Top 10 Most Expensive Headphones in The World

By now we have already established that most material goods in the world are more than what they are supposed to or initially appeared to be. On that note, headphones are also not something just for DJs or the occasional rich music lover. Enlisted below are the top 10 most expensive lifestyle headphones which are definitely not for regular use. These pieces of art are almost collectables and are supposed to be used with extreme care and devotion. They are not mere equipments for amusement during our free time.

Those willing to buy these limited edition custom made headphones are therefore suggested to do their research before burning the hole into their pockets. The list below is a compilation of the names and prices of these expensive headphones coupled with brief reviews about them based on the words of world’s audio snobs.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive headphones in 2017

10. HiFiman HE-1000 (Price $2999)

HiFiman HE-1000, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2017

The HE-1000 took seven years of research and development before it was released. It’s the world’s first headphone which has a diaphragm as thin as a few nanometres only. The headphones come in a leather suitcase with a personalized nameplate with three cables and a manual. It also has branded leather and shutter style ear cups which lend a steampunk-ish feel to it.

9. Shure KSE1500 (Price $3749)

Shure KSE1500, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2016

These are the only audio device on the list which isn’t a headphone but rather very conveniently shaped bud-style earphones. The earphones cost $ 2000 on their own but it comes with an amplifier Price more than $ 1000. The earphones took eight years of research and development and thus the sigh high price is kind of justified. They were the first earphones which has electrostatic tech built into them and produces amazing audio clarity.

8. Audeze LCD-4 (Price $ 3995)

Audeze LCD-4, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2017

Audeze is the youngest company to be around in this particular block and even then it has already manufactured headphones that hit the ball straight out of the park. That has enabled the company to join the big leagues. The earphones are all a part of their LCD line. They have managed to top their best product, the Audeze LCD 3. The headphones have taken over four years of innovation and development. The sound is perfectly balanced and for an additional amount the headphones come with an extra fitting, a $200 carbon fibre band to lighten the weight on your head. The LCD-4 is only built to order.

7. Stax SR-009 (Price $4450)

Stax SR-009, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2017

The 009 has the best qualities of all Stax earphones all blended into a perfect cocktail. The headphones provide an exceptional sense of energy; surround sound and a perfectly round fullness to the sound. The sound has been described as ‘wide’. Beneath the basic understated design the earphones have an ultra thin diaphragm powered by electrodes which are sensitive to any sounds. There is almost zero chance of audio distortion in this device. They also arrive in 10 different head shapes.

6. Ultrasone Edition 5-Limited (Price $ 4999)

Ultrasone Edition 5-Limited, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2018

The company Ultrasone came back after a few years of radio silence, with the booming rounds emanating from their brand new $5000 Edition 5 headphones. The original version of the headphones featured bog oak wooden ear cups and has the rarest kind of sheep leather and contains a variety of precious and semi precious metals. Only 555 of these headphones were made and the sound quality has been described as having a concert inside your head.

5. Abyss –AB-1266 (Price $ 5495)

Abyss –AB-1266, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2016

The product has record 100% positive reviews for itself in many forums. The headphones have a slightly sci-fi-ish build. Their angular looks give the impression of these headphones being used by robots. But the structure isn’t just for looking at; it has been specifically designed for maximum audio effects. In spite of the metallic heavy structure the sounds quality is incomparable. The sound qualities took five years to develop and create and open sound and provide the most exciting experience every time someone uses them.

4. Final Sonorous X (Price $ 6000-$ 8000)

Final Sonorous X, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2016

The Final Sonorous X provides an image of luxury combined with class only a few others can provide. The headphone makers have used extremely high quality leather and the ear cups are made of aluminium and plated with gold leaf. It arrives in a fur lined wooden box which might seem like a treasure chest. The headphones are hefty at 630g and are therefore a bit unsuitable for long use despite well padded headband and extremely soft ear pads. They also block background noise and the sound quality is deemed as ‘authoritative’.

3. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (Price $ 40000)

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2017

V-Moda is a private electronics found in 2004 in California and has been manufacturing exceptional pieces if sound systems ever since. It is the private headphone manufacturer to Paul oaken fold and Roger Sanchez. In addition to making regular commercial headphones, V-Moda has also released the Crossfade Wireless, a lifestyle headphone only for those who can afford it. It can be custom made according to customer requirements. The shields which enclose the speakers can be made from any metal like silver, rose gold, white gold, gold and even platinum.

2. Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 (Price $55000)

Sennheiser Orpheus HE90, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2018

The headphone was originally unveiled at the beginning of the 90s. It is not a regular portable headphone either that one might sling around the collar and go about their normal routine. It was originally sold as a part of a complete set-it contained the headphones with a HEV90 energizer and built in DAC as it was an electrostatic headphone. This is a limited edition with only 300 units in the 90s and 30 units in the 2000s. It took 10 years to make the first prototype and another 10 years to develop and modify it and it’s at least 50 different pairs of hands to modify and develop each micro detail.

1. Diamond Studded Beats by Dr. Dre (Price $1000000)

Diamond Studded Beats by Dr. Dre, World's Most Expensive Headphones 2018

The famous headphones worn by many celebrities are made out of 114 carats Price of diamonds and rubies made in collaboration with Graff Diamonds. It was worn by LMFAO at Super bowl, and by Li’ll Wayne in a basketball game. In addition to that the headphones also have an exceptional sound quality. However, both LMFAO and Li’ll Wayne had negative journalism done about them when they used the headphones, because the even the diamonds could not save the headphones from looking tacky and overdone.

The expensive headphones mentioned above are based on their prices in 2017. With the influx of new technologies in the market these rankings and prices keep changing constantly.

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