Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Laptop Brands in The World

Right from its invention in 1833 computers have evolved at a massive scale, today no matter where we go the computer is a must and thus to minimize our efforts Laptops were introduced, which were often termed as “Portable Computers”. Today because of the evolution of mobile phones we have all the necessary functions in the palm of our hand, but it was the laptops which were a bigger deal during its release, the introduction of laptops revolutionized the computing world and gave everyone a new comfort level to carry out their work.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular, best selling laptop brands in 2017.

10. MSI (Micro Star International) (Price starting from $179.28)


MSI is a Taiwanese computer manufacturing giant company which was founded in 1986.The brand was simply a motherboard manufacturing company, but it released its first laptop in the year 2009 and marked their presence in the computing market. In the past couple of years, MSI had evolved more with its advent in the gaming genre.MSI grabbed attention when it was included in the list of best four laptop brands in the USA by laptop magazine. MSI manufactures personal computer’s mostly designed for gaming and high-level graphic designing and this is why they are costlier than usual everyday use laptops its one of the main reason that it has grabbed the tenth position in our list, if MSI starts producing everyday use laptops in the future then it was huge scopes of becoming the best laptop manufacturer in the world.

9.Toshiba (Price starting from $441.10)

Toshiba Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Laptop Brands in The World2017

Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company which produces a huge range of electronic applications and is widely considered as one of the biggest electronic manufacturing brands in the world. This brand was founded in Japan in 1939, but it started manufacturing computer only in the year 2008.Toshiba laptops are famous all over the world now and in spite being the brands accounting scandal in the year 2016 have successfully established a diversified market to compete in the race.

Toshiba manufactures laptops designed for everyday use and has successfully grasped the attention of various computing brands. Toshiba’s experience in the television manufacturing industry is the main reason of its high-quality displays. In spite of several high points, Toshiba grabbed the ninth position on our list because of less exposure in the computing market and little marketing schemes.

8. ASUS (Price starting from $224.14)


ASUS is another Taiwanese multinational brand on our list which was founded in 1989.This brand was considered as world’s fourth largest PC vendor by the year 2016 but over the last few years, its diversification in the mobile industry has decreased its advancement in the computer industry. It was considered as one of the highest selling laptop brands in Asia and in 2008 it had a net worth of 1.2 billion $.

ASUS launched its first laptop “Eee pc”in the year 2007 and had hence captured worldwide markets with it’s laptops. ASUS grabbed the attention with its high-quality displays and high performing GPU’s, but it failed to provide longevity, which is one of the main reason that its market started to tank down. Today ASUS manufactures laptops of all varieties starting from low budget everyday use laptops to high-end gaming machines and has already started its journey to reach the top again.

7. SAMSUNG (Price starting from $254.18)

SAMSUNG Top Most Popular Laptop Brands in The World 2018

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company which was founded in 1969.Samsung launched its industry producing various PC components including batteries,chips, semiconductors and other stuff but later it diversified into a huge variety of consumer electronics. In the year 2007, Samsung won the race of becoming the largest electronic manufacturing company by surpassing HP with a net worth of 117 billion dollars of turnover. Samsung started laptop production in the mid 2000s and quickly captured markets but in the flow of time it lost the competition to Sony and HP who made generous sponsorships and made drastic changes for the betterment of their products,while Samsung focused on establishing a lead in the Smartphone market it lost the race in the laptops and PC industry.

6. HP (Hewlett-Packard)(Price starting from $388.62)

HP Most Popular Best Selling Laptop Brands in The World 2018

HP is an American multinational company which was established in 1935.HP is responsible for the drastic growth of IT in America and different parts of the world.HP is also responsible for the foundation of Silicon Valley which is the hub of IT manufacturing in America.HP was the leading pc Industry from 2007 to 2013 after which Lenovo took over. HP manufactures various computing components including storage hubs, servers, PC’s and printers.

