Top 10 Best Gospel Songs of All Time

Gospel music is a genre that is associated with the African-American experience. Many black people sing about God, Christ and their experience through the gospel sound. This sound is deep, rich and has a lot of musical flavor. This presentation will highlight the best gospel music of all time. Do not forget that gospel music evolved from American slaves who sang negro spirituals in the past.

Top 10 Best Gospel Songs of All Time

The songs on the following list is are based off their popularity with gospel music fans and not necessarily their position on gospel music charts. Honestly, these songs might or might not have been number one hit songs in the past. Here is a list of those amazing gospel songs.

List of Top 10 Best Gospel Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Going Up A Yonder

Going Up A Yonder was a negro spiritual that has been around for hundreds of years. It was a song that slaves and their guides use to sing when they spoke of heading to the north to freedom. Going Up A Yonder was also a negro spiritual that slaves sung when they were out in the fields working.

This great and soul stirring song also reminded the early negro captives that if they did not get freedom in this life time they would definitely get it in the life to come. Walter Hawkins of the famed gospel singing family sang a rendition of this song that is considered one of the best for this song.

9. Soon and Very Soon

Gaither Gospel Series released the song Soon and Very Soon. This gospel song is another piece that reminded black people that there is a better life for them once they reach heaven. This song has been around for hundreds of years but Andre Crouch made it popular in 1978. He sang this song with a lot of conviction and heart. It is a gospel song that comes from United Methodist Hymnal. Crouch sung this hymnal to pay tribute to such a great piece.

8. As Long As I Got King Jesus

Vikki Winans released As Long As I Got King Jesus back in 2005 and this song had instantly become a gospel classic. Just keep in mind that this song has been around for a very long time but Vikki Winans made it a popular hit. This song is an inspirational piece that lets people know that having Jesus the King is the best thing in the world for them. Vikki Winans version of this song is upbeat and moves at a quick pace.

7. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

In 1987 the Reverend Al Green released Everything Is Gonna Be Alright on his Soul Survivor. This song was created to help black people (and people in general) to stop worrying about the bad things that is going on in this world. It was also created to let Christians know that God has everything under his control. This song was ultimately about Jesus Christ’s return to the Earth. The Reverend Al Green’s version of this song is a funk filled and soulful jam that really inspired people and helped people to maintain their faith.

6. He’s An On Time God

Dottie Peoples released an old time gospel songs called He’s An On Time God. This song has been around for while and the title of this song is a popular expression within gospel Christian community. So, the song was based off the old expression: “God might not come when you call him, but he is always right on time”. Dottie Peoples released this song in 1994.

5. Shackles

Mary Mary made Shackles and it was a big hit in 1994.This song had a lot of crossover appeal and people all over the world enjoyed hearing it. This was the sibling’s biggest hit that helped to establish their name as gospel artist. People everywhere really enjoyed this tune and it gave them lots of inspiration in their lives to live for their belief. The song was basically about moving shackles off of a person’s life. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Gospel Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. We Fall Down

Donnie McClurkin is a gospel artist that introduced We Fall Down during the 90’s and it has become an extremely popular gospel song. Kyle Matthews wrote the version that Donnie McClurkin made famous. Keep in mind that Contemporary Christian artists Chris Tomlin also wrote a version of this song that was performed by Kutless and Strong Tower. We Fall Down is a great song that inspires Christian people to keep going even though they might have messed up. That God’s forgiveness is more than enough to cover their sins.

3. Soul Holiday

Soul Holiday is a great inspirational gospel song that was popular in the 90’s. It was sung by the Sounds of Blackness. Soul Holiday was a song on the groups Christmas album during that time. As a gospel song it was a relaxing tune that just helped people to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. The song is a Christmas staple that is typically played during the holidays.

2. Heaven

Heaven is a gospel song by Bebe and Cece Winans. It was released in 1988 on the siblings self-titled album Bebe and Cece. This song was deep and stirring inspirational song about what heaven is going to be like for believers once they pass away. The song remained on the Billboard Gospel Charts for many weeks. Ultimately, Heaven is a great gospel song that keeps people inspired. It helps them to hold on to their faith.

1. Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin

Amazing Grace is considered the greatest Christian song of all time despite what genre it is played in. This song was written back in the 1800’s and it continues to remain the most vibrant Christian tune in all churches. This song was covered by many artists and groups over the years. Aretha Franklin sang the song on her album Amazing Grace that she released in 1972.

Her album went double platinum and the song helped to make her into the musical force that she is today. Amazing Grace is the type of song that people really love and when a great gospel artist performs it – it becomes a powerful and stirring piece that can move people’s soul to salvation.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Gospel Songs of All Time until 2017. Gospel music is still going strong today. The songs on this list are the primary gospel songs that many people sing for inspiration, encouragement and to make a connection with God and Jesus Christ.

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