Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

Laptops are an indispensable part of our lives now. In the age of technology the speed of life is accelerating so rapidly that we need brand new equipments every few miles to keep ourselves up to date. Moving over from computers the bulky ones with the CRT monitors to the sleek LCD ones with compact CPU and keyboards to the age of iPads. We have been upgrading rapidly in the last 50 years. In this age of speed and non-stagnation people prefer their laptops to the bulky non-portable PCs. The smaller and sleeker laptops are the go to thing for today’s generation. Even though most people use tabs and iPads nowadays, laptops are still a must.

To keep up with people’s demands laptop makers are releasing new designs everyday with new specs and new eye catching designs. And as the trend of the prices of electronic goods go, the price of laptops also go down with time, making it perfectly affordable for the average middle class parents to buy one for their kid who is going away to college. However there is also a whole different category of laptop being produced for specific customers. And given below are the top 10 expensive laptops of those extremely costly specimens in the world.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive laptops in 2017

10. Acer Ferrari 1100 (price $3000)

Acer Ferrari 1100, Most Expensive Laptops 2016

The laptop truly lives up to its name. Like its eponym the Ferrari, the Ace Laptop is a high performance device by Acer. The exterior of the laptop is beautifully patterned and it is a very compact machine which weighs only 4.4 pounds. It also has a built in optical drive with a heavily basses audio system.

9. Alienware 18 (price $3600)

Alienware 18, most expensive laptops in the world 2018

The laptop is designed for professional gamers or game addicts with a dual graphics display in Windows 8.1 with Intel i7 processor and is basically a powerhouse. The audio is custom developed by Sound Engineers of Klipsch to provide superior quality.

8. Dell Mobile Precision M6800 (price $3800)

Dell Mobile Precision M6800, most expensive laptops in the world 2018

It is a beautiful laptop is a product which includes high graphics and has 3D rendering. The laptop is also touch sensitive, for all 10 fingers, which is of massive use for swapping multiple items across the screen. It has high profile security option and the Dell Control Vault System and a super developed audio system.

7. Rock Xtreme SL8 (price $5500)

Rock Xtreme SL8, most popular expensive laptops in the world 2019

This is the fastest laptop on this list. The laptop is a high end product and is a piece of heaven for gamers. It is a big device and weighs almost 6 kgs. It has an Intel 2 QUAD processor is totally worth the price and weight.

6. Stealth Macbook Pro (price $6000)

Stealth Macbook Pro, Most Expensive Laptops 2017

The first of the two Apple products to appear on this list. This laptop s unique because it uses a technology called SofTouch. It has amazing specs like a 256 GB SSD, Custom matte screen to reduce glare and an 8 GB Ram. The product is eye-catching because of it panther like grace and sleekness.

5. Voodoo Envy H171 (price $6500)

Voodoo Envy H171, most expensive laptops in the world 2017

The laptop has amazing specs like a 4GB Ram with twin NVIDIA graphics chipset for gaming and a dual hard disc. This is a comfort computer, from the company owned by Hewitt Packard and came in 24 different designs. However the manufacturing of this product has been stopped.

4. Ego for Bentley (price $20000)

Ego for Bentley, Most Expensive Laptops 2017

Ego for Bentley the manufacturer of a beautiful classic laptop. So, is it really much of a surprise when one their laptops come out of their labs and win everyone over? The laptop is handmade by workers. The covering or casing is of original Bentley leather. The kind that is used in this laptop. The frame of the device is made up of white gold and the handle of the casing is like the ones in the Bentley cars named as knurling. The company only manufactured 250 such laptops.

3. MacBook Pro 24 karat Gold (price $30000)

MacBook Pro 24 karat Gold, Most Expensive Laptops 2019

MacBook Pro is one of the very few products Apple released from its factory which is studded with jewellery material. This product is made entirely of 24 Karat gold and the logo is made out of beautiful diamonds. Only a limited quantity is available worldwide.

2. Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook (Price $350000)

Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook, Most Expensive Laptops 2017

This particular laptop is not very developed in terms of technical hardware or software. It has a 160GB hard drive capacity, a 2 GB RAM support, Bluetooth 2.0 and all the other configurations of average starter’s laptops.

Therefore only the people who value beauty above technology might be interested in this laptop. The laptop is made of pure white gold plate which is sparse with a large number of diamonds. The logo of the Tulip brand is made from a beautiful ruby, cut strategically. The device is in the shape and size of a purse with customizable covers. It is also designed for women and is equipped with a 12-antiglare display screen.

1. Luvaglio (price $1000000)

Luvaglio, Top most popular expensive laptops in the world 2017

Topping the list is the Luvaglio, the only laptop in the world which is only acquirable if the company decides you are worthy enough after going through your bank balance. Every feature of the laptop is made with customer specifications. For the base metals the customer s can choose anything from wood, iron, gold, white gold and specific kind of leather linings. They can also choose which type they want.

The million dollar machine is built in such a way that the customer can upgrade it at any point of time. The cost of the machine is however not due to its specs or designs but because of its keypad. You cannot find any buttons on this keypad. Each key is made up of genuine diamonds. Also most of the parts of this most expensive laptop are manufactured by hand.

It is quite obvious why people of this generation find it very hard to live without their laptops. This is basically their secret bank, their companion on lonely nights with its best friend, the internet phenomenon which is Netflix.

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