Top 10 Best Hard Core Rock Songs of All Time

Hard rock music has an edge to it. This music has a hard beat but a person can often sing along to it. This music is hard but a person can still understand the lyrics. They can rock out to it and enjoy playing it loud. There are many hard rock bands out there but being loud does not mean that the band will be making good music. There are the top 10 best hard rock songs of all time.

Top 10 Best Hard Core Rock Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Hard Core Rock Songs of All Time till in 2017

10. Back in Black

This is one of the most well known rock songs by the band AC/DC. This song is hard and a person can listen to it and bang their head to it. They can also sing along. The guitars are loud they are not too loud where a person cannot hear the singer. This song can make a person want to get up and rock out. It is hard but this song is great to listen to.

9. Livin on a Prayer

Bon Jovi has a bunch of hit songs. This is one of his hard rock songs. The music is loud and his voice gets intense on this song. This is still a hard rock song even though people can sing along to it. Many people can relate to the lyrics in this song as well. This song is catchy but it is still a rock song and there is a little bit of an edge to it that keeps the fans turning it on.

8. Sweet Child O Mine

This is a classic hard core rock song by the band Gunz n Roses. This song is hard and there is a rock guitar solo that will allow a person to rock out. A person can also sing along with the lyrics if they can keep up with Axl Rose. This voice can still be heard over the loud music and he has a very powerful voice. Many people say that Slash’s guitar solo is what really makes the song and makes it a true hard rock song.

7. Fade to Black

This is a classic hard rock song by the band Metallica. Many say that it is their best song. This is the classic music that the band made before many people say they sold out. The lyrics to the song are great and there is a great guitar solo to really bring the rock edge. Many say that the older Metallic music is true to hard rock and they can tell other bands a thing or two about rocking out hard. This is one of their best songs and is everything that is hard rock music.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody

This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Hard Core Rock Songs of All Time till 2017. This song is a mixture of several types of music including hard rock. This is a classic song by the band Queen. It is a blend of music that is made into one hard rock song. This song has a touch or opera in it as well as a good guitar beat in the background. This song will get a person up and singing along and rocking out at the same time. Many say that the live performance of this song is even harder. This is a classic song and when it comes on the radio many people still sing along with it today.

5. Stairway to Heaven

This is a classic rock song by Led Zepplin that is a hard core song that start off a little on the slow side. The band talks about a woman that wants to buy a stairway to heaven. The lyrics are meaningful and this song tells a story as it goes on. There is a music solo including a guitar riff at which point the rock music takes a hard edge. The vocals also get harder at this point and are song with some anger behind them. Many people say this is one of the rest rock songs of all time. This song is still a classic and is really a beautiful piece of music.

4. Welcome to the Jungle

Gunz n Roses has a great hard rock song. This is a hard song with lots of loud music and intense vocals. When a person goes to see a hard rock band play live it is like going into the jungle. Axl has some strong vocals on this track and is really getting into the song. In addition to his voice and the music this is one great hard rock song. A person will never want to come down when they hear this song.

3. Born to be Wild

This song by Steppenwolf is a hard rock song that says it all. Rockers were born to be wild. There are no rules that they want to follow and are born to live a wild life. The guitar riffs really brings the point home in this hard rock song.

2. Second Heartbeat

Avenged Sevenfold is not a classic rock band but they are able to make some great hard core rock music. They are a newer band but they have been around for a number of years now and make some hard music with passionate lyrics. This is one of their best songs. There is a chorus that really stands out and is an aggressive song. There is singing , screaming ,loud guitars, and everything else that a hard rock song should have. This is one of the best hard rock songs to be made recently.

1. Iron Man

No hard rock countdown is complete without a song by Ozzy Osbourne. Whether he is playing by himself or with Black Sabbath he makes some great hard rock music. This song has a catchy beat but is loud and hard. This song is tough and is an example of what hard core rock music should be.

These are some of the Top 10 Best Hard Core Rock Songs of All Time till 2017. These songs are hard but yet they are filled with musical talent and passion as well. These hard core rock songs are still loved by fans and can be used to show what rock music is really all about and how it should be played.

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