Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time

Country rap music is a specific niche that has really taken a long time to come to fruition. While several artists have dappled in it over the years, their pioneering of the sound has allowed for specific artists to devote their entire careers to the development and focus on this genre. Below are the Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time.

Country Rap Song Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. “Country Folks Anthem” – Lenny Cooper

This is an artist that can show you the benefits of having a full production studio behind your releases. When you are able to make your statement so strongly that major labels and traditional country stations can’t help but feature your music, you know you are doing something right. The interesting thing about this particular artist is his musical abilities in playing various instruments featured throughout the songs he has released as singles. A great anthem about living true to your country roots is the song that made him break through onto this list: “Country Folks Anthem”. This features rapping from Charlie Farley and was featured on his major studio album release Mud Dynasty.

9. “Throwdown” – Moonshine Bandits

Following more in the styles of Kid Rock and what worked for him as a self-proclaimed hillbilly rocker, the Moonshine Bandits molded this track around a driving beat composed on a natural drum kit and with a big sound from distorted guitars. The song features The Lacs, mentioned elsewhere on this list in their own right, which adds an even bigger dose of legit redneck rapping into the mix.

8. “Cowboy” – Kid Rock

As earlier mentioned on this list, Kid Rock did quite a lot for the hick hop genre. Proving that it wasn’t only Eminem or Everlast that could rap as a white guy, Kid Rock set out to make a unique blend of rap and rock music mashed heavily with country themes. The most significant and popular of all of these tracks was the song “Cowboy” from the top selling album Devil Without A Cause.

7. “She’s Like” – Colt Ford

This is perhaps one of the most accomplished artists in this limited rap niche. Drawing from the successes of artists like Everlast (on this list) and dipping heavily into the pool of popular country artists for guest spots, Colt Ford has accomplished quite a lot for this genre in his years making music. Through his successes, several other artists on this list were able to find a place in the music business and an audience for their unique stylings. One of his best is “She’s Like” which features his creative rapping style as well as a guest spot from country music superstar Keith Urban to sing the catchy chorus.

6. “Keep It Redneck” – The Lacs

This two-piece features a surprisingly full sound. The anthem track “Keep It Redneck” was released in 2013 on the album of the same name. This song was an introductory track to each of the two piece group, specifically why each of them are dedicated to being rednecks and staying that way. Citing the differences between the way they live and the way every other country person lives, the group keeps the hick hop banner flying high with this driving track that you want to blast out of your jacked up truck.

5. “I Play Chicken With The Train” – Cowboy Troy

This song, as well as the artist, are pretty much specifically attributed to the rise of country based hip hop music all around the country. While it seemed to take a little bit of time to really find its stride as a genre, this song itself was nearly an instant success. In the sea of country songs all looking to stand out from one another, this bold an inventive track would be a breath of fresh air. It would open up the door for future country artists to dabble a little bit into hip hop and even the rock genres, without the core fan base thinking that they had strayed too far from their country roots. Hats off to Cowboy Troy and his track “I Play Chicken With The Train” from Loco Motive (2005). This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. “Kickin It Tennessee” – Big Smo

Borrowing heavily from the vocal delivery of Everlast, Big Smo has been a force to be reckoned with in the genre. Easily one of the most popular hick hop artists on this list, Big Smo has released 6 full length albums since he found his footing on a label in 2003. “Kickin It Tennessee” was featured on the album American Made which was released in 2010. Even though he hails from San Diego, California, this artist is all hip hop and all country rolled up into one man.

3. “Off The Hillbilly Hook” – Trailer Choir

This group is a great blend of contemporary country music with distinct hip hop elements. With a driving beat throughout the entire track, the Trailer Choir makes a statement with their track “Off the Hillbilly Hook”. This song was featured on the album Tailgate released in 2010. What sets this group apart from other collaborations in the genre is their including a woman in the mix to add harmony and a truly unique sound.

2. “Ridin’ High” – Jawga Boyz

This collaborative rap team has seen a few album releases over the last several years. This top 10 entry from the group features the allure of jacking up your trucks and “Ridin’ High”. The Jawga Boys have a polished and produced sound that can rival big hip hop artists popular around the world right now. Three specific rappers, including featured rapping from Young Gunner and Bottleneck are featured on this addictive hick hop track. The production quality, lyrical content and concise devotion to being country have earned this rap group a spot on the best tracks in the Country Rap genre, but also a spot among the best artists making this niche genre period. The song is featured on the album Kuntry which was released in 2011.

1. “White Trash Beautiful” – Everlast

Perhaps the one person who made it the most possible for some of these hardnosed country boys to really find their voice in the music they were making was Everlast. His main studio releases were hard to place due to their heavy reliance on acoustic backing combined with a unique delivery of rapping. His gruff voice and overall production value would make him a household name, even after the rise and fall of successes with House of Pain and Cypress Hill. Whitey Ford Sings The Blues was the first major release of Everlast, which saw significant success. The follow up album, White Trash Beautiful would feature a distinctively country styled song by the same name. Arguably the greatest hick hop track of all time, “White Trash Beautiful” easily sits atop of this top 10 group.

These above are the Top 10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time until 2017. These are a few of the tracks that will get you quickly and deeply into country rap music. While there are plenty of artists, the most emerging over the past 5 years, the genre is specifically defined and made better by the efforts of all the artists mentioned above.

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