Top 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time

In an effort to provide any genre that exists to glorify the Lord, Christian music has taken leaps and bounds from the contemporary worship styles that have defined it for so long. Christian punk rock was possibly among the most surprising leaps for this niche of muse to come to, and several bands have seen a great deal of success through their efforts to stay true to punk rock and to Jesus Christ. This is the Top 10 Best Christian Punk Songs of All Time.

Top 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time until in 2017

#10. “Alive” – Superchick

While this particular band has been back and forth with their originally punk centered roots, the band has provided a serious rock anthem that all styles of rock enthusiasts can get behind with “Alive.” Superchick has been around for many years now, drawing in audiences with their captivating performances, female lead vocals, and a strict focus on their mission.

#9. “Hollywood Reality” – Stellar Kart

Stellar Kart is a playful pop punk inspired rock outfit. Most recently the band has taken towards performing rocking styles of popular animated classic songs, it surely won’t pull away from some of the deeper and more meaningful original tracks to refocus their listeners on the Word of God apart from their need for entertainment and reality television. “Hollywood Reality” is a direct reflection of the distraction that reality television has given and the kind of fight that the listener should have against losing their focus on what really matters.

#8. “Girl of the Year” – FM Static

FM Static is a noted pop punk band with a considerable following. While their most popular songs seem to be their slower rock ballads, it seems that this is a common theme among the niche. FM Static brings about a clear love lorn nerdy portrayal of the singer with their hit song “Girl of the Year”. The ‘outside-looking-in’ guy is a common thread in playful pop punk, and it is executed to perfection in this particular track.

#7. “Every Little Thing” – Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson is a band that has been around for a long time now, rivaling the longevity of secular bands like Green Day and Blink 182. In this time they have pulled many fans in with their addictive sounds and catchy choruses. One of their most popular tracks, and consequently one that illustrates their unique pop-punk sound, is “Every Little Thing”. The song features a boy noticing that he actually loves the girl that he has been pushing away for the better part of his recent life. The song would seem to suggest though, that they end up together so, you know, crisis averted.

#6. “Farsighted” – Five Iron Frenzy

Dipping heavily into the subsection of punk rock known as ska music, Five Iron Frenzy came out of the gate swinging with catchy songs and powerful messages. Part silly antics and part deep seeded religious reflection, the large band’s unique sound is easy to discern in their track “Farsighted”. A powerful horn section paves the way to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ told from several different perspectives in this song. After the vast success of the album Electric Boogaloo, the band would break up for several years to pursue lives with their respective families. Recently, the group has reunited and released a new album, along with a subsequent tour to come along. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time until 2017.

#5. “Angel” – Slick Shoes

Sticking to a more rigid view of what punk rock is, Slick Shoes became a band that stayed true for punk rock believers to get behind. In true punk rock fashion, the band has released many albums over the course of their 6 year career, each with a unique look at the struggles and emotions that the band was faced with at the time. “Angel” was a song from the successful album Wake Up Screaming. This song that made the list was a look at a singer’s view of the love of his life. Each verse layers deeper into what makes this person so special to the singer, and has a punk rock flare that will have you rocking right along with it.

#4. “Banana Man” – Ghoti Hook

Perhaps one of the most direct look at old school punk rock is Ghoti Hook. Their track “Banana Man” has a sound that doesn’t remotely scream big production budget. The entire groups discography has been built and predicated upon a garage recording sound that has made them deemed possibly the most legit punk rock Christian artists of all time. Unfortunately, due to the successes and longevity of other bands on the list, they only come in at #4 with their biggest single “Banana Man”.

#3. “No Pool Party Tonight” – The Huntingtons

The self-proclaimed Ramones of the Christian rock world, The Huntingtons had a truly unique sound that Christian punk rock had been dearly missing. Following closely with the writing styles and the composition of what worked well for the Ramones, this group also molded many of their songs after having good times and partying with friends. “No Pool Party Tonight” is a great look at their specific style, and has a chorus that will have you singing along the rest of the day.

#2. “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” – Relient K

Perhaps one of the most successful pop-punk/ punk rock Christian groups of all time is Relient K. They have had numerous songs that have found their way onto the Billboard Top 100, most noteworthy of these would be their hit “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been”. This is an in depth look at personal reflection of the singer transforming to try and be a better person that God is asking him to be. While this isn’t easy, the song details the struggle but also the ultimate triumph.

#1. “Chick Magnet” – MXPX

MXPX is what people consider to be the best blend of true punk rock and distinctive Christian themes. While they have had numerous albums throughout the years, the number of hit singles for the group is surprisingly small. Even with that being said, there is no better band to begin your Christian punk rock search with than MXPX, and no better song to get the ball rolling than “Chick Magnet”.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time until 2017. These are the songs and the artists that personify punk rock in the niche genre of Christian music. While there are other bands that could have easily made the list as well, factors like success and staying true to their Christian roots had to play a factor in deeming the 10 Best Christian Punk Rock Songs of All Time.

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