Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Inspirational Books in The World

Books are your lifetime companions. Whether you study in the kinder garden, or you are studying in engineering college, you will always need books. Books are of great help for developing a good character. If children from their childhood start reading motivational and inspirational books, some acting capability develops in a person.

There is a lack of inspiration amongst youth in today’s generation to do something. Moreover, these lacks of inspiration can be mostly fulfilled by books. People read books in their free time. So this free time can be utilized in reading inspirational books. However, there are some youths in today’s generation, who instead of reading romantic and other time-wasting stories read some inspirational books. An inspirational book not only help in evolving and providing inspiration but also develops a character which makes them eager to get inspired.

So you should read some good story books which will help you to build your career and it will make you a good person. So for that reason, there are some inspirational books present.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and best selling inspirational books in 2017.

10. The seven habits of highly effective people (Copies sold: More than 25 million) (Price $4.70):

The seven habits of highly effective people

This book is a masterpiece of Stephen R. Covey, which was published in 1989 and after publishing this precious book Stephen became very famous. He showed the way of getting success in a different way where you can do anything if you want from your heart and you can do it without doing anything wrong. This book is available in the audio version, and that book was the first audio book which was published in the US and sold more than 1 million copies. In this novel, writer discussed “Universal and Timeless” theory and that theory is very famous among the people.

9. How to win friends and Influence people (Copies Sold: More than 30 million) (Price $2.23):

How to win friends and Influence people

This book is about the self-help, and this book is written by the famous writer Dale Carnegie who wrote some beautiful books, but this book is the real class of writing. In this book, he described every bit of knowledge from the real life experience, and that is why it is very popular among the people. In 2011 this book was in the 19th position according to the Time magazine’s list of the best 100 influential books of 2011. This book was first published in the year 1936 and got the popularity, and now more than 30 million copies are already sold.

8. Awaken the giant within (Copies Sold: More than 30 million) (Price $6.71):

Awaken the giant within Top most popular best-selling inspirational books in the world 2019

The writer is a very talented person and also very knowledgeable because you can see the author in the television shows and you can see also in the movies, and especially he is good as a speaker and after that, he unleashed his rare talent for writing. The quality and the things that are written in the book is excellent. Here you will be inspired by the inspirational role model where you can get the strength.

7. As a man thinketh (Copies Sold: More than 40 million) (Price $1.72):

As a man thinketh Top most best-selling inspirational books in the world 2017

This book was named after the “Books of Proverbs” which was a verse from The Bible. The writer James Allen was a famous writer who wrote some beautiful novels. Here in this novel writer wrote about the positive mind setup for a human and how to overcome the problems with positive mind setup. The main advantage is the book price is only one shilling, and the size of the book is small that you can carry it in your pocket.

6. The Greatest Salesman in The World (Copies Sold: More than 50 million) (Price $2.02):

The Greatest Salesman in The World Top best-selling inspirational books 2018

This book is very much inspiring. A person who is depressed will get inspired after reading this content because in this book the writer Og Mandino showed that every day is new and important as well. So people should think that every day has a different importance, and the have to work hard to make every day their own. This book got the fame very early and sold over 50 million.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff (Copies Sold: More than 50 million) (Price $5.95):

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Richard Carlson, the writer of this book, was also a psychotherapist so, for this reason, he can understand the mental condition of people very easily. So, for this reason, he wrote this book where he gave a beautiful solution that how to overcome the stress and also other stuff. After publishing the book in 1997 became one of the fastest-selling books and the book was published in 26 other languages.

4. Drive (Copies Sold: More than 70 million) (Price $4.18):

Drive Top 10 best-selling inspirational books in the world 2017

Drive was the inspirational and nonfiction book written by Daniel H. Pink and after release, the book got some serious publicity because of the content. The content of the book was excellent because in that book Daniel told the people that what to do and what not to do in the life. Without any doubt the creativity shown in the book was great.

3. The power of positive thinking (Copies Sold: More than 80 million) (Price $2.97):

The power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking is masterpiece written by Norman Vincent Peale. After publishing the book, writer faced several problems as the psychologists attacked the book and told that the book is heretical. However, slowly the book became famous, and people read that book and got the result in their life. Here in this book, the writer showed that how to live the life happily.

2. Think and grow rich (Copies Sold: More than 100 million) (Price $2.82):

Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich is the type of book that everyone should read in this world because after reading this book you will realize what you are doing in the life and also what you should do in the life. The writer Napoleon Hill wrote the interview of 40 millionaires and most of them just want to earn more money, but they do not have any intention to live their life happily.

1. You can win (Copies Sold: More than 100 million) (Price $3.80):

You can win Top most best-selling inspirational books in the world 2018

‘You Can Win’ is a very famous book, and the book was written by Shiv Khera who has a beautiful writing skill. This book was written on the human nature and how to solve the bad sides of human nature and also enhance the healthy habits. The writer helped people to understand what they should do when they are in danger, and that helped many readers.

This is the list of top 10 best-selling inspirational books, and you should read these books and use those lessons in your life because that will help you a lot.


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