Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Times

It is normally good to relax after a long day of work and try to find something that can entertain you. People may prefer listening to some soothing music, others may just decide to have nap during that boring afternoon but most of us cannot help it to go look for a movie and watch right at the comfort of your house. Because of the rising demands for movie, many movies have come up. Mainly am going to talk about the best Chinese movies of all times.

List of Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Times until in 2017

10. Ashes of time

Ashes of time Top Best Chinese Movies of All Times 2017

Back in the year 1994 Jin Yong decided to release a breath taking movie that will surely take your breath away. It a film that was adopted from his novel called “The legend of Condor Heroes”. The only difference was that he changed the names of the movie and improvised them to be in their own version. This movie since the day it was released will surely astound you. The creativity in it as well as the characters in the movie is the main thing that will impress you very much.

9. A Brighter Summer Day

A Brighter Summer Day Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Times 2017

This Taiwan film was released back in 1991. The movie is 26 years old and despite there are new movies being released Brighter Summer stands out to be the best movie of all times. Though amateurs act the movie, the movie is still the best because of their determination as well as the passion they have for the movie. This movie lasts for 4 hours and it has over 100 characters.

8. Street Angels


This movie is one of a kind. It is a film that was acted back in the 1937 and up to this day the movie still stands out to be one of the best all time movies in the world. The prevalent singer Zhou Xuan who is the main character in the film acted it. The movie mainly talks about the harsh life in the slums of shanghai back then. This harsh life is seen in that group of friends who live there. It is considered the best film in the world.

7. Touch of Zen


This a breath-taking movie back in the 70’s and since then it has proven to be an all-time movie to watch. This is a movie that despite your age, or taste, it will astound you. The director of the film is King Hu and the story of the movie is based on a book that was published by Pu Song ling called the “Strange stories from a Chinese studio”. This film won an award at the Cannes Festival.

6. Better Tomorrow


This is John Woo’s finest and all best movies of all times. The thing that made it among the best is the fact that it features the best and most famous celebrities like Chow Yun Fat and Ting Lung Cheung. It is said to be the best movie to be released in the Box Office in the city of Hong Kong. This movie can astound you especially if you love action movies.

5. Farewell My Concubine


This is a movie that was released back in 1993 and ever since that time it has proven to be very entertaining as well as very breath taking even after a very long time it still stands out to be the best movie of all times. The director is Chen Kaige and it seems he greatly about what exactly the audience wanted. It is the only Chinese language film to win the Cannes award up to this day. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Times until 2017.

4. City of Sadness


This is another Taiwan drama movie in the 80’s that can astound you. The director is Hou Hsiao-Hsein. The film is just a reminder of the tragedy to the people of Taiwan on the tragedy that was there during the time of the white brought about by Kuomintang government back in the 40’s. The movie has won quite a number of awards including the Golden Lion award at the film festival at Venice.

3. Yellow Earth


It was released back in 1984. The production of the film was conducted by a collaboration of two producers namely Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. Zhang later became a director of International films. The movie is ranked 4th in the list of the best 100 Chinese movies back in the year 2005 in the Hong Kong movie awards.

2. Days of Being Wild


The movie is of romantic genre and it is highly renowned because of the way it was acted. If there is a movie that was acted with great expertise and skill trust me it is this one. Wong Kar-Wai directs the movie. Great characters like Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung, Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung and many other celebrities are the ones that make the movie to be ranked as the second best Chinese movie of all times. It is placed in the third position as the best motion of all times in the awards at Hong Kong back in 2005. This romantic movie is one that you will definitely want to watch. The movie was released in 1990.

1. Spring in a small town


At the top of our list is one of Fei Mu’s best spring in a small town. He is the directors of the movie and he knew exactly thing to attract the attention of the viewers. The derived the movie from a short story that was written by Li Tianjin. It is regarded as one of the best movies to be released in Chinese despite the fact that it was released back in 1948.

These above are the Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Times until 2017. To this day very many movies and films have come and they still cannot reach the class of these movies because they have very great personalities who have the skill as well as the passion of acting these movies. They will surely astound you just try them and you will see what am saying.

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