Top 10 Best Fiction Television Series of All Time

Most fiction televisions series have been watched by millions of people and therefore very successful. Series are modern ways of entertaining viewers and contributing to growth of acting activities in film and television industries. In our case, we are going to study on favorite fiction shows that are mostly featured in modern television. Check on the list below. It contains best shows of all time.

List of Top 10 Best Fiction Television Series of All Time until in 2017

10. Episodes


Episode is a popular television series that is ranked in tenth position of this list. It is British and American Based television show. It was created by Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane. This show features on a husband from Britain and his beautiful wife who was a comedy in writing team. Episode has three complete episode currently and aim in releasing fourth one. Episodes has many fans and is highly viewed. Other people make complete internet download which is cheaper and easier.

9. The big C


This is another television series that cannot be omitted in this list. It was created by Darlene Hunt and has millions of viewers worldwide. Largest audiences always gather to have good time of this show. Big C features on a certain mother with a wife from Suburbs. This woman engages with a high school teacher who is also diagnosed with Melanoma. She finds different ways of expressing her feelings. First episode of Big C was released in 2010 and three others have been produced to date making a total of 4.

8. Sherlock


Sherlock is another popular fiction television series that we have to study in this article. Its first episode started in early 2010. Three other episodes have been released and are ready in market. Critics and fans highly praise it so much for portraying important roles that contributed to its winning in more than 40 nomination awards including 7 Emmy awards, critic’s choice television and one Peabody. Sherlock is always regarded as smart and written terrifically. It is hard to predict what will happen in this list. Various episodes have many characters who portray different roles.

7. Raising Hope


This is an American television fiction series that was invented in 2010 by Grey Garcia. Hope has a beautiful story that narrates about James Chance or simply Jimmy. He impregnates a serial Killer. During delivery, serial Killer dies and leaves a young baby with Jimmy. Charles goes through a hard time of raising that baby but got some help from his family members. Fourth season was released in 2014 and millions of people worldwide have now watched it. More of its episodes contain comedy and keep audience interested and eager to watch always.

6. True Detective


True detective drama was created by Nic Pizzolatto. Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey are featured in this amazing fiction television series as leading roles. It has high market value and demand that have led to manufactures releasing more episodes within a very short period of time. This show has been viewed by fans for 17 good years and is still loved by many people. True Detective received a winning award of prime time Emmy and other 9 nomination as best show at that particular time. These competitions were usually held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Minor and major characters are highly regarded in this fiction series.

5. Girls

Girls Top Famous Fiction Television Series of All Time 2019

Girls is a popular show that is ranked in 5th position as our countdown continues. It is one of best Fiction television series that you need to watch. Unique characters are expressed in here and therefore highly praised by young people mostly. It was created by Lena Dunham who got most of inspiration from her own experiences of film production and creation. It features mostly on people of early 20s and there behaviors. Girls is a recipient of winning awards and other 26 nomination award. There are more gifts that are not mentioned in this article.

4. Fargo


Fargo takes fourth position in this list and is highly regarded as one of best Fiction Television series. This amazing drama is based on a certain popular film of 1996 and bears same name. Police officers are featured in this film and are meant to solve many murder issues. Second episode of Fargo was released in late 2015 together with other choice television series. It was regarded as one of best television shows in 2014 and has always remained successful ever since that time.

3. Orange is the new Black


As we wind up this list of best fiction television series of all time, let us study about Orange is the new Black. This show was created by Kohan Jenji. Some characters in this show are sentenced for life behind bars. Their reason of being locked in cell is that they were practicing bisexual and had greatly grown fond of it. I am sure that you will be entertained and impressed in watching Orange is the new Black. All episodes are available in internet sites such as Youtube and can be downloaded as well.

2. Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey is one of oldest fiction television series that is features in this list. Juliani Fellows created this great drama with an aim of entertaining viewers and was aired in most television. Currently, more that 6 episodes are ready in market for you to purchase.

1. Game of thrones


Game of thrones is the best fiction television series that has been ranked in first position of this article. It is normally based on a fantastic series known as a song of ice. D.B Weiss created this popular television show and has captured attention of millions of people. So many roles and characters are featured here and therefore difficult to predict what will happen in next episode. This series has won many winning and nomination awards hence featured in first position.

These above are the Top 10 Best Fiction Television Series of All Time until 2017. According to research that took me precious time to conduct, above list comprises of best fiction television series that are featured in this article today. You have not been by-passed by any episode because they are all available in internet and film shops.

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