Top 10 Movies By Audrey Hepburn of All Time

The ‘National Star Wars Day’ is celebrated on May 4th, but the same day is crucial in film history for a different reason. On the same day in 1929, Audrey Hepburn was born. Humanitarian, fashion icon and actress, Hepburn represented many things to different people, a legacy that lives on through her incredible films that are popular despite being released many decades ago. One of her classics is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’, although her portrayal of Hollywood is only one of the diverse roles she plays during her acting period. Below are Audrey Hepburn’s best ten movies.

List of Top 10 Movies by Audrey Hepburn of all time:

10. Paris When It Sizzles

Paris When It Sizzles

In this movie, Audrey happens to team up with her real lover Holden William to make a romantic and frothy comedy. The film involves a love triangle, just like ‘Sabrina.’ Audrey plays an assistant who hardly tries to keep the man on task, something that could have been easier had not asked her to play on a different romantic scenario. The film ends perfectly with a hardcore Hepburn binge despite being full of silly screwball antics

9. The Children’s Hour

Wait Until Dark

Audrey Hepburn takes the role of Karen while Martha acts as Shirley MacLaine. The two play good friends who do almost everything together. They live together, run a boarding school together and live together. Their lives are peaceful, until one day when a student claims that they are lesbians. The reputation of their lives and that of their school crumbles, which leaves them with more questions than answers, questioning their previous platonic relationship.

8. Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark

‘Wait Until Dark’ is one of the last films that Audrey acted in which she plays a visually impaired lady whose partner is away from town when two criminals attack. Luckily, she happens to have what the criminals want, a dollar that her husband found and innocently gave it to her. The dollar was stuffed with a drug called Heroine, and Hepburn plays the role of a blind lady correctly. The movie has a climatic ending with much suspense.

7. Two For The Road

Two For The Road Top Ten Movies By Audrey Hepburn

‘Two For the Road’ is a serious relationship drama which also happens to be the antithesis of some light hearted love affairs in the movies that Audrey acted earlier. ‘Roman Holiday’ has the same theme with ‘Two For the Road,’ but that can never make the latter less romantic in any way. Albert Finney and Audrey play opposite as wife and husband who wonder whether love can last. Their ten years of marriage tells the story that decides whether they should separate or stay together.

6. Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday Top Famous Movies By Audrey Hepburn 2018

Audrey is the star in the movie, a role that happens to be a breakout, making America fall in love with her. Audrey plays as Princess Anne, a character she adapts so well that many people think she is royal in real life. In the sweet and straightforward story, Anne tries to be an ordinary girl in Italy, but people follow her. As an American reporter called Joe Bradley trails her, she drives a Vespa, chops her hair and eats gelato.

5. My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

‘My Fair Lady’ is a musical based on Bernard George Shaw’s play called ‘Pygmalion.’ Audrey Hepburn plays as Doolittle Eliza, a Cockney street urchin who a phoneticist called Henry Higgins plucks from a lower class and transforms her into a lady. After many months of training, the singing voice of Audrey was never left in the movie’s final cut. The character of Eliza shines throughout the film as she performs from socialite to flower girl.

4. Charade

Charade Top Ten Movies By Audrey Hepburn 2017

‘Charade’ is a thrill that craves romance with a section of a murder story. Regina Lampert is the role that Audrey Hepburn takes, a lady who falls for a mysterious but handsome stranger called Cary Grant after meeting in a ski resort. After going back home, she finds that her husband is already murdered, and the murderer is after her and her new lover as well. The movie takes you from stolen millions to mistaken identities, a show that is steered by Audrey.

3. Funny Face

Funny Face Top Popular Movies By Audrey Hepburn 2017

The Audrey movie takes place in France, and it is about a bookstore clerk who is whisked away to the French capital by Fred Astaire, a fashion photographer. The picture man wants a fresh face for a new magazine that he wants to release and Audrey is the preferred model, although she intends to be a French philosopher. Will the two get what they want? The film is partially romantic and partly musical, a Glimpse of Hepburn twirling, singing and tap dancing.

2. Sabrina

Sabrina Top Most Famous Movies By Audrey Hepburn 2019

David Larrabee is a wealthy playboy who wonders where Sabrina has been all his life. When you watch the film for the first time, you also wonder where this lady has been all her life. Audrey is the chauffeur’s girl who travels to Paris to attend a culinary school and comes back home ready to love. She, however, gets into a crazy love triangle with the boss’s sons, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. Will she find love or she will be heartbroken?

1. How to Steal a Million

How to Steal a Million Top Most Popular Movies By Audrey Hepburn 2018

In this film, Audrey acts as Nicole, daughter of an art forger who sells imitation masterpieces to make a living, although he passes the same pieces as originals. One of his best sculptures gets accepted in a Parisian museum, but Nicole promises to steal it before its authenticity is identified. She joins hands with charismatic charmer and expert thief Dermott Simon. The movie displays Audrey at her comedic best as it has slapstick humor, lighted-hearted love and a lot of quirky dialogue.

Even those who know little about Audrey Hepburn always have an image in mind: a girl with a cleanup-do, a long cigarette holder at hand and a black dress. The actress’s portrayal of Holly Golightly continues to cement in pop culture through internet memes, many posters, and greeting cards. We love Audrey Hepburn, and we continue to enjoy her movies.

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