. American understands him very well though.


MEGAMIND Top 10 Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time Line

He is the best onscreen villain we have. This is one of the movies that have a reason and shows the real things that make people to turn out to be villain. The environment we bring up our children in matters a lot .Villain are not born just as they are they are normal people what changes them is the environment. Mega mind is ma lesson to learn from and try to give our children the best you can.



He started acting in 1960.He is none in Psycho movies .Bates in this movie he even kill his mother and assume that nothing have happened and life move on just as it was .He is loved by many people because he started acting so many years ago. His personal life is a bit complicated but he is a nice guy with a great heart .Bates has so many awards that he have worn just in this movie though he have done even some series.



People who have not known about Silva they may think that the people they watch are the best ,but there are other better like Silva he have acted for very many years .In the movie Sky fall he is the best actor ever he have very well a nice job too. In the movie he acts threatening others .In his personal life he is a role model to many though not very social ,a very good man .He have won many awards more than you can think of. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time until 2017.

4. GRU


Gru in Despicable me he is just the worst you can think of .In this he act on the negative side even against the other villains .He is very powerful and with extra ordinal energy and people are scared of him .Though a very nice character in the movie most people emulate him and love him. In his life, he is not that big.



In the movie he is the worst you can think of he is ma killer who is not even regretting what he have done. He uses charm, and act in the very weird way that is in (SILENCE OF THE Lamb) he is so scarcely and very dangerous and kills lambs in the movie. He is an aged actor he have been have acting for very many years .Well known and in every movie he is features in he too good .With a lot of creativity in him.



He act as the evil man with a lot of darkness around him .he is the Dark Vader not many people like him in the movie but he ids the best. Very many people are afraid of his movies but they are the best. He produces a booming voice that scares everyone all the times. He wear very scary cloths and looks like a spider man .He is the best .if looking for a character who will just make you go crazy go for him he is the best.



Listed the best villain in the world he have acted Departed and in this he acts like a gangster who is so evil. He is so prominent because of what he do most people love him he have very many followers who just like watching his n movies .In 2007 he worm awards for being the best actor .Go for him if you have none to follow and you are not wrong.

People tend to think that villains are not human being but they are. They live a normal life like any other person. The above are the best onscreen villains in Hollywood of all time until 2017.

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