Top 10 Best Chick Flicks For Guys

Chick flick is a slung term used to describe movie genre especially for females. These movies are most about romance and relationship life. Though they are most for female, there are several chick flick for guys that have been loved by many guys. Men have been found to love chick flick movies to understand the reality of the reason why they have been highly rated. You need to read below to see whether you watched a chick movie without your knowledge and you have to have a repeat of the same. Check out below the list of the top ten best chick flicks for guys.

List of Top 10 Best Chick Flicks For Guys in 2017

10. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally, Top 10 Best Chick Flicks For Guys 2017

This movie is starting our list today. It is one of the classic movies of the late 80’s. It is about Harry who are friends with Sally but it was not really friendship as the two had mutual love for each other. These two characters are amazing as Harry is romantic and emotional while Sally has crassness moments, which makes it an ideal story to follow. You better give a try to the film and understand what am trying to summarize in very few words.

9. Crazy Stupid Love


This is one of the best flick movies for guys. This male-centered film focuses on the life of Steve who is always hitting on girls. Ryan Gosling is one who is responsible for guiding Steve in his endeavors of pursuing different girls. The main characters are Steve Carrel and Emma Stones. Steve has played his character so well you will need to watch this one to see love that is both crazy and stupid.

8. Annie Hall


This perfect movie fits the description of a flick movie. It has emotions, romance, love and commitments that come with being in a relationship. The story is about a neurotic man who falls in love with a sensible and unsophisticated woman. However, it does not really focus on the side of being a flick movie because it has a lot of romance and comedy along the movie. The characters are just wow in how they play their parts in the movie.

7. About a Boy


This is the best beginning with even the title of the movie. The story is about a boy by the name Nicholas Hoult who meets with a 38-year-old bachelor by the name Hugh Grant. Hugh came into the life of this boy and he ended up getting to know him mother and the boy has tried to bring them together. Marcus teaches Grant about several things in life. You will enjoy every scene on this film as it has numerous charm, you will definitely be laughing and enjoying the chick flick.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding


This is about the story of a guy whose friend was having a wedding. Quite funny for me to say that. This is to try creating the humor that is found in this film. It is a classic movie about sabotage. You will be entertained to the fullest as it has enough comedy and romance to keep you glued on your television up to end of the movie. It is not perfect for you guys, but you can also watch it with your partner or they can watch it by themselves.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


This is a must watch. Its story focuses on how you can shift from one bad relationship or a break up and start a very new life. The nice guy in the movie is Jason Segal and the womanizer in the film is Russell Brand. It is one of the most popular chick flick for you guys. You will definitely love watching this movie and learn how to cope up with break ups as a dude. You will forget your Sarah Marshall.

4. Zack and Miri Make a Porno


This is a film you will find humor and romance. Just like the titles say, it is about two characters, Elizabeth Bank and Seth Rogan who are really in desperate need for money and they end up doing very negative things. The two are friends but when they are faced with a common problem and that was lack of money, they decided to do crazy stuff to ensure that they do not remain broke. You will love the comedy and the love story in the film once you watch it.

3. Love Actually


I have watched the movie myself and I would recommend it to any guy who loves chick flicks. It is all about love as love actually happened. It is one movie that many guys who love to watch again and again. The story in the movie focuses on drama, love, emotions and a bit of comedy along the way. The character by the name Bill Nye tries to record an album about Christmas.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You


This 1999 film focuses on the life of teenagers who are in love. They are faced with the uncertainty that comes with being in a relationship. The narrative is one, which you can easily follow and understand what teenage life is all about. You will find a lot of charm in the movie. This film was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, 10 Things I Hate About You. This one will definitely catch all your attention.

1. Father of the Bride


Every man wants to know about the father of his bride. Therefore, this is definitely the best chick flick for all guys. It is a 1991 movie. Though it does not deal so much with emotions, it deals with the situations that happened during weddings. The father to the bride in the film plans about his daughter’s wedding and finds himself in a lot of trouble because… you will have to watch and find out what really happens in this chick flick movie. It is the best.

Finally as I conclude these are top ten best chick flick for guys 2017. If you are a dude and you have not watched these one that made it to the top ten list then you need to ensure you at least watch ten of them. These are a must watches.

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