Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time

Blues music can relate to how a person is feeling when they are down and out. This music is sad yet has a good beat at the same time. Many of the blues singers have very strong voices and are able to carry a tune. The harmonica and similar instruments have made their mark on this type of music. Even if a person does not have the blues they can still enjoy some good music. Blues combines jazz, rhythm, and some rock. These are the top 10 blues songs of all time.

Blues Song Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. The Thrill is Gone

This song is by B.B King who is one of the greatest blues singers of all time. He has a deep voice and really puts emotions into his songs. The song was recorded all the way back in 1951 and then it was rereleased in 1970. This became one of the best blues songs ever and the song that King has become known for.

9. Hoochie Coochie Man

This song may have a funny title but it is a classic blues song. This song was performed by the band Muddy Waters. The song dates back to 1954. This band was used to describe a man that wanted to be with a woman and all the things he would do for his lady. This is an interesting title but it is a great blues song. This song is a true down and dirty blues song.

8. I’m Tore Down

Many people consider this to be one of the best blues songs ever written and performed. This song is by Freddy King and many say that it is the best song of his career. This song was first released in 1961. This song was off of the first album that Freddy put out and this song made him a lot of fans. This is a sad song just by reading the title but that is what the blues is all about. This song will get people to feel what King is feeling at this time.

7. Red House

This is a great blues song but is performed by the rocker Jimi Hendrix. Just because Hendrix was into rock he was able to use his great guitar skills and sing the blues. This song was released in 1967. This song talks about a woman named Betty Jean who was the first love of Hendrix. Hendrix is in love with her but meets another woman that gets his attention. This other woman happens to be the girlfriend of a close friend. This song has the guitar skills that a person would expect in the blues song and there is some heartache in it as well.

6. All Your Love

This song was performed by Otis Rush back in 1958. Otis was from Chicago was became known for being a great guitar player as well as a singer of the blues. This song has a faster tempo then other blues songs but still has the certain feel to it. This song is performed in a minor key and uses twelve bars to make this music. Many say that the guitar is one of the best features of this song. This song is about wanting the love of another person and the struggle to get it. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time until 2017.

5. Love in Vain

This is a true blues song. It talks about lost love and the feeling of love not being returned. This song was performed by blues artist Robert Johnson. This sound can be found on many different albums that Johnson put out because it was such as big hit with the fans. This song has a sad lyrics and a sad tone. It is really the blues. This song is sad and a person can relate to the song if they have ever lost a love or have been dumped by someone that they loved very much. This is a real blues song and is not upbeat at all. It is still a great song for those that love the blues.

4. Hard Luck Blues

This is another song were the singer really has the blues. It is performed by Roy Brown. This song first was released in the year 1960. There is an orchestra that performs the background music to this song which gives it a unique blues sound. This song talks about the way a person can express their grief inwardly and how no one can understand how sad they really are.

3. Shake Your Moneymaker

This is a rather upbeat song for the blues but still classifies as a blues song. This song is by Elmore James. The song was first released in 1961. Since this time other blues artists have recorded this song and made their own version of this music. There is a slide guitar and the music is considered to be up tempo. This was one of the last songs that James recorded as he died in 1963. People will always remember him for this blues song.

2. Dust my Broom

This song is a great song that sings the blues. It is performed by Robert Johnson. Johnson was from the state of Mississippi and grew up listening to the blues music. He was considered to be a delta blues singer. This song was released in 1936 and is still a big hit among blues fans today. This song was a true blues song and has a great sound to it.

1. Born Under a Bad Sign

This song was performed by Albert King in 1967. This song was originally recorded by King but has been covered by a number of different artist over the years including Jimi Hendrix. This song uses different cords to give it a unique sound. It uses keys both in the major and the minor scale to give it a great blues song.

These are some of the best blues song of all times until 2017. While these songs are sad many people love to listen to this type of music. When a person is looking for sounds with blues lyrics and blues music they should check out any one of these 10 top blues songs.

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