Top 10 Richest Universities In The World

The quality of facilities in the university can greatly affect the learning process of students. Better facilities mean better ways of grasping knowledge and so that is why today we are having a look at the richest universities across the globe. A rich university translates to better facilities, well paid staff that will In turn give quality output and offer better services because they are always motivated to work well. Some of these universities are the envy of children around the world; let us find out who they are and what sets them apart.

List of Top 10 Richest Universities In The World in 2017

10. Harvard university

harvard university, Top 10 Richest Universities In The World 2017

This university started in the year 1636 and has throughout the year made it a priority to offer only the best quality of education. The university has benefitted greatly from well wishers and donors who give handsome amounts of money. Some noteworthy donors include Bill and Melinda Gates, The NFL association among many others. They currently are worth a staggering $32.7 billion which they have managed to acquire through land, artwork, research and the endowment fund.

9. University of Texas system


This is a group of nine schools founded in 1876. The schools have accumulated a lot of wealth thanks to well wishers who have gone above and beyond to give towards the construction of facilities and buildings and also through funding projects that were successful. The university is said to be worth $25.4 billion.

8. Yale university


Although the school has been fortunate to receive donations that trickled in in millions of dollars, most of their wealth has been acquired through all the assets they have been able to secure. Their worth is on average $24 billion. The school belongs to the Ivy League of schools offering world class courses in drama, law and management.

7. Stanford university


The school is located on a beautiful piece of scenery down at San Francisco. The university was founded by Leland Stanford, a former Senator in the U.S. they currently have a record of being a university that does very well with fundraisers. They offer medicine, law among other courses. It is estimated that their endowment fund is $21.4 billion.

6. Princeton university


Princeton University is one of the best universities globally. It has an influential list of alumni who have over the years given generously to the institution. Some of the names are Meg Whitman who was the former C.E.O of eBay and Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon. It does not hurt that they have a museum in the university with some extra ordinary art pieces. Their endowment fund is worth an average of $20.7 billion.

5. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Kiing Abdullah University was named after Saudi Arabian king, king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud who gave a whooping $10 billion in donations as the University was being set up. Coined the “House of Wisdom” this university has received recognition all around the world. They boost of one of the best mathematics training in the world. Currently, they endowment is valued at $20 billion.

4. University of California System


This group of universities has received great attention because of the good quality of education and facilities they have there. The Haas School of Business was named after the Haas couple who gave generously towards the completion of that project. Others wealthy individuals also gave generously towards similar projects. The University is worth $13.7 billion.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This university was founded in the year 1865 with money from anonymous donor who was only known by as Mr. Smith. Later it was found that George Eastman was the donor. The institute is best known for it’s exemplary science and engineering programs. The university is ranked as one of the top industries in the world. Their endowment fund goes up to the tune of $12.4 billion.

2. Texas A&M University


This university has invested heavily in research projects and their impressive George H. W. Bush Library and Museum which is the pride of the college. They have been able to raise funds through fundraising as well as donations from well wishers. The whole system is valued at an impressive $8.1 billion. Texas A&M is definitely one of the best universities in the world.

1. Northwestern University


This university is valued at approximately $10 billion with most of its wealth coming from their assets. They have one of the best programs in the world through the Feinberg School of medicine and Kellogg school of management. They have three campuses including one in Doha, Qatar. The other campuses are in Chicago and Evanston in the U.S.

These are without a doubt some of the wealthiest universities in the world. Their impeccable facilities have immensely contributed to making them the best learning institutions as wonder the best of the best innovators are products of these great universities since there is infrastructure conducive for nurturing these students’ talents and abilities.

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