Top 10 Best Japanese Songs of All Time

Japanese history and culture remain one of the world’s most amazing. Nevertheless, music plays an integral part in the Japanese culture and history. The culture of Japanese combines both the past and present into a unique fusion of traditional and modern. This can be witnessed in the fascinating music scene that includes a number of artists who perform a wide range of genres which range from J-Punk to J-Pop. Moreover, most Japanese artists have perpetually embraced fork-style and traditional songs. For the music lovers all over the world, it is time to embrace the Japanese music in order to widen knowledge on Japanese history and culture. This article on the all-time best Japanese songs will guide you when selecting the Japanese songs that will ensure unrivaled entertainment and knowledge.

Japanese Song Top 10 Best Japanese Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Japanese Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Kurenai – X-japan

This is one of the oldest Japanese rock songs and ranks among the best all-time Japanese songs. It is original with an incredible arrangement. This is a great music with wonderful vocals and listening to it will certainly make you feel relaxed. It is the first popular song from X-Japan which is regarded as the best rock band from Asia. In addition, this song popularized rock music in Japan which was unheard of the genre at the time in the country.

9. “Nanatsu no Ko“

This uniquely composed kindergarten song is one of the most popular songs in Japan. Its wonderful lyrics were written by a renowned nursery rhythm author called Ujō Noguchi. This song is common in kindergarten schools where every new kid admitted to kindergarten becomes versed with this song in just a few days.

8. Qualia

This amazing song was composed by Uverworld which is one of the leading music bands in japan. It ensures a movie like feeling and you can listen to it repeatedly without ever getting bored. This song is wonderful and the lyrics out of this world. Furthermore, this song has a calming effect and has fascinating vocals.

7. Flavor of Life

This song by Utada Hikaru became an instant hit in japan winning the single of the year award as well as the most successful best-selling hit song by Utada. This song is not overrated and mixes R and B roots with the Japanese lyrics making it a must listen to Japanese song. It is a really rich song and this is evident by the great mastery of music best practices that went into producing the song.

6. “Ringo Oiwake”

This is a popular Japanese fork song that has since been performed by several artists although the version produced by Hibari Misora remains the most famous. This song narrates the story of a young girl from Tsugaru who had a sad farewell on the evening the apple blossoms fell. Later, it is revealed that farewell was with the mother which was the reason for the young girl’s despondency annually when the blossoms fall.

5. Ketsui No Asa Ni

This is a perfect song by Aqua Timez that has a unique musical feel. This song is among the few in the world that can be listened to over and over forever. It was written directly from the heart and has beautiful lyrics. The singer combined skill, passion and talent to produce a masterpiece that continues to inspire and entertain people all over the world. It is one of those songs a fan will never get enough of. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Japanese Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. “Onna no Michi”

This is a debut single by Pinkara Trio and Shiro Miya that was released in 1972. Its lyrics are sad and simple and are about a woman crying after being abandoned by a man he loved and devoted herself to. This song became an instant hit upon its release and remained the best-selling song for a long time in japan. Its record sixteen weeks at the top of the Oricon single chart still remain untarnished to date. According to Oricon, it is the second best-selling single in japan. This is the Japanese song you should listen to any day.

3. “Dango 3 Kyodai”

This is a perfect Japanese song which was released in 1999. This amazing song became an instant hit in japan and debuted the Oricon single charts at the top position. This single hit recorded sales of close to three thousand million copies making it the third-best-selling single in Japan at the time. However, it was later surpassed by the later released Japanese hits in terms of its sold copies. It maintained the top spot on the Oricon weekly charts for three consecutive weeks.

2. Tsunami

This top selling song was produced by the Southern All-stars band. The band used the Japanese pop style after their hard rock style songs flopped. It sold over six hundred copies during its first week upon its release. It debuted at the top position on the Oricon weekly charts where it lasted for two consecutive weeks. It was later displaced from the top position only to regain it for three consecutive weeks. This song sold over three million copies becoming the best-selling song by the southern all-stars band. In addition, this song won the prestigious song of the year award at the fourteenth japan Gold disk award and also won the grand Prix award at the forty-second Japan record award.

1. “Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun”

This Japanese song was sung by Masato Shimon and is arguably the all-time Japanese best song released in 1975. This song became the first single to make its debut on Oricon as number one a position it retained for eleven consecutive weeks. It recorded over four million copies making it the best-selling Japanese song.

These above are the Top 10 Best Japanese Songs of All Time until 2017. Japanese songs are steadily becoming popular in the world. This is the reason you should start embracing the Japanese music that is becoming trendy today. The above-listed songs will be a good starting point for entertaining Japanese songs. The songs are popular not only in Japan, but also other parts of the world. In fact, they get air play in countries where people don’t speak Japanese. This may be due to sweet melodies and amazing dance associated with songs by Japanese singers.

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