Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time

Emo music has really taken quite a foothold over the last couple of decades. Even though this style of music isn’t loved by all, it does have quite a dedicated following. More and more artists are falling into this genre with the content and tempo of their songs, which has warranted the need for a top 10 list. So here are the results for the Top 10 Emo Songs of All Time.

Emo Songs Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. “Island of the Misfit Boy” – Front Porch Step

Since emo music is traditionally about the artist not feeling quite up to par for the life they hope to have, it seems fitting to begin the list with Front Porch Step. This solo artist has an entire debut album worth of struggling to find love and a place in his life where he feels like he belongs. In the single “Island of the Misfit Boy” from the debut album Aware, the artist details his failures at finding love in a highly self-deprecating way.

9. “Understanding In A Car Crash” – Thursday

Since every song can’t be about struggles to find love or keep love, Thursday has given a unique perspective to losing someone that you really care about. As the title of the track indicates, the subject of the song dies unexpectedly in a car crash and the singer is left trying to make sense of his sudden loss. To make matters worse, his perspective of the song is from the driver’s seat. This leads the listener to the belief that he survived the crash but his passenger didn’t. He relives it over and over as he says “I crash my car every day the same way.”

8. “Valentine” – The Get Up Kids

In this single from the The Get Up Kids, the singer is begging for his current romance not to crash and burn. He can see that things are not going as they should, and believes that they can be repaired and mended. Furthermore he says “I’m not fully convinced there’s something wrong with this”, meaning that he is even fine with the way things are right now if they don’t end the relationship.

7. “On Your Porch” – The Format

Nate Ruess leads up this two part group that was at the very core of the big step forward that emo music made through the early 2000’s. While he would later go on to head up the band Fun., Nate would get his start writing songs about overcoming his doubts about himself as a musician and person through the help of his family and through the mild successes that The Format was experiencing at the time.

6. “Miserable at Best” – Mayday Parade

Following closely in the footsteps of their inspiration Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade saw great success with their two vocalist emo debut A Lesson In Romantics. While the entire album is a tribute to love loss, cheating, heartbreak and loss, perhaps the song that personifies this the most is “Miserable at Best”. The singer and his love are separated by a considerable distance, and his belief is that his love (Katie) is moving on. The saddest part is, he isn’t even mad about it, just knows that he’s going to end up miserable without her.

5. “Konstantine” – Something Corporate

This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time till 2017. This song wasn’t even a major release by the band on one of their primary LPs. An EP featuring some of their more toned down and acoustic tracks would showcase this song for the first time. It is a marathon track detailing a sordid love between the singer and his ‘Konstantine’. The track leads the listener to the understanding that the singer knows the relationship is destined for failure, but yet he is still desperate to try and make it work against the odds.

4. “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” – Brand New

Perhaps one of the best emo music videos to couple a hit single from the band Brand New, “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” is an emo masterpiece. The lyrics are thick with a deep and passionate love, but one that is doomed for failure because it was an extramarital affair. Each line seems to counteract the others, as if the singer is convincing himself throughout the song that it isn’t going to be a love that lasts forever. The chorus implies that the singer’s affair was discovered, and that in his effort to make things right, he can’t find the words to set things back the way they were. “…wasting words on lower cases and capitals.”

3. “Screaming Infidelities” – Dashboard Confessional

The artist behind Dashboard Confessional has had his heart broken more times than you or I could imagine, or at least the one time has given him a lot of material. Perhaps the most successful single from this mainstream emo artist was “Screaming Infidelities”, which saw numerous re-recordings over a few albums. In this track, he and his girlfriend have broken up. She has left him hanging on to hope by saying “I will love you always, and forever.” While he watches her moving on, he wishes he were able to do the same.

2. “You’re So Last Summer” – Taking Back Sunday

Being the inspiration for the new line of emo rock groups means that the songs that you have created were great enough to be echoed through artists to come. The emo genre is all about lyrics, and sometimes that has to delve into the shock value. In what is universally deemed to be one of the most “emo” lyrics of all time for the genre, Adam Lazzarra of the group pens the lyrics “…the truth, is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt.”

1. “No Lies, Just Love” – Bright Eyes

While there is some argument as to who sits atop the heap as the most emo artist of all time, the person taking the top spot for the best emo song of all time is Bright Eyes. This solo artist (Connor Oberst) wrote this song to detail a seemingly very real experience where he contemplated very calmly about killing himself. He made sure that he reiterated to his family that it wasn’t their fault, it was just something wrong inside of him. His life is saved in the song with a few simple words, and he remains on Earth to be a part of the birth of his brother’s first child. He states in the song that he wrote the track for that baby so that “it won’t see no lies, just love.”

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Emo Songs of All Time until 2017.

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