Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World

Comedies have played a very important role in entertaining people all over the world. The creativity as well as the skill required in acting these comedies has surely made these programs to be exquisite. Before the year 2000, these programs were known for having live studio audience, the background laugh and the multi camera laugh. Nowadays things have greatly changed and comedies are being acted without all these things. Below is a list of the best ten comedies.

List of Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World in 2017

10. Weeds

weeds, Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World 2017

If you get a chance to watch only one episode then you will not help it to move to the next and the next. This is because of the humour in the series. It features very funny characters like Mary Louis who is a sub urban girl who sells marijuana after the sudden death of her husband. In 2009, it won the Emmy awards as the best comedy.

9. How I met your mother

How I met your mother, Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World 2017

Have you ever heard of the comedy called friends? If you have then, know that this series is more like that. That is why it is referred to as friends of 2000’s. It is a very first program. The romantic comedy is known to have very many quotes that are funny and themes that reoccurring. Through the comedy, we got a chance to meet the best womanizers in television history.

8. The Big Bang Theory


A unique series greatly involves concepts of physics in most of its scenes. For it to be successful, it was shot with great skill and technique. It is a movie that was rated very low at first but with time it hit the comedy industry heavily. It gained popularity by 2012. This comedy greatly suits scientists and people who love physics.

7. Louie


Louie not only goes against the conventions of many comedy shows but also those of the television. Louie is unique. She uses unrelated stories and bringing them together to leading to very comical results. This comedy brings a very high rate of insight on the condition of human beings. It feature Louis who is the creator, the writer, and also the editor besides being the main actor of the series that is among the best and most watched.

6. The Office


The setting of the comedy is more in the office. The thing that makes it makes it more cool is style used in the shooting of the movie. The do use the latest way to shoot the movie. This movie has both the American and the British version. The American version is the one that has out done the British. In the movie, you will wonder how the Michael Scott made it in managing the paper company. In real sense, he managed the company very well. This comedy has also won the Emmy awards a number of times for the most exceptional comedy series. This is one of the Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World 2017.

5. Malcom in the Middle


This is the first comedy that went against all traditional comedy shows. It was a comedy by itself. It was released by a setup of only one camera and had no live audience or the background laughter. This one features a genius boy called Malcom and his four brothers together with his mom and dad. They all make up a very dysfunctional family. The type of this comedy allows Malcom to utilize his creativity and the jokes are more in every thirty minutes of the episode.

4. Modern Family


This comedy will give you great fun while watching it. It is intensely funny, a comedy with a very fast pace which has made the comedy have great suspense and if one episode ends you cannot help to go start watching the next episode. It features three families that are inter related. There is Jay who got married to Gloria. Their son is a grown up but he has childish behaviour that never tends to stop. There is also Claire who is Jay’s daughter. She is married to Phil who tries his best to be the best Dad ever.

3. 30 Rock


Trust me when I tell you that comedy full of greatness. This is a show that inspects the stress of producing a TV show which is live by following Liz Lemon, the unbalanced writer, the company boss of the conservative company, John Donahy, the great star Tracy Jordan alongside with other unusual as well as very odd characters in the movie. With a very well timed comedy, the plots as well as the jokes of the comedy are well placed. This comedy was not highly rated but it has won awards like the Emmy award for being the most outstanding comedy series.

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm


Another comedy that was made by very bright minds. The brilliance of the ones who made the movie came to a reality just by looking at the movie. There is creativity and great skill in acting. The ones who acted it are the ones who know that there business is to entertain you and this ensures that they have achieved. This comedy carries a very funny lesson. It teaches us that no matter how bad the situation is, it ca turn out to be worse.

1. Arrested Development


The family of the Bluth might be the most charming families seen on TV. The head of the family Mr Bluth is a landowner and very crooked. He is arrested and so the rest of the family had to know how they could do without him. The comedy now shows how the family live without him. Michael, his son takes charge and no one seems to cooperate with him but the members are very uncooperative. The only person who listened to him was only George who is his son. This is a series that is known to have a very unusual style. Flash backs and use of photographs are greatly used.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows in The World 2017.

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