Top 10 Best Dance Songs of All Time

Every now and then a person just wants to get up and dance. There are some songs that are easier to dance to then others. It is hard to find a good dance song. There are some songs that have a good beat but poor quality lyrics. Other songs have good lyrics but a person cannot dance to them. A good dance song have to have both top quality lyrics and a good dance beat. They need to be able to make a person want to get up. These are the top 10 dance songs of all time.

Dance Song Top 10 Best Dance Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Dance Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Stayin Alive

This is an older song but still a good song. The song is by the hit group the Bee Gees and fist hit the radio in 1977. This song is one of the best disco songs that a person can dance to. No one can resist the beat and the lyrics of this song. The song has been featured in a number of movies and is still played on the radio. When this song comes up everyone has to get up and dance to it.

9. Le Freak

This song is by Chic. This song is from 1978 and is another great song to get up and dance to. The song was inspired by the band being refused entrance to the club Studio 54. They got the club back by making a great song to dance to. People all over the place decided that they liked this song and wanted to get up and dance. This song stayed number one of the charts for many weeks and people still dance to it.

8. Groove Is in the Heart

This song is from the band Dee Lite. The song mixed different types of dance music including funk, hip hop, and even house music. The lyrics of this song are upbeat and fun as well. This song makes a person want to get up and dance. When this song comes on a person will know they can have a good time dancing to it.

7. Thriller

This song by Michael Jackson is a classic. This is one of the biggest hits of dance music for all time. A person cannot resist to dancing to this song. Many people have even studied the music videos so they can get down the dance moves from this song. Michael is known for his dance moves and many people try to dance along with him. Not too many people can dance like this king of pop but they can have a fun time trying with this great dance song.

6. Shout

When people think of the Isley Brothers they may not think of dance music. This song is great to dance to. It took some time for people to notice this song and its pop beats. Once people caught on they could not stop dancing to it. This songs is played at a number events and people want to get up and throw their hands up and shout. The song is happy and many people have good memories when they hear it. This song has a lot of energy and is easy to sing and dance along to.

5. Vogue

Madonna is known for her dance style especially in her music from the 1990’s. The song Vogue has created its own special moves and many people try to vogue along with her. People still watch the video to try to learn how to vogue. She has been known to put on a great performance when doing this song live. A person cannot help but to try to dance along when this song comes on. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Dance Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. D.A.N.C.E

The title of this song says it all. This song is by the band Justice. This song was originally a tribute to Michael Jackson. This song still makes a person want to get up and dance. This song is a classic. The band is from France but they learned how to make a good dance song that people all over the world can get up and move along to.

3. Twist and Shout

This song is from the classic and well respected group the Beatles. The Beatles are not known for making dance music but people cannot help it but to dance to this song. They want to get up on the floor and twist and shout while they are shaking it. This is one of their earlier songs but is still a big hit. This is a great song by this iconic band for people that want to get up and get on the dance floor.

2. Blue Monday

This song is by the band New Order. This song is from 1983 and this band from Britain made a big impression with dance clubs all over the world. This song was one of the top sellers and was one of the best selling dance songs in history. It is still holding dance records in the United Kingdom. This song has been remixed and covered many different times by many different artists. Still nothing beats the original version of this song. This song is sampled often as well. The original song has a great balance of dance hits, funky music, and some good old fun words to sing along to.

1. One More Time

This song is by the band Daft Punk. It is a more recent dance song from the year 2000. This band from France knows how to get people in a club or a part up and moving. The song is very fast paced. A person cannot help but move to the high energy beat that is provided with this song. The song pounds and rocks everyone in the house. All of the clubs go wild when this song is played.

These are some of the best dance songs of all time until 2017. These songs have all the power to make a person get up and shake what they have. Even if a person does not know how to dance that does not matter. When these dance songs come on a person has to get up and get moving.

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