Top 10 Broadway Songs of All Time

People love going to see a show on Broadway. They go to see the talent. There are a lot of talents actors that can sing and dance. These plays have a good storyline and there is plenty of singing and dancing. These shows become known for the songs that are featured in them. A good performance can leave a person with great memories of these songs. These songs were designed specifically for the shows they are featured in. These are the top 10 songs from a Broadway show.

Broadway Songs Top 10 Broadway Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Broadway Songs of All Time till in 2017

10. Defying Gravity

This song is from the show Wicked which can be seen on Broadway. This song is very powerful and will get the attention of everyone in the audience. They will pay close attention to this song. The lyrics of the song talk about all the things that a person can accomplish if they try. This is great for the dreamers. There is also some great action with this song as the performers sing it.

9. The Music of the Night

This song is from one of the most famous Broadway songs 2017. It is featured in the show The Phantom of the Opera. This show has some of the best songs on Broadway but this song was voted the favorite by the fans. The song will leave a person with chills in their spine but in a good way. They will remember this song from this great play.

8. I Still Believe

This song is from the musical Miss Saigon and the character Kim sings it. This is considered to be one of the best songs to ever be sung on a Broadway stage. This one will leave a person feeling very emotional and they will remember it for a long time to come. While there are a lot of great songs in this musical as well this one really stands out and is the one that the viewers remember for years to come.

7. Memory

This song is from one of the longest running musical on Broadway. The song is from the show cats. It is sung by the character that is named Grizabella. She is a cat but lives a glamorous life but at one point has fallen from grace. During this song she is telling of a happier time when she had everything she wanted in life and lived a lifestyle that anyone can admire. While she is singing this song it goes on to explain how she will make some changes to start her life over. She will return to grace once again. People wait for this scene in this play and it is one of the most talked about parts of Cars. This is the most popular scene from this musical and will not disappoint those in attendance.

6. Til There was You

This song is from the show The Music Man. It was performed during the second act of the show after intermission. The song in performed by the characters Harold and Marian. This song is very popular and it seems that every time a person hears this song during a play it gets better and better. A person will leave the theater with this song stuck in their heads. This is one amongst the Top 10 Broadway Songs of All Time until 2017.

5. Happiness

This is one of the best known songs from the musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This is one of the best songs that is performed during this musical. This song is in the scene when the children are happy and anticipating their new puppy to love. The song shows that happiness is more than just getting a puppy. The children are singing about togetherness, bonding, and making others happy. The children are happy and they are encouraging others to sing along with them and be happy as well.

4. Somewhere

This song is one of the best Broadway songs even though it can be found in plays that are just off Broadway as well. This song is sung by a person with a soprano voice. In the plays the person with the great voice was just invited to join in with others singers to share their talent. They were able to fill in the missing spot in the singing group. The voices are able to complement each other and sound great. This is one of the most covered songs in Broadway but fans love it every time they see if performed on stage.

3. The Impossible Dream

This song is from the show Man in La Mancha. The song will inspire others. It is also about never giving up hope and having the courage to carry on even though bad things may happen to people. This song is very inspiring and will leave the audience with the feeling that they can do anything. This show is about the man that is looking to make the world a better place and allow every to enjoy the feeling of being free.

2. Climb Every Mountain

This is another song that is meant to inspire. This song is from one of the most famous show ever, The Sound of Music. This song has a very deep meaning and in order to pick up on it all a person has to do is listen to the words that are being sung. This play tells about the Van Trapp family as they were able to escape from Austria during the Nazi rule. They were able to get their freedom though they faced many dangers. This song can be an inspiration to anyone who hears it.

1. If I Loved You

This song is from the show Carousel. This is something that the audience relates to. This play tells about a couple that is one their first date and how it is awkward. They follow the couple as they get to know each other and long for each other when they are apart.

These are some of the best songs that can be heard on Broadway. These songs will stay with a person way after the show is over. These Broadway songs 2017 have raw emotions and will leave the audience wanting more.

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