Top 10 Richest Universities In The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Universities In The World in 2016 and 2017. Indexing a list of the best universities to attend, given the prerequisite academic record, requires extensive research. Most sophomores account for factors like location, reputation, faculty, and majors. At the same time, dismissing the ‘Wealth Factor’ of a school might turn out to be one of the most terrible flaws in a student’s process of consideration. More affluent the university, the better facilities are likely to be, and better facilities clearly indicate more up-to-date technology and better research facilities. Moreover, wealthier colleges tend to attract world-class professors and usually possess a better hand at funding and scholarships to distribute.

On a general note, all of these facilities are complemented with the best events, fests, and activities on the college scale that attract large scale attention, publicity, and sponsorship. Apart from donations, people and charitable organizations also donate land, buildings, artwork, rare books and documents, and other things of high monetary value which contribute to the wealth of top cradle universities in the picture.

The Nation Center for Education Statistics is a US government organization that collects and analyzes education data on an international scale publishers worldwide ranking of universities somewhere in February, every year sorted into various categories like reputation, faculty, research placements and wealth. At this moment adopt rankings from NCES Global Rankings 2016, filtered to wealth to present you with the Top 10 Richest Universities in the World.

List of the world’s top 10 richest universities in 2016-2017

10. North-Western University ($9.78 Billion)

North-Western University Top Most Richest Universities in the World 2017

Founded in 1850, NorthWestern is currently worth nearly $10 Billion. With the brand worth of two campuses in Evanston and Chicago, the inauguration of this third international campus in Doha, Qatar is expected to quadruple funds in no time. Much of NorthWestern’s Wealth comes from its infrastructure and land assets. NorthWestern has profitable Innovation and New Ventures Offices which contribute largely to its overall assets.

9. Texas A&M University ($11.1 Billion)

Texas A&M University

A&M is now one of the biggest tertiary chains in the entire US with 11 Campuses throughout the state of Texas, with flagship undoubtedly being Texas A&M College Station. Endowment is currently placed at $8.7 billion which is expected to skyrocket exponentially in the coming few years. The system is notably involved in international research of various kinds with funding from NASA, National Institute Of Health and the kind. The system spends an upward $700 million solely on research.

8. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology ($12.4 Billion)

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

In 1850, this university was founded but later in 1916 this university was relocated. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology was founded with donations left by an unknown doctor only to be known later by Mr. Smith. Later, the donor turned out to be George Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak. Since then, MIT has emerged as a leader in Science, Technology, and Engineering.

7. University Of California ($13.141 Billion)

University Of California Top Popular Richest Universities in the World 2018

With half of its campuses being in the top 50 best universities in the United States, University Of California is undoubtedly one of the best and richest universities in the globe. Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is known as the flagship campus. The UC System’s board of regents has its headquarters next door to Berkeley in Oakland. It is mainly aided by its large land holdings and endowments of nearly $13.4 billion.

6. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ($20 Billion)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Established in 2009, nearly four centuries after those of the first few in the list, this university experienced extensