Top 10 Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets in The World

At least 80% of us have seen drifters or workers who work their day trying to buy food having a phone in their hands. And more often than not it’s a smart phone. Gadgets are a big part of our life now, whether we like it or not. Even the biggest cynic of gadgets will agree to it. The market price of expensive electronics gadgets goes down every year. This is inevitable because of the advent of new improved products being released all the time. Engineer and mechanics all over the world are working at every minute to create something that would grab the eyeballs of everyone.

However most of the items on this list do not belong to any of those categories. They are customized products from the houses of designers like Stuart Hudges for people who can only afford these items.

List of the world’s most expensive electronic gadgets in 2018

10. Crystal IPhone 4 docking station (Price $500)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

The docking station is valued at $500 is the US. It’s made out of Premium Crystal from the company Calypso Crystal based in Slovenia. It has been manually carved and handcrafted painstakingly. And its limited edition with only 999 items made so far, so it is not mass produced. The dock is heftier than most of its kind and has a smooth bottom finish. The crystal dock is available in four different models like the Aurora, Beau, Celestia and Dune.

9. DJ Headphones made with Swarovski crystals (Price $2300-2500)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

These Beats headphones are encrusted with genuine custom made Swarovski crystal to ensure maximum bling. And the flashy thing is not just the best part of these headphones. These headphones have amazing sound qualities. The headphones are available in almost 60 colour schemes and are available on the commercial market. One can order it even in India with online apps. The crystal headphones prove bling is not just for the ladies. It has been sold to a majorly male population.

8. BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Price $2600)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

Even though the classic company is boarding up its windows and shutting down its factories, the BlackBerry 9700 is still one of the most costly mobile phones in the market. The phone was released in the international market way back in 2009 before BlackBerry got into the nasty catfight with Apple and lost, and everything was still going smooth. It was codenamed Onyx. Back then it had great features for its time with 1500mAh battery and a 256 MB RAM. The telephone also had an extremely slim look.

7. Platinum Mac book Air (Price$8800)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

The whole housing cast of the product is in solid platinum. The Tagline for the product goes ‘For the discerning individual who strives to be distinctive’. And an individual who would buy a platinum computer is truly unique indeed. However the laptop has a subtle beauty to it and brings together technology and beauty. The Ice edition is almost complimentary to the fire edition of the same product. By these gadgets IPhone is taking its luxury products to a whole new level. The laptop is made with platinum weighing 7kgs and only 5 units were made available over the globe.

6. Vertu Constellation Quest (Price upto $27500)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

Unlike how it sounds Constellation Quest isn’t a video game not is it a competition of nerds. The Vertu Constellation Quest is a smart smartphone with a diamond trim, polished stainless steel body, black or white alligator skin back which can be switched with red, gold or black leather. It’s a simian smartphone. It has AMOLED captive touch screen and shatterproof sapphire crystal glass oleo phobic coating. It’s the ultimate phone for the rich and not commercially made.

5. Nokia N95 (Price $43000)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

The phone internally known as RM-159 is a part of Nokia’s N-series. First it was just released in silver and Black, it later produced limited edition quantities in gold and purple. The version of it mentioned here, though is an exclusive diamond covered one. It has 675 diamonds stuck in it by hand. And it also has an 8 carat white gold frame to top it. The phone has a two way sliding mechanism and runs on Simian OS. It was first released in March 2007, and has a now unimpressive memory of 160MB. But the customised version makes it look very elegant.

4. Plantronics Bluetooth Headset (Price $50000)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

The headset is of a superior quality. Unlike the other times in the top five, these model isn’t expensive just because of its outer specs. The headset is even compatible with the speedy teenage life and is build to withstand rough use.

3. Nintendo Wii Console with strong gold construction (Price $500000)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

The gaming console has a solid gold coating outside. It’s a customized console and thus only one product was globally available. The console is very fashionable and the worth is estimated at a whopping $500000.

2. Prestige HD supreme Rose Edition (Price $1.6 million)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

It’s a product from the workhouse of Stuart Hudges. The genius who takes average common electronic gadgets and cover them up in precious and semi precious stones and elements and the resulting products which are sinfully delightful are sold to collectors who would love to have such editions. Now he has made the world’s most expensive television. Its base and outer frame is made from 28 kilos of solid gold and 72 brilliant round cut diamonds. There are only 3 versions of these sets. There is also the Prestige HD supreme which has 19 kilograms of gold and 48 diamonds and more affordable than the formerly mentioned version.

1. Custom diamond rose IPhone 4 (Price $8 million)

Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets

Much like any other list of electronics in the world, Apple takes the prime spot in this list too. The company of Steve Jobs is known to spend extreme effort on perfecting every item that gets out of its prototype room. Every feature is triple checked and every inch of its surface is checked. But this one is not just from the laboratories of Apple alone. This is also a Stuart Hudges product. It’s the world’s most expensive phone.

The bezel is handmade from Rose crystals and contains almost 500 flawless diamonds. The navigation is made from 7.4ct pink diamond. The phone literally comes in a treasure chest made of granite with leather lining.

If you are an expensive electronics gadgets lover this is list is the perfect place for you to know about the most collectable gadgets available in recent times.

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