Top 10 Best Cheesiest Love Songs Ever

Sometimes a great song can also be a cheesy song, a song that is good and catchy nobody can help but cringe to listen to it. A love song is used to express when one is in love, falling in love or going through heartbreak and maybe the love has ended. Most a times it is not about the voice or the physical look of the singer, but the message content of these songs. Below list contains the cheesiest love songs ever, they help you celebrate the wild love you are feeling.

Cheesiest Love Song Top 10 Cheesiest Love Songs Ever

List of Top 10 Best Cheesiest romantic Songs Ever until in 2017

10. Hanson – Mmmbop

When in love you do not wish to be away from this person even a single minute. Your mind is full of how they talk, call your name, how their hair and body is like. It is beautiful to be in love and loved, and this song understands you better, you can sing along and make you feel excited, humming it while busy in the house, in your bathroom or in the streets.

9. Chico – Chico Time

Chico knew it to well to take care of this crazy love birds when they are not together, and wants to feel still loved and having fun. This song was released in the year 2006 by a British singer and the song hitting number one on the British charts.

8. I Want to Know What Love Is – Foreigner

The first two weeks of falling in love, is all about lying on bed and holding each other not letting the other go. This love song has been knocking many of their heads, making you feel loved like never before. In this song, Foreigner wants to forget about the past relationship, and enjoy the feel of the new love that seems to be the real one.

7. Hanging by a Moment – Lifehouse

This song the guy is saying how he is still falling in love; feel like doing nothing until she shows and desperate having her in his arms. He got no fear of where this love will take him; all he wants is a moment with this beautiful girl. The song gets your every cell of your body to love, sing along with this nice lyrics making you miss the other so much. Getting in mind is a rock band based in America and the song was released in the year 1996.

6. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

A song by Enrique Martin Morales; who is a Puerto Rican Singer and began his career at the age of twelve. The song is among the top cheesiest love song of all time, you can listen to it endlessly, as it is a heart taking song. This song is very beautiful taking you through nice memories with your loved one, and cannot fail to dance and sing along. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Cheesiest Love Songs Ever until 2017.

5. Jenny from the Block – Jennifer Lopez

This one of the cheesiest ever song of all time in the album this is me, that was released in the year 2002. It was rated among the best and great love song around the world. It is a cheesy song; you can sing and dance your heart out as well as feeling loved. This song expresses a girl in love and just a block away, done by beautiful Jennifer Lynn Lopez, who is an American singer, actress and designer born in the year 1969.

4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison

Take this love ballad as educative for everything in this life has merits and demerits. Even love can be a game turning to be a painful thorn on the fresh of the one who wants it to last forever. Love is beautiful just like a rose, but as time goes the couple becomes cold on each other, turning into thorns. After being disappointed you don’t need to commit suicide, just listen to this cheesy song and dust yourself off to take a new turn of life.

3. I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

Everybody loves this beautiful and cheesy song from savage, expressing insane romantic lovers. The guy is crazy but he believes there is girl out there meant for him, and is patiently waiting for her. He feels that he loves this girl even before they meet physically as he has done in his dreams. This song is done and serenade by new lovers, to ease the love wizard to show the other, how truly they are in love. Savage Garden were duo Australian pop singers including Darren Hayes as vocalist and Daniel Jones as instrumentalist.

2. The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup

The song is the most downloaded and watched through internet. Though performed in Spanglish version is a loved pop singer that was released back in the year 2002. Crazy in love with this guy and the only thing left for her is dancing her body out with friends. The song was also awarded as the International song of the year, recorded by Spanish pop group Las Ketchup.

1. Steps – 5, 6, 7, 8

Topping this list of the best and cheesiest love songs ever, with awesome tune and done with impressive lyrics song by Steps. You can never get enough of this great love song from 90’s, expressing your love all through the dancing session. It is done by British pop group, adopting a big smile as they take those steps and counting from 5, 6, 7, 8, and once more. The song is about the girl who is in love and the guy is driving her crazy, and she is obsessed by him. The song is very popular around the world and gotten much success.

Cheese songs are the best companion to the new lovers and life situation cannot allow them to be together. This song understands you when you are crazily in love and no one can understand your situation, it will bring back all those feelings and memories. The above is the list of cheesiest love songs ever until 2017.

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