Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him of All Time

Sure gender equality came to save the day, not anymore women could wait for the man to make the first move. With the modern woman, she is going after what she wants, when she wants the same case when it comes to love. When a woman is in love, she is more romantic and can express it through many ways from sexy dressing, nice cooking and now good love poems songs for him. Below list is the best romantic love poems for him in the year 2017.

Love Poems Song. Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him in 2017

List of Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him of All Time until in 2017

10. Circles – Jana Kramer

When a woman loves, she loves for real. In Circles, the woman is vowing to love this man forever till death parts them. She is thankful he putted the pieces of her broken heart together and even though the world sees as if the man will make her life hard, she is telling them that she will never let him go. Jana Kramer is an American actress and country music singer, being born in the year 1983.

9. Make You Smile – Elle King

When a woman smiles it knocks any man down, longing to have her by his side. In this song, she is madly in love, and she is willing to do anything to make him hers. She is promising to make him happy through thick and thin. Sometimes confidence and desperation go hand in hand but she is determined to win his heart. By being an American country singer and R&B, she has done it so well with her golden voice.

8. Devotion – Ellie Goulding

Elena Jane Goulding is an English singer and songwriter, born in December 30th 1986. Every man will die over this voice despite the age or status. In this love song, the girl knows the past of this man she is in love with. To just open the door of his heart and let her heal the bruises of his past. The message is about never to give upon love, even though you have been heart from previous relationships. There will be always that person who will love you for real despite what you may go through.

7. Lionheart – Demi Lovato

It is every man’s desire to have a strong lady by his side, loving and caring about him always. Demi is taking us through a girl who is in love and obsessed by this man. She is with him everywhere she goes, could his voice in her mind and dreams. It is a touching tribute to every new lover, expressing true love and comfort. The lady is determined to face the future with him, giving a shoulder to lean despite what life will throw back at their love life.

6. Burning House – Cam

Cam means bold and this country music singer has done well in this song love song. When one loses something in his or her life, that is when one will realize the magnitude of what she or he have lost. In this song, she is saying how she has been having sleepless night for the love she gave up on. Burning house is used to show her heart is on fire, since she let go of that man she ever loved and she is willing to do anything to have him back in her arms once again. When you love you can never harm your partner whether physical or mentally instead you will take care of all the time. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him of All Time until 2017.

5. Nobody – Selena Gomez

When a woman loves, sometimes it can be the suffocating kind of love, where this man obsesses her. Selena Marie Gomez is a beautiful American actress and singer, young at her age but expressing how love sometimes can make one be. This woman cannot do anything; think clearly, when this guy is not with her. She cannot feel the warmth of the day, when he is gone. It is a dangerous love, where a woman can completely not function without this guy in her life. It portrays how women give their all to the ones they love, even if not to be loved in return.

4. Church Bells – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Marie Underwood is an American country music singer very famous even in her acting carrier. Love sometimes can be something different from what many see. In this song, Carrie is talking of that innocent girl with good looks finds a man with a mansion, she loves him and the wedding bells are ringing for her to wed in church. Later what she thought was something good and beautiful turns to be the nightmare of her life. She used to cover her bruises with make-up and dark sunglasses from the beating of her husband, and now she does not know whether to continue loving him or herself.

3. Speechless – Rachel Platten

Love makes two new lovers speechless, not having the courage to talk their hearts out. It is hurting the lady not sure whether the guy is in the same situation, or has no idea how much she is in love. Looking at him and she is longing for those lips to kiss her, deep inside wanting the man to open his eyes and man up and take her in his arms. That is why the song is ranking the best and famous love poems for him.

2. Adore You – Miley Cyrus

This love song is for that special guy in your life, has been standing by your side strengthening you while weak. Serenade him during that dinnertime, and for real, he will love you more. Miley Ray Cyrus, being a great singer and songwriter is expressing the message of love, empowering and support in this song.

1. Love Triangle – Raelynn

When parents separate, the girl child suffers a great deal, as when she comes of age tends to be torn the love of her father and her new love. Topping this list of the best love poems songs is the love ballad from Raelynn. This young lady will have fear to love not to be hurt like the way the way the parents did.

After knowing the taste of your partner, you can be able to choose the right kind of poem or a song to use on him. The above list is among the Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Him of All Time until 2017.

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