Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Asia is a large continent that is best known by many people for releasing great and interesting film. These movies are from different countries and feature mostly on social matters. Below is a list containing some movies that you should watch in 2018 review.

List of Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies in 2018

10. Kenshin

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Kenshin is a Japanese film that was originally known as Rurouni Kenshin and was released in Japanese language. First DVD was released on 26th December, 2012 by a famous movie producer and artist known as Osamu Kubota from that same country. This film got its legal license immediately after release. Many copies have been distributed to more than 50 countries all round this world. There are a total of 9 people being featured here. Some of them include Emi Takei, Takeru Santo, Eji Kagawa and Yosuke Eguche

9. The Thieves

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

This is a South Korean heist film directed by Choi Dong-hoon. This film made Korean box office history with half a million tickets sold on the first day and more than 10 million tickets sold in the first three weeks.

8. Target

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Target is another movie from Korea but from Southern region. It is among best and must watch movies of Asia. Upon watching Target for first time, many people got satisfied from a promise they got from directors and actors to expect more of their best. This film has talented actors and you cannot miss to watch it. Some of these actors include Ghoi Gwi-Hwa, Yum Ji-Young, Shin Dam-Soo, Baek Jae Jin, We Yang- Ho, Lee Hyun and many others. Make an effort of watching this Korean film and you never regret purchasing a copy.

7. When Marnie was there

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

This is a Japanese film takes position seven of my article. Its unique plot and features have landed in this position. When Marnie was mine is an interesting film that was released on 19th July, 2014 and in Japanese Language. Hiromasa Yonebayashi Ghibli was director and writer of this amazing film. It is based on a popular novel of Joan G. Robinson, when Marnie was there runs for exactly 103 minutes. It has been estimated to be net worth US$1.15 billion. Not all people may understand Japanese Language. However, movie interpreters are always available for those who do not understand.

6. Futureless Things

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

This film is one of best Korean film collections that was written and directed by Kim Kyung Mook. This gentleman is highly honored for having done a fantastic work to put everything in its place before it was released to outside market. Main aim of releasing it in 24 hours was to compete with other popular and successful films that were being featured at that time. You cannot definitely live without a story that is plotted here. Actors of Futureless things portray characters of Idle Musicians, defectors, jobless actors, lesbians and University student. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best And Must Watch Asian Movies 2018.

5. The Monkey King

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Most people who have watched this film always confess that their attention is highly taken especially during last minutes. The monkey King was released to market on 24th January, 2014 and it is based on Chinese, Hong Kong. Part 2 of this must watch film was released on 2nd February, 2016 and has been by quite a good number of people to date. Cheang is director of Monkey King. He narrates its story which is based on storyline of a certain novel. Magical performances in this films keeps audience amazed and entertained always.

4. Wake up Girls

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

On our fourth position, we have this amazing action film that most people say that its best in animation form. It was first released in Japan to give answers to those people and film fans who think movies have to be animated always. Upon release, several copies were sold all round the world giving much success and profit income. You can definitely never get enough of this film. Wake up girls has amazing performance and due to that, there is always high demand of its disks in market. It has also appeared in this List amongst other Top ten films.

3. Hot Young Bloods

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Lee Yeon-Woo from Korea directed this film with storyline that are based on relationships and love matters amongst students in early 1980s. Talented actors and actresses portray their character clearly by giving out real Life experience of relationships in High school. I other words more advice is given to those students who are committed in relationships while still studying in High School. This Film does not restrict any person from watching it. Parents, high school students, teachers and young people comfortably watch from same screen and no embarrassment will be caused.

2. The snow white Murder Case

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

Snow white murder case is an interesting film that has taken second position of my article. Watching this Asian film is interesting and entertaining always. Its story line is based on Miki Shiromo that is a cosmetic Company worker. This same person is suspected to have killed his own workmate. To get more of this, just find a copy and watch Snow-white Murder case.

1. Dante Lam’s that Demon Within

Best And Must Watch Asian Movies

On top of this list we have this amazing Asian film which talks of a police officer with a rich heart. This man wanted to save a gang leader who is totally violent in nature. He is seen struggling a lot with his emotions and duty rules based on his work. You can never get enough of watching this film. Get a copy and enjoy yourself all through.

Those are the most amazing and must watch Asian movies 2018. Watching them is getting more entertained at large. Follow this article carefully as you decide which to purchase first.

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