Top 10 Best Contemporary Christian Songs of All Time

Contemporary Christian music is the modern form of musical worship form many Christian believers. This genre of music uses pop, rock and country sounds to tell the world about the salvation of Jesus Christ. They also use it to encourage Christian people in their faith. Here is a list of the best contemporary Christian songs of all time.

The songs on this list are the number one Christian tunes for this genre of music. They are considered the highest chart topping songs from the 2000’s and the 2010’s. The songs on this list was chosen from their commercial success on the charts. The only exception to this rule is Amazing Grace that was performed by Chris Tomlin. In short, Amazing Grace is the number one Christian song of all time regardless of the genre in which it appears.

Christian Song Top 10 Best Contemporary Christian Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Contemporary Christian Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Call My Name

Call My Name hit the airwaves in 2013 and it was a mega hit for the country Christian group known as Third Day. This song was uplifting about relying on Jesus to get us through the rough times. It was a worship song and it was a simple uplifting tune for Christians to listen to throughout the day. This song lasted for 13 weeks on the charts and it helped to make Third Day a well-known band within Christian music circles.

9. Thy Will

Hillary Scott and The Scott Family made Thy Will in August of 2016 this song remained on the charts for 14 weeks. This song is about a Christian person following God and doing what he says. Thy Will is a great song for people to listen to in terms of building up their faith and trust in the Lord. This song is a slow tune that is filled with passion and a lot heart. Thy Will is just one of three songs that remained on the charts for 14 weeks in the 21st century.

8. Voice of Truth

In 2004 Voice of Truth came to the spotlight and this song was a great tune that encouraged people to look to God to help their esteem. Many Christian people struggle with issues regarding their value and self-worth but this song just assures them that God is helping them out whether they think they are or not. The song lasted 14 weeks on the charts and is only one of three songs to remain that long in the number one position since 2000.

7. Made to Worship

Solo artists Chris Tomlin released Made to Worship in 2006 and it quickly soared to the top of the charts. It stayed at the number one spot on music charts for 14 weeks. This song describes the need for people to honor God and Jesus Christ for all that they have done for us. Many people used this song in their worship services and many people enjoyed listening to it at church. Chris Tomlin is an established artist who made plenty of songs throughout the years that people really listening to as a part of their Christian experience. This is the third song that managed to stay on the charts for 14 weeks as of 2016.

6. Give Me Your Eyes

Give Me Your Eyes was sung by Brandon Heath in 2008. This song was an up-tempo melody about Christians who need to pay more attention to other people and the world around them. This Contemporary Christian song is a pop like jam that a person could dance to all night long. The song is trendy and it has universal appeal. This song remained at the number one spot on the charts for 15 weeks and it was one of only two songs in the 21st century to have taken this position.

5. Take You Back

Take You Back hit the airwaves in 2005 and it was a soulful song by Jeremy Camp that told about God’s forgiveness and restoration. Arguably, Jeremy Camp is one of the best Christian artists in the 21st century. This song is more than just worship peace it connects with a person’s soul and lets them know that God does offer second chances. Take You Back remained on the charts for 15 weeks. It was just one of two songs that remained on the charts for this long. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Contemporary Christian Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. East to West

Casting Crowns released East to West in September of 2007 and it remained on the charts for 16 weeks. This contemporary Christian single was a profound song because it reminded Christians to be grateful for God’s mercy through Jesus Christ when dealing with our sins.

East to West remained on the charts for 16 weeks and then it reemerged again in January of 2008 to take the number one spot for 3 more weeks. Technically, the song spent 19 weeks at the number one position. For the sake of clarity, this song did not consecutively run for 19 weeks so that is why it has been placed back to the number 4 position on this list.

3. Word of God Speak

Word of God Speak by Mercy Me was released in 2003 and this song stayed on the charts at the number one position for 18 weeks. This song was a great piece that spoke about a person enjoying and respecting God’s grace and love. It is also about a person just listening to God and what he has to say. Word of God Speak is the most important one of Mercy Me’s many song’s that made it to the number one position. As a matter of fact, in the 21st century, this group has had more Christian songs reach the number one position than any other Contemporary Christian group or artist.

2. Brother

Brother by Need to Breathe was released in 2015 and this song lasted an amazing 19 weeks at the number one spot. This song featured Gavin DeGraw and it was an inspirational song that encourages Christians to help one another when one of them are down. This song connected with Christian people everywhere because it spoke of brotherly love and the love that Jesus wants believers to share with one another. As of 2016 Brother is the longest running number one spot Contemporary Christian song in the 21st century.

1. Amazing Grace

Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace was released in 2007 for the film Amazing Grace which was about the end of slavery. This song was a slow, pop style updated version of the original. Much of the texture and vocals of the original song stayed in place but Chris Tomlin put his own special touch on the song. This song never charted at the number one position in 2007 but it did become a great song for people everywhere to hear.

These are the top Contemporary Christian songs of all time till 2017 that have impacted the world of Christian music and inspired Christian people everywhere.

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