Top 10 Best Selling Electronics Items in The World

In this age of technology, electronics items are a part of our daily life. We have countless accessories which need to run on electricity, and they are pretty much indispensable. Without our laptops, our smartphones and our gadgets we are metaphorically blind and deaf, cut off from the rest of the world. The old methods of communications hardly work anymore. The post offices exist almost only as buildings of historical significance in our cities.

The telegram and telegraph system, which was once considered the fastest way of communication and was used for emergencies is now obsolete, and one would only use them if they are creating the vintage feeling for some occasion. The land-lines which were a symbol of the wealthy and posh has come and gone and since no one stays put in one place anymore it is pretty much redundant in the face of the competency of cell phones. But why just use your cell phone for calls when it can be so much more. Moreover, hence, came along the smartphone, which provided the world in your fist.

It was always ‘Keep Up or Lag behind’ for every other major invention in the world, why should it be different for gadgets. Listed below are the top 10 most sought after electronics items in the World in 2018. Read on to find more.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling electronics items in 2018

10. Ultra thin Qi-empowered Wireless Charging for all type of Smartphone (Price: $20):

Best Electronics Items

It is a wireless power supply for mobile phones developed by The Wireless Power Consortium. It is a life saver for all us lazy people out there who, after a hard day’s work has no intention or energy to walk over to that switchboard on the wall and charge our extra appendage, our mobile phones. It can transfer power to over four cms or 1.6 inches inductively. The whole thing comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable box. Your phone gets charged by a process called resonant inductive coupling. It denotes power deliveries below 5 W.

9. Bluetooth Audio Sleep Music with Phone Head Mask (Price: $42.99):

Best Electronics Items

It is your new sleeping partner. It is a mask and a sound canceling earphone device which cuts you off from rest of the world as you sleep, delivering you to a whole new world of dreams. It blocks out any light and will play the songs of your choice remotely from your iPhone, iPads, Blackberry or basically from any other Android device. It also supports the call features with its built-in speakers. It is a very comfortable device, or might I say, a scarf which is made with ultra soft memory foam and microfibre. There is also no way that this gadget, like most other electronic devices, will heat up, and thus ruin your good night’s sleep. It is available in one free, comfortable size.

8. Project Watch Twirler Black (Price: $140):

Best Electronics Items

It is the ultimate trendy watch of the decade. At $ 140 it is entirely your money’s worth. Moreover, it is unisex to boot, which would make it a very lucrative gift for both him and her. It is designed by Johannes Lindner and is 40mm wide with a 9mm thick black ion plated stainless steel. It also has a push and pulls crown. It is also equipped with a classy black leather strap and a buckle clasp. It has a black dial with stick numbers and pencil shaped hour and minute hands. It is available in all online shopping sites.

7. FiLip 2 Smart Locator with Voice for juniors (Price: $149):

Best Electronics Items

This gadget is not just the happy birthday or the best Christmas present from Santa’s bag for your little one; it is also for your parents. It is a gadget which comprises of cutting edge technology which helps the parents to keep track of their children. It also enables the children to call their parents without having to dial in case of emergencies. This is a crucial gadget in to keep track of the children of today.

6. Neo Reflection Wireless Air 3D Finger Optical Mouse (Price: $65.90):

Best Electronics Items

This is from the laboratories of ergonomics specialist R-Go Tools which brings to you the Optical mouse from the Korean Company Neo Reflection. It is an alternative user interface. It is a very tiny gadget which looks like a pen drive and also acts as such, but you can also use it as a mouse. However, like the other optical mouses, this one does not use a mouse pad; it runs on any surface (like the small space below your keyboard on your laptop).

5. Wireless Smart LED Soft White Bulb (Price: $23.99):

Best Electronics Items

This is an interactive light bulb which you can buy over any online sites. It reduces the light globules over 80% depending on the activity you are currently on.

4. Logitech Tuneable Gaming Mouse with fully customizable Surface (Price: $5495):

Best Electronics Items

This mouse is one of the most popular gaming mouse in the world. The original product comes in a sexy black and blue avatar and is of the perfect weight; it is a heavenly fruit for all gaming nerds out there. It has a lot of adjustments available and has around 11 programmable catches.

3. Wi-Fi smart switch for controlling the electronics (Price: Around $6379):

Best Electronics Items

It is like a universal remote for all your devices, in fact, it is called a universal remote. You can just change the adjustments for all your devices with just one click without having to scramble for the different remotes behind your couch, under the table or maybe in the washer.

2. Sky Bell Wi-Fi video doorbell with the help of Android application (Price: $ 149.99):

Best Electronics Items

This one is a weird invention, what is weirder is its popularity. It comes with a video camera, a speaker, a microphone and also motion sensors, so it is not only useful for people with security issues or even the ones who value their privacy too much.

1. Magic Cube Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard (Price: $99.99):

Best Electronics Items

It is a virtual console which can be integrated into any phone, flat surface or any palmtop devices. It is the ultimate geek’s dream. It improves the performance of any device you can use that means you can use this device in your phone that means it is easy to carry.

Most of the time electronic devices are made to keep near and dear ones in mind, however, sometimes, they can be used to keep unwanted attention away too. The best things about electronics are that you can mold them as you want them to be.

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