HP produces various household PC components, and it still provides various other parts for other brands. HP still is very famous for its laptops and still maintained an excellent market but its tragic fall of the market in the year 2013 has resulted in its downfall.HP started making less durable products and continued it for few years which made them lose the markets, and they slowly lost the race in the IT field to SONY, LENOVO, and DELL.

5.ACER (Price starting from $209.19)


Acer is another Taiwanese multinational electronic manufacturing company which was founded in 1976; it is often referred to produce the most inexpensive laptops in the world. Acer provides a multitude of products starting from PC’s ,tablets and pocket PC’s to server, data storage devices and virtual reality headsets Acer also produces a range of display products and over the time it has implemented right from CRT to LCD’s and now has ventured forward to LED’s, OLED’s, and plasma technologies, so much improvement, and hard work has resulted in its growth tremendously and is the main reason for its fifth spot on the list .

Early in the 2000 ,Acer was considered as the sixth largest computer manufacturing company in the world but over the years it has diversified into many fields, and its super durable Laptops at such a low cost has implemented its way to the zenith of its producing career in the IT field.

4.DELL (Price starting from $291.56)

DELL Top Most Popular Laptop Brands in The World 2017

Dell is an American multinational IT company which originated in 1986.Dell is one of the leading market holders in the IT Sectors industries, and its diverse range of products right from network components and storage units to PCs and supercomputers has resulted in its successful growth and career. Dell originated just in manufacturing pc and pc parts but in the year 2000 it diversified its field and market by introducing various other aspects necessary for safe and secure computing, Dell has a particular range of laptops starting from $328, and it also produces a high variety of laptops which costs around 300K.

With the introduction of the Alien ware laptop series in 2007; Dell showcased their realpotential; these laptops were beasts which could perform any task without any problems and this range of laptops very quickly grabbed the attention of high intensity games and graphic and animation artists. All these development has given it the fourth spot on our list.

3.SONY VIAO (Price starting from $388.75)


Sony is a Japanese multinational cooperation which specializes in laptop PCs,audio, and home enhancement gadgets,cameras and storage.Sony started in the year 1946 and since never looked back. Sony broke records with its high-quality sound and display systems all over the world and later in the 2000s it implemented all its resource and working experience with sound, display, and performance into it’s over enhancing series of laptops,entitled VIAO.The video immediately broke all records for sale and thanks to good marketing and standard name and respect in the market Sony laptops sold like hot buns. But in 2010 with the introduction of Lenovo,it suffered a downfall as Lenovo supplied the best of everything at a much lower price and in a way not being able to decrease its product prices Sony came second with its race in the IT laptop industry.

2.LENOVO (Price starting from $403.70)


Lenovo is Chinese multinational company with its headquarters is Beijing.It was formed in the year in the year 1984 and has never looked back since then, with a team of top quality engineers and a tremendously brilliant marketing scheme, Lenovo has successfully captured the best of the best for its good sake.

Lenovo started with manufacturing Pc and Pc components, but now it has created a variety of products which provide longevity and quality at a very compelling price, all these qualities have resulted in its second position on our list. In the year 2011, Lenovo launched its series of mobile phones but never lost its market in the Laptop industry,resulting in a great user base and quick selling benefits.Lenovo’s implementation of IBM’s ThinkPad was the main point of hype in this companies business career.

1. APPLE Inc.(Price starting from $801.19)

APPLE Inc Most Popular Best Selling Laptop Brands in The World 2019

The best display, the best sound, and the best optimised laptops are quite synonymous to this American multinational brand.Since its birth in 1976 its creator Steve Jobs had never failed to impress its user and with the quality of products he delivered Apple already had a huge name and respect in the IT industry which paved the way for its popularity in laptops, in spite of being one of the costliest laptops in the world Apple has sold more laptops than anyone else and the main reason for its being is the High display quality, best optimisation and above all a high performance capability. All these ideas have made Apple the leading Manufacturer and Seller of Laptops in the year 2017.

Laptops are one of the most useful gadgets we use today and absolutely everything we do today is dependent on our computer, so with increasing work, more and more computer are tending to buy laptops and with more demand more and more companies have turned up to bring out their variant.

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