Top 10 Best Disco Songs of All Time

Disco music can make a person get just and dance. This was one of the main music styles in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. This music is catchy and a person can sing along to it. Disco music is upbeat and will allow a person to shake what they have. The disco ball was even invented to go with this type of music and will allow a person to have something to enhance their dancing. These are the top 10 best disco songs of all time.

Top 10 Best Disco Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Disco Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Bad Luck

This song is sung by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. The song is both groovy and funky at the same time. This song has a lot of soul and it also has a lot of energy. A person can get up on the dance floor and dance to the beat of this sing. This song was a big hit at the time and it still a hit of disco lovers now.

9. I love Music

This disco song is performed by the O’Jays. The song has a carefree theme and a great groove. There is also a touch of romance in the song. There is a fast pace complete with string instruments and even a number of horns to bring the tempo up on this music. This song even has a guitar solo that is similar to rock music but still keeps up with the tempo of this disco song.

8. Le Freak

Chic composed this disco dance song. Many feel the song was made just to be played at the famous Studio 54 at the time. This song is both funky but sleek at the same time. There is a heavy percussion sound as well as guitar riffs. This song was a cross between disco and rock music but people loved to dance to it and get their groove on. This song originally has another title. The original title of the song was vulgar and named F**k off. Many people felt that the song would suffer commercially so the original f word was changed to the word freak. This song was then able to enjoy success with the masses.

7. You Should be Dancing

The Bee Gees was one of the most popular bands in the disco era. The singer had a high voice and was able to hit some notes that many people could not image. The songs were still catchy and a person was able to dance to them. This song had some great lyrics in addition to the upbeat tempo that people would like to dance to. This song had a touch of r & b as well as a little Latin flare. There is a touch of Latin inspired percussion, some modern notes at the time as well as horns. This song shows the true meaning of disco music.

6. Hot Stuff

Donna Summers was one of the queens of disco. She was able to take the sound of disco and mix it with the sound of pop music. A person could sing along and dance at the same time. There was a little bit of a harder beat but it was still easy to dance to. Donna was also risqué at this time which did not hurt her career and made people take notice of her musical ability. She was later considered to be the First Lady of Love and her music reflects this.

5. Brazil

The Ritchie Family was not really a family but rather a collection of talented musicians. This group was able to take the feel of swing music and made it something that a person can dance to. There is a lot of melody in the music and this is a favorite of people that want to be able to get up and dance. This is one of the Top 10 Best Disco Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. Village People

This is a hit song by the band of the same name. They make a person want to get up and dance. This music is very catchy and a person cannot help but to sing along to it. This song is rumored to be designed for the gay scene in San Francisco at the time of disco but everyone that heard the song liked it and wanted to dance to it. This song was a set up for their later disco work and was the first song that was able to make people dance.

3. Don’t Leave Me This Way

This song was sung by Thelma Houston. The song has a strong bass and Thelma has a great voice. Some people say that the lyrics are a little on the needy side which is not something popular for this time but the vocals and the emotion in the song make up for it.

2. Disco Inferno

This is one of the hottest songs at the time. This is one of the best disco songs of all time and this song is also goes one for a long 11 minutes. This allows a person to have plenty of time to get up and get their disco moves on. The song is energetic and will allow a person to be hot when they are up and dancing to this song. This song was performed by the Trammps.

1. You Make me Feel Mighty Real

This song was performed by the band Sylvester. This is a classic disco song. Some people would not accept it at first because it was performed by gay artists. As people hard the song they just wanted to get up and dance to it. This song has a touch of pop music to it as well as a touch of electrofunk. The song was something that everyone can get up and dance to and even sing along.

These are 10 of the best disco songs of all time until 2017. These songs made a person get up and get their disco dance moves on. These songs are easy to dance to and go along great with this time. These disco songs are still popular today with a person that just want to be able to get up and dance to some good music.

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