Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Her of All Time

Love is a good thing in life, everyone feels great when loved and when loving. The Holy book also insists on love as the greatest commandment to human race. Expressing love from time memorial has been done in many ways like; sharing gifts, serenade your loved one with a love song or poem or write a love letter. A man will do anything to win the heart of the girl of his life, despite his awkward voice he will try and sing her a nice love song. Below is the list of the best love poems songs for her.

Love Poems Song Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Her in 2017

List of Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Her of All Time until in 2017

10. There’s A Girl – Trent Harmon

Sometimes love drives people crazy doing some things way out of their means for love. Country music is known to knock any woman down when it is played to them. There is a girl song is a basic country music, talking about a young man who is doing silly things with crazy behaviors without realizing he is in love.

9. As You Are – The Weeknd

Love drives those who are in love to do strange things, as in this song two lovers they know by the end of it all they will break one another’s heart. This song will always give you dropping tears but at ease too as most of R&B songs. They know each other’s history but they will always find themselves together. R&B are the best-loved love songs of all time and easy to sing along.

8. To The Moon and Back – Luke Bryan

This romantic song is very famous, as it has been used in numerous weddings and engagement parties. It is kind of a vow the guy makes to his lady, to love her all the time, during their highs and their lows; he will be truthful to her. Many women around the world love country love song, done by golden voices like Luke Bryan. You are the lucky guy to put that engagement ring in her finger, go on your knees with this song and you will make her fall twice for you.

7. Blue Ain’t Your Color – Keith Urban

A song is a collection of a love story one has or is experiencing and wish to pass the message. Like in this song, this guy is in love with beautiful girl but she is with someone else and he could see that she is not happy. He is convincing her that he will love and make her happier. In this song, you will feel the wave of love through the silky and smooth voice of Keith Urban.

6. Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi

Women love to be appreciated, loved, and taken care of and above all to be told she is amazing. After some years in marriage or relationship, the sparking love seems to be fading away. Jon Pardi has given you a recipe to for that to rekindle. In this song, the man is inviting his wife for a dinner date, asked her to pretend like they have never met. The man tells the wife what she means to him, he loves her so much and she is the most amazing lady he has ever seen. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Her of All Time until 2017.

5. Everglow – Coldplay

When you love, it is very hard to let it go, this love song will make you tear for this guy. This man is living a miserable life for his heart cannot forget the love of his life. Sad enough he is not sure whether she is dead or this special woman just slipped away.

4. Company – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is an American singer who is very famous in love music, every woman dying to be in his arms. There is love at first sight and will depend how charming you will be to make her sweep under your heart. Company can tell it all, expressing all the love and being at your best to win her heart.

3. One Call Away – Charlie Puth

To be loved is the amazing feeling in this world, and people can even for love. When loved is based on friendship, that love will last forever. When two people are friends they can do anything to maintain, their friendship and can do anything for the other. In this love song, the guy is open with her girl, that he is not the strongest she could ever know, but every time she needs someone to lean on he is just one call away. The guy is assuring the girl of true love, hope, passion and strength.

2. Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots

Tear in my heart is rated as the best love poems songs for her of all time. Love is mysterious no one understand its source and can later disappear into thin air. Twenty-one Pilots in this song are trying to reason why relationships and love is irrelevant. In this song, the guy is in love with a woman and wants to have a professional love.

1. Holy – Georgia Line

Love has the power to heal a broken heart and transform someone. That is the reason why this song Holy is topping this list of the best love poems songs for her in the year 2017. This guy was possessed by demons showing him the negativity of the world. When this woman loved him, she helped him from his miserly, redeeming him with her love. He is describing her as an angel who came at the right time, saving him when he thought he have loosed everything.

Most men around the world are known not to be romantic, getting harder for them to express their love. However, our great and talented musicians have made this easier; you can serenade your lady with either a nice romantic song or poem. The above list contains the Top 10 Best Love Poems Songs for Her of All Time until 2017.

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