Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Songs of All Time

Alternative music has a huge fan base. This music has a rock edge but it is not too hardcore for most listeners. There are catchy choruses without being too pop like. These songs do have an edge but a person can get their rock fix. Alternative music has become very popular over the years. This genre of music has put out some great bands and some great songs. These are the top 10 alternative rock songs of all time.

Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. Smell like Teen Spirit

This legendary song by Nirvana changes a decade of music. It took people from the disco era of the 1980’s to a harder core tone. This band brought in grunge music and has influenced many artists over the years. This song captures teenage angst and has an edge to it. There is a lot of spirit and emotion that was put into this song. There is also a great guitar riff where the guitar is almost singing along with Kurt Cobain. There have been few songs over the years to have as much of an impact as this song and this band. This band came to a sudden end with the death of Kurt Cobain but this is a song that will always be remembered.

9. In the End

This song is performed by Linkin Park. This is another band that is able to influence alternative music. They have a sound of their own and is not afraid to experiment with different sounds. This song has lyrics that may be a little depressing but at one point or another a person can relate to the message.

8. Welcome to the Black Parade

The band that performed this song is My Chemical Romance. This song has some dark lyrics but many say they are inspiring as well. There are some guitar riffs that give this sound a bit of a hard edge to it. This is a great rock song. It is hard but it is not too hard. This song may be overplayed at times but a person does not get tired of hearing it. That sets this song apart from many others.

7. Mr. Brightside

The Killers has an alternative hit with this song. This song has a chorus that is easy to understand and many people enjoy singing along to it. The song still has a rock edge to it that makes fans listen to it over and over again. The lyrics are easy to listen to and there is some intensity to them.

6. The Kill

Thirty Seconds to Mars knows how to put some emotion into their songs. This song is inspiring and there is a lot of emotion from the singer. This song is what an alternative song should be. A person can hear this song hundreds of times and they will not get tired of it. The music and the vocals go well together making this song a real hit.

5. Bring me to Life

This alternative song took everyone by surprise. The band Evanescence made this song a real hit. This alternative song has a rock base to it but the sing Amy Lee has an amazing voice. She can sing and carry out a note while the rock music is still going on in the background. This song was a new sound and is a great alternative hit. This band has changed the way that a person can listen to rock music. Someone with an amazing voice that is able to carry a tune can still make music that rocks and make a good song. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Alternative Rock Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. The Diary of Jane

Breaking Benjamin is a new alternative band that has had several hits. Many people say that this is their best alternative song. The song has something that most people can relate to. It takes about being in love and trying to find a place with someone that they love. A person can also relate to having the person lose interest. The lyrics are something that a person can relate to and the vocals do become intense. This song is a new rock song and is one of the best alternative songs out there.

3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Green Day has been making music for a number of years and has had a number of hits. People say that this is one of their best songs. The lyrics do stand for something a person can relate to what they are saying. The song is a great alternative one. There is rock to it but the song is not too hard. This is a song that anyone that has been going through a hard time can relate to and even sing along with.

2. I Miss You

Blink 182 is not always known for their serious lyrics. Many of their songs and fun but sort of silly at the same time. This is one of their best songs. The lyrics are good and it is something that the average person can experienced at one point in their life. This music is soft but still has a rock feel to it making it a great alternative hit. A person will find themselves singing this song for the rest of the day once they have listened to it.

1. Numb

This is another song by the bank Lincoln Park. This song will make a person stop and listen. Once again the lyrics are not exactly upbeat but say something that most people can relate to. This song has a rock edge but does slow down a little bit. A person can understand the lyrics without a problem. This song does build up in intensity as it goes on making it a favorite of fans and one of the best alternative rock songs out there.

These are the top 10 alternative rock songs of all time until 2017. These songs have great lyrics. The singers are able to make these songs intense and there is a rock edge to them but it is not too hard. These alternative songs will allow a person to sing along while still enjoying some rock music.

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