Top 10 Movies by Anthony Hopkins of All Time

Anthony Hopkins is an incredible actor who boasts of numerous indelible movies over his acting career. From a debut film he released in 1968, he continues to release fantastic movies that thrill the whole world. It becomes agonizing when you start to choose which ten movies are Hopkins best. There are many memorable and great performances to choose from, considering the many years he has acted and the numerous awards the actor has received. The movies listed below are visually appealing, had many sales and are well directed. Below are the ten finest films by Anthony Hopkins.

List of Top 10 Movies by Anthony Hopkins of All Time in 2017

10. ‘Howards End.’

Howards End Top Most Popular Movies by Anthony Hopkins 2018

In the ‘Howards End’ movie, love, betrayal, and war are the themes that the director tries to put across. A prominent business person decides to thwart the bequest of his wife that is of an estate to another lady. That turns out to be sour to both sides, and that is where the action begins. The director of the film is Ivory James, with actors including James Ivory, Vanessa Redgrave, and Emma Thompson.

9. ‘The Lion in Winter.’


‘The Lion in Winter’ is a film that is acted based on the events that took place some long time ago. It dates back to 1183 AD when King Henry II was a powerful ruler. The king needs someone to inherit leadership after him, but his three sons can’t agree on who should rule, as he also refuses to make a choice. The 134 minutes’ film directed by Harvey Anthony describes how the sons and the wife plan to force the king.

8. ‘Magic.’

Magic Top Famous Movies by Anthony Hopkins 2018

In this movie known as ‘Magic,’ a ventriloquist is left at the mercy of a vicious dummy as he attempts to renew a love with a long time high school sweetheart. Richard Attenborough does an excellent job as the director of the 107 minutes’ long film. Those who act the film include Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith, Ann-Margret and Ed Lauter.

7. ‘The Elephant Man.’


In the film, a Victorian surgeon successfully rescues a very disfigured man. The guy faces mistreatment while earning a living as a part-time, side shows freak. Behind the man’s monstrous facade is a man full of sensitivity and intelligence. Lynch David is the director of the film that features John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, John Gielgud and Anne Bancroft. The film is around 125 minutes in length.

6. ‘Fracture.’


A prominent attorney is determined to move up the career ladder fast in search of success. As the attorney attempts to prosecute a manipulative criminal, who turns out to be a fierce opponent. Hoblit George is the director of this 113 minutes’ film, ‘Fracture.’ Alongside Anthony Hopkins, other actors who make the film enjoyable include Davis Strathairn, Ryan Gosling, and Rosamund Pike.

5. ‘Amistad.’


‘Amistad’ film is a tale of 1839 when a slave ship travels towards the American northeastern coast. A free man decides to lead a rapid revolt, which turns into a courtroom drama that dominates almost the entire film. The 155 minutes’ film has Steven Spielberg as the director and Sir Anthony Hopkins as one of the leading actors. Other stars in the movie include Morgan Freeman and Djimon Hounsou.

4. ‘The Human Stain.’


A ‘Human Stain’ is not an incredible thing to hear of, especially when used as the title of a film. In this movie, a dissatisfied former dean of a prominent college involves in a romance with a mysterious young lady who happens to be haunted by her dark. In what appears to be a twisted past, the guy has to face and reveal a shocking secret that has never been revealed for five decades.

3. ‘The Bounty.’


‘The Bounty’ is a familiar tale of Lieutenant Bligh, who is so cruel that his personality results into a mutiny of a ship that he operates. ‘The Bounty’ is a version that comes after those events, and it goes for 132 minutes’, full of drama and betrayal. Donaldson Roger is the director of the film that also features other incredible actors. To name a few, they include Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, Edward Fox and Laurence Olivier.

2. ‘Nixon.’


‘Nixon’ is not a product in this case but a film that you will love to watch all the time. The movie is a biography of Richard Nixon Milhous, the ‘Former President of the United States of America.’ The film takes us back to his life as a young village boy to his win as a head of state, his stay at the White House as well as his shameful removal as president. Oliver Stone directs the 192 minutes’ film.

1. ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’


A young cadet of the F.B.I has to confide with a manipulative and incarcerated killer to get assistance to arrest a different serial killer who is so notorious that he skins the victims. The strange part of the film is that the killer called Hannibal Rector eventually kills a correctional officer and wears his uniforms. He applies blood on the clothes and pretends to be shot dead. On the way to the hospital, he eventually wakes up and escapes.

Anthony Hopkins New Movies 2016-2017



‘Misconduct’ is directed by Shintaro Shimosawa and acted by Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, and Josh Duhamel. The film is about a lawyer who has a case against a big company that makes pharmaceuticals. He is later blackmailed and falsely accused of corruption. Adam Mason and Simon Byes are the guys who write the film.

Anthony Hopkins is such an incredible actor that it is almost different to differentiate between the fact that he is acting or whether everything is real. Anyone who has watched ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ will confirm that Dr. Recter works well as a prisoner and a killer. That is why we love Sir. Anthony Hopkins.

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