Top 10 Best Music Albums of All Time

Everyone loves music. As the saying goes music is food for the soul. When you listen to songs, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. This is what most singers, music composer have discovered, and that is why they keep producing better music every time they release a new album. There are several albums in the history of music that spent several weeks and months on the top charts and they became the best of all time. Some of these albums were the first one ever released by the singers. Check out below the list of the top ten best music albums of all times.

List of Top 10 Best Music Albums of All Time until in 2017

10. Revolver-Beatles

revolver beatles, Top 10 Best Music Albums of All Time 2017

Starting our listing today is one of the best albums from Beatles. They have released some of the best albums in their entire singing career. This one was their seventh album and they did it in a studio. The band that produced this one has been regarded as one of the best selling rock bands in the world. They released this album on 5th August 1996. A label called Parlophone released it and the executive producer to the album was called George Martin.

9. The Wall-Pink Floyd


This was one of the best selling albums that was released by the Pink Floyd band. It was released as their eleventh album. It was not like the ordinary albums as two record labels released it, one of the labels was in the UK and the other in US. Their names were Colombia and Harvest records. It was release on November 30th in the year 1979. It has recorded several best sales after its release in 1980 and years after.

8. Ok Computer-Radiohead


An alternative rock album was done by English band by the name Radiohead. It was their third album that they recorded in a studio. The release dates to be exact were May 21st 1997. After having been released several reviewers and critics rated it as a natural, meaning it was just amazing. The record labels that were in charge of it were Parlophone and Capitol records. It is an awesome album for the alternative rock lovers.

7. Nevermind- Nirvana

nevermind-nirvana-top-10-best-selling-music-albums-of-all-time-2017-2018An album was famously known as Nirvana. The band that was responsible for creating this incredible work of songs is from the United States. They are rock in nature. It was the second album that this group ever released in a studio. They released this album in the year 1991 on November 24. Its executive producer was Butch Vig and the record that was in charge was called DCG. It is an incredible selection for rock lovers.

6. A Night at the Opera-Queen



A British based band did this one by the name Queen. It is one of the best UK albums that were recorded by the same band that sang it. Their co-producer was known as Thomas Baker. The band Queen, released this album was released on the year 1975 in November 21. At this time when they released the album, it was the most expensive album to have been recorded. Some of the labels that are attributed to its release are Elektra and EMI records. It is one of the best from Queen.

5. Abbey Road-Beatles


This is the second album that was released by the band Beatles that is on this list. Most of the songs in the album are from the rock genre. The labels that was responsible for its release was known as Apple. The executive director was George Martin. The date when the album was released was 26th September in 1969. At first, when it was released it got a very negative response from the fans but it later sold huge records. Many currently love it.

4. Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin


This is one of the albums that was named after the bands that was responsible for it. They had released several album with the same name; the only difference was with the roman numbers on the title of the album. It was their fourth one. A rock english music collection of songs was released on November 8 in 1971. Atlantic Records was the label that was responsible for its release. Jimmy Page is the producer in charge. When it was released in the US and UK and received huge awards and nominations.

3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-Beatles


This is yet another from the English rock band, Beatles. So far, on this list they have had three songs. A rock and pop album was released on 1 June in 1967. It was the eighth album that the band decided to release in their career. The records label Parlphone released it and the studios from which it was released were EMI and Regent Studios. It topped the charts in the US and UK and this led to its success to become one of the favorite albums of all times.

2. Thriller-Michael Jackson


If you are keen, you will notice that a band has done all the listed albums. This one is unique as it was done by pop star Michael Jackson. He released it in the year 1982 on November 30. It has several genre of music that are found in this album some include post-disco, rock, funk and pop. Epic was the label responsible for its release. All songs were done at Westgate recording studios. It won 8 Grammy Awards within the year 1984 making it one of the most successful albums for Michael Jackson.

1. Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd

 Dark-Side-of-the-Moon-Pink-Floyd best selling music albums 2017-2018

This is the best album of all times. The band Pink Floyd released it. It was their eighth album in their singing career. The album had songs that highlighted different topics that included: passage of time, conflict and greed. It also has a topic on mental illness that was inspired by one of the group members called Syd Barrett who was suffering from this illness. They have sold more than 45 million copies after its release.

Finally, these are the top ten bet music album of all times until 2017. These albums have several music genres in them but you will notice rock everywhere meaning rock albums are the best to listen to, if you need them you can find them on their respective websites.

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