Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Christmas is a time of year that is filled with music that you can only hear around the holidays. Some people wait all year for their local radio stations to fill up with some of these exclusive tracks to really put them into the mood for Christmas. So when it came time to determine which of these thousands of songs would be deemed the very best of all time, the ten that were selected were decided based on their merit as a song, and not the innumerable amount of artists that might have performed them throughout the years.

Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time until in 2017

#10. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

While most of the songs on this list will not feature specific artists that performed them, it is important to note that the incredible success of this song is due nearly exclusively to the performer in this case. Mariah Carey has nearly exclusively performed this song for specials and Christmas albums since its release, and it is one of the best selling Christmas songs of all time. So it stands to reason that it needs included on this Top 10, and Mariah Carey deserves the credit for it.

#9. “Last Christmas”

This is a song about moving on for the holidays. While heartbreak can sell a lot of records, what better way to tell your former love that you are moving on than to give your heart to someone new and “special” for Christmas this year? Sure last Christmas, as the song recants, the singers heart was just carelessly given away the day after they gifted it to their love. Well that won’t happen this year, because this year, it’s going to someone special.

#8. “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Perhaps one of the most iconic holiday duets of all time, this track has been performed hundreds of times by various artists over the years. The song features a woman struggling with the knowledge that she should be on her way back home (even though admittedly she would most likely want to stay) and her suitor’s responses to keep her there in his arms for the night. More than this, it was a great reflection of the times when the song was originally written, as it was ripe with a tension between the two vocalists without needing to reach an indecent point. A great track to snuggle your sweetheart close and beat the cold outside.

#7. “What Child Is This?”

Bringing the religious nature of the holiday season into account, some of the most memorable and meaningful Christmas songs ever written focused on the birth of Jesus Christ. “What Child is This?” was a song written to celebrate the birth of Jesus and plays out much like an account of the humble upbringing of Christ and the sacrifice that he would make in his lifetime for the good of mankind.

#6. “White Christmas”

Bing Crosby is probably most known for singing this song, although it has been featured on countless Christmas albums over the years in a variety of styles. The song features a deep love for the holidays and all that comes with it. The singer engulfs him/herself in all of the joy of the holiday season from the wonderment of children to the writing of Christmas cards. All he/she really wants though, is a little snow on Christmas.

#5. “Jingle Bells”

On the higher tempo side of things, this track has been around seemingly as long as Christmas has. Everyone can get behind the imagery of dashing through the snow, whether that sled or sleigh was horse drawn or not. The chorus is possibly one of the catchiest on the Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time until 2017 list, and has inspired many a parody over the years to play on its cadence. On a more serious note, it is alarming how few covers of this classic song actually feature all of its original verses, many of which tell of the singer finding himself in embarrassing situations.

#4. “Silver Bells”

People like to shop for their loved ones for the holidays. Gift giving is one of the hearts of the holiday season, and that is captured through this iconic Christmas classic. More than even the “shoppers rushing home with their treasures,” the singer details his/her whole world immersed in the spirit of Christmas. Lights and sounds, children laughing and playing, and the ringing of silver bells resonate the feeling of Christmas in the city.

#3. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Everyone wants to be with their loved ones around the holidays. However, there are several reasons why this just isn’t possible for everyone. This song captures the essence of that feeling by telling the loved one that even if it’s only in their dreams, the singer will always be home for Christmas. While it has been done over and over throughout the decades, the song is most commonly attributed to a powerful performance of this song done by the late Elvis Presley.

#2. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

This is the bread and butter song for Christmas classical rock enthusiasts Tran Siberian Orchestra. This is one of the only songs that has a melody and delivery borrowed exclusively from another song. While both songs “Green Sleeves” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” have little to do with one another, the two being of identical music and delivery makes the success of the latter even more impressive. The song features the journey of the wise men across a considerable distance. They followed a star in the sky that led them to the stables which housed the newborn Christ.

#1. “O Holy Night”

Vocalists all over the globe have commonly used this song as a means of testing their range and abilities as a singer each holiday season. This challenging song is a testament to Christians to bow down and worship the newborn baby Jesus, as he was sent into the world to be the Savior. This is possibly the most covered of all Christmas songs, and cannot be anywhere other than sitting at the very top of this list.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time until 2017.

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