Top 10 Best Deathcore Songs of All Time

When a person is looking for music with a hard edge they can turn to deathcore music. Their music is loud and angry. Many of the artists use their screaming voice to perform the songs. The lyrics to these songs are often dark. They deal with topics including death and other topics that are less then pleasant. This music can help a person release their anger when they are in a bad mood. Just because the music is loud does not mean that the songs are not good. There are some good deathcore bands that put out some good music. These are the top 10 deathcore songs of all time.

Deathcore Song Top 10 Best Deathcore Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Deathcore Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Lack of Comprehension

This song is from a band that is simply titled Death. This song is loud and angry but is a great song. This band is from new to the scene and the voices are low and the music is angry. Listeners to this song have stated that it is one that they turn to when they are in a bad mood and want to get some anger out. The title of this song says it all. The band is already putting out some good music.

9. Hammer Smashed Face

This song is by the band Cannibal Corpse. This band has been criticized in the past for talking about murder, death, and dead bodies. Fans of this band and the song just like to hear the music. Their music is loud and this song is one of their hardest songs. The lyrics are angry and they are sung/ screamed. This song is another one that people like when they are angry. The lyrics to this song are a little on the brutal side but fans of this music like the way that it sounds. This band is one of the best death core metal ones out there. Some find them creepy but fans appreciate the music that they make.

8. Crystal Mountain

The band Death has another great song. This song is more complicated and has a unique sound to it. There are fast drums in the background to build up the intensity of this song. The lyrics can be heard and these ones have some meaning. They are aggressive yet a person can still hear what the singer is saying. He is not screaming this one as loud as other songs. There are some great guitar rifts in this song as well making it one of the best deathcore metal songs. This song is one of a kind. The fans of this song are helping to make the band get recoginized.

7. Heartwork

This song is performed by a band named Carcass. This song is tough and the lyrics are complex. Some people say that the lyrics to this song as so technical that a person would need to study medicine in order to understand that. That puts this band and this song above other death core bands. This music is original. Even though this is another loud and angry song it has a sound of its own as well.

6. Only for the Weak

The band In Flames have enjoyed more commercial success than other death core bands. They have had some hits over the years but this is one of their best songs. There is a melodic beat that a person can follow along with. There are even some parts of the song where they can sing along. There are some heavy guitar riffs as well making this a powerful song that a person can really rock out to. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Deathcore Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. The Pursuit of Vikings

This song is performed by the band Amon Amarth. It is a very hard song and is one of the hardest death core songs out there. The song has a great base and there are few bands that can make a song at this intensity level. This song is hard but there is a lot of raw emotion in it as well.

4. Blackwater Park

This song is performed by the band Opeth. This song has everything that a death metal song should have. There are heavy bass lines, guitar riffs, and all kinds of yelling and growling from the singer. There is a lot of noise and a lot of anger in this song. That is why it is a top choice of fans and other people that like death core metal.

3. We Will Rise

This song is by the band Arch Enemy. This is a very powerful song. Many fans say there are a lot of powerful vocals to this song as well. The music is angry and loud but a person listening can tell the band has talent. The vocals are also powerful and while they are loud a person can actually hear what the singer is saying. This is a great song and many people are happy that the band is getting the attention they deserve.

2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary

This song is by the band called Carcass. This song is a must listen. The song is upbeat but it is heavy at the same time. This song has a lot of energy and will get the attention of the listener from the moment that it comes on until the song is over. Once the song has ended the person listening to this music is left wanting more. This is a hard cord song but this band is really talented.

1. Slowly We Rot

This is by the band Obituary. This band has some strong lyrics. It will get the attention of the people that are listening to right. This band is heavy and many feel that they do not get the attention that they deserve. This is another loud and angry song but many people love this band.

These are the top 10 deathcore songs 2017 that fans of this music can listen to. This music is hard and the lyrics are harsh as well. For many people they can listen to these songs and let their anger melt away. These songs are intense but the bands are very talented and make some good hard music.


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  1. Are you serious? These aren’t deathcore…
    Here’s my Top 10: ACTUAL Deathcore Songs
    1. Thy Art Is Murder – “Infinite Death”
    2. Suicide Silence – “No Pity for a Coward”
    3. Job for a Cowboy – “Entombment of a Machine” (an essential of the genre)
    4. Whitechapel – “The Somatic Defilement”
    5. Acrania – “Disillusion in a Discordant System” (Send them to the slaughterhouse!)
    6. Infant Annihilator – “Soil the Stillborn”
    7. Elysia – “Incinerate”
    8. Bring Me the Horizon – “Pray for Plagues”
    9. Carnifex – “Until I Feel Nothing”
    10. Rose Funeral – “Beyond the Entombment”

  2. lmao… those aren’t deathcore bands man. Death is not deathcore…so is Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, In Flames, Carcass, Opeth, Arch Enemy and Obituary. Do your research before posting.

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