Top 10 Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time

Many fans know Barbara Stanwyck as the white-haired lady who always featured on many televise series. The actress received over four Oscar nominations and eventually won the same award in 1982, not to mention the three Emmys that she won for her work in television series. The lady was born Stevens Ruby in 1910 in New York, after which her parents passed away, and she was brought up in many foster homes. She dropped from school at 14 and became a chorus girl as well as a dancer. Before she turned 20, she had already started acting. She performed almost ninety films and hundreds of television episodes before death took her away at the age of 82 in 1990.

List of Top Ten Movies by Barbara Stanwyck of all time:

10. Roustabout

Roustabout Top Famous Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time 2018

Many other movies could have made it to position ten of this list, but for the sake of Elvis fans, we had to pick ‘Roustabout.’ In the film, Barbara plays Maggie, a lady who owns a struggling carnival. The carnival is attacked by thugs and raided at the same time when an incredible singer entertains the people. The role that Barbara Stanwyck plays shows her as a talented and serious actor.

9. Sorry, Wrong Number

Sorry, Wrong Number Top Most Famous Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time 2019

A majority of us have heard the phrase many times in life: ‘Sorry, wrong number.’ In this movie, Barbara plays as a bedridden lady who happens to listen to a murder scheme on a telephone’s final line. A majority of the parts in this film is through flashback that alternates with the character of Barbara. The personality of Barbara gets more hysterical as she puts the puzzles together.

8. The Miracle Woman

The Miracle Woman

In the 1931 film, Capra Frank directs Barbara as a charismatic evangelist who makes money out of fake revival meetings. The meeting lead to a faith crisis, which disadvantages many believers. The character is inspired by the real tale of Aimee Semple McPherson. ‘The Miracle Woman’ is, therefore, a blend of faith and believes portrayed in a well-acted movie.

7. There’s Always Tomorrow

There's Always Tomorrow

Douglas Sirk is the director of the fourth and last collaboration between Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. Mac Murray acts as a married guy who already has three children. He gets into a rut and when he decides to run an attractive previous employee, not knowing that he will fall for her. Barbara gets into a dilemma about whether she should be a contributor to a family that is breaking apart.

6. Baby Face

Baby Face

In the Pre-Code film called ‘Baby Face,’ Barbara plays a young lady who uses her sexuality to propel her fortunes. Many people find it hard to believe that the movie is subtle: That it could not have been made in the 1950’s. One of her lovers is John Wayne, a 26-year-old man who is madly romantic with her. The version provided digitally by the Amazon is excellently sharp, you may think that it was filmed yesterday.

5. Meet John Doe

Meet John Doe Top Most Popular Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time 2018

People are known to do many strange things to get money. In the film, a guy who needs money agrees to a deal that involves him impersonating a person who never exists. The man is said to have claimed that he will commit suicide during an event that doubles as a protest and a political movement as well. Frank Capra acts the 122 minutes’ film. The actors are Edward Arnold, Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Brennan.

4. Ball of Fire

Ball of Fire Top 10 Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time 2017

‘Ball of Fire’ is a screwball comedy on Seven Dwarfs and Snow White. Barbara Stanwyck acts as Snow White, a performer at a favorite night club. University professors are played by the dwarfs, Gary Cooper being one of them. For her role in the film, Barbara obtained her second nomination to the Oscars. Also in the movie is a set of ivory lexicographers who have to hear how people talk, which ends up in them helping a musician avoid a mob and escape the police.

3. Stellar Dallas

Stellar Dallas Top 10 Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time

One of the leading stars in this movie must be Barbara Stanwyck. She received her very first nomination to the Oscars as a result of her role in this film. Barbara plays a factory lady who marries a family with a higher class, somewhere that he never fits. Despite her and her executive husband having a daughter, they are always estranged. For her daughter to be happy and secure, Stella must sacrifice her joy and freedom.

2. The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve

‘The Lady Eve’ is another screwball comedy that is penned and directed by Preston Sturges. In the movie, Barbara Stanwyck wipes the floor with Fonda Henry. Coburn Charles and Barbara Stanwyck are friends who even play cardsharks inside the cruise ship, with Henry acting as a juicy target. The character of Henry speaks quietly and slowly, while that of Barbara speaks sharply and quickly. The film showcases the actresses’ comedic skills.

1. Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity Top Popular Movies By Barbara Stanwyck of All Time 2017

Writer Raymond Chandler and director Wilder Billy are spinning a web of manipulation. In which a lady called Barbara Stanwyck happens to seduce an insurance salesman, a role that MacMurray Fred plays. The intention of all these is to kill the woman’s husband. That forms one of the iconic themes of a weak guy who does surrender to temptations. For the role she acted in this film, Barbara got a fourth Oscar nomination.

Barbara Stanwyck Most Fascinating Movie:

‘Clash by Night’

Clash by Night

In the movie, Doyle Mae comes back home as a very cynical woman. Joe her brother fears that Peggy his love may end up like Mae, despite her working in a fish cannery. Notwithstanding the fact that Mar married Jerry and they got a baby, she still gets restless and is drawn to Earl, Jerry’s friend. The movie is written by Clifford Odets and Alfred Hayes. In the film are Robert Ryan, Barbara Stanwyck, and Paul Douglas.

Barbara Stanwyck is an actress who always thrilled people by her movies. Regardless of the role assigned to her, the actress always made sure that she delivered the best, which is why we love her. Watch any of the above movies, and you will not believe it was acted in the 1940’s.

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