Top 10 Best Lottery Games in The World

These are the top ten best lottery games in the world. If you are a gambler then you will love some of these and be able to figure out how to play them just by following this list. They reach high numbers to win money. These may not be in the area that you live in but if you ever visit you will be able to look around and see if you can find any of them. The lotto reaches high numbers depending on how many people buy tickets and how long it goes for. Number sometimes reach over millions of dollars. Who would not love to find out they won five million dollars. If you play any of these games then you will see that the game is very addicting and can cause problems when it comes to financing. Never let your problems of spending money come in between your family.

List of Top 10 Best Lottery Games in The World in 2017

10. SuperEnalotto

superenalotto, Top 10 Best Lottery Games in The World 2017

Of course the Italians are going to make the top ten list because they have this popular game to keep them on it. They let the money pot continue to grow for many months until it gets to high levels then they will do a drawing for the winner. The most recent drawing was in the summer of 2016 and there was fifty-seven winners that was drawn from it.

9. Loteria National Monthly Raffles


The spanish national lottery knows just how much the spanish people enjoy their lottery which is why they have several different games that are fun and addicting to play along with the raffles that happen every month. Those turn people into multi-millionaires but not only that, they also help with special and important causes like the Red Cross or the National Library. Those are not the only two causes that it supports though, there are a lot of others that benefit from this lottery.

8. La Primitiva Spain


The drawing for this one happens on tuesdays and thursdays and it has reached record high levels with the amount of money that gets drawn. With prices being in the very high millions, this game is quickly becoming a popular one but also a fan favorite. In 2013, the highest amount of sixty-six point six million dollars was gained by playing this spanish lottery. Take a chance on it if you want to have a shot at millions and millions of dollars.

7. Powerball Australia


The format of this powerball in Australia is the same as the one played in the United States but the amount of money that goes into it does not even compare to what the US amount can get up to. The winning odds are higher in Australia too unlike the one hundred and seventy-five million odds that the powerball in the United States. Their top amount has gotten up to eighty million dollars, which is quite a lot even though it is not as high as the powerball amounts in the US.

6. Eurojackpot


In some areas this lottery is even more popular than the EuroMillions lottery and it has more countries that are participating in it, approximately fourteen right now. They also have the lottery Kiosk located in the areas as well. It is getting to be even bigger by the day too.

5. Loteria De Navidad

Loteria De Navidad Top Most Famous lottery Games world 2019

It is a drawing that happens once a year and it is really a raffle not a lottery drawing. The greatest thing about this fun game is that the total of the prize offered is 2.24 billion dollars. This is why it is so popular and plus it has become part of the Spanish countries Christmas traditions. It is almost required to buy someone the Loteria de Navidad ticket for a present every single year.

4. EuroMillions UK


This version of the Euromillions game is even more fun because there is also a raffle included into it when a ticket is bought. The tickets have a code that must be identical to the one that is drawn in order to be considered a winner. For every code that is a winner, that gives the owner of the ticket one million dollars. Their special draw is to draw a certain amount of numbers of the codes which is usually about one hundred codes and in the end that will make one hundred people one million dollars richer in one night.

3. EuroMillions

EuroMillions Top Most Popular lottery Games world 2018

This is a multi national lottery that brings together organizations from other countries such and Belgium, France, Ireland, and many more. They have big prizes that could get to about 190 million dollars and so far that has been the biggest recorded drawing yet. Sometimes the organizations will have special drawings called the Super Draw if the jackpot gets to 100 million dollars.

2. US Powerball


This lottery drawing is special because of its strength, prizes, and dynamism. In 2012 the rules of this drawing got changed which made the game even better to play because the jackpot got doubled and the power play made it to where the second prize would double to about 2 million dollars if won. They added even more changes in the year 2014 and so far they have had a large amount of jackpot prizing being over six hundred million dollars.

1. US Mega Millions


The American lottery is a huge thing in the U.S. the fact that so many people buy the tickets makes it so much more money to win. They have three different types of lotto games. Six hundred and forty eight million dollars has been won off of these tickets before and can cause a lot of problems if you are not careful who you tell. Some people who win the lottery goes broke before they even realize what they are spending.

These above are the Top 10 Best Lottery Games in The World 2017. If you love to win then you will want to buy at least one ticket but if you want your chances to go up then you will need to buy more than one. They sometimes cost as little as a dollar or they can cost a few dollars. You will wait till a certain day or date so that you can see if your numbers has been drawn. These are not the only kind of tickets you can buy. They have scratch off tickets that you can buy and scratch off to win money in different ways. Sometimes you can win another ticket or you can win small amounts of money. Some of the tickets you can win hundreds of dollars off of them. It can become a problem so if you think that you will end up becoming addicted to buying then you will need to get help. They have rehab for problems like this and they can help in so many ways that you and your family will be so much happier when the problem goes away. Do not fall back into buying them if it caused a problem before.

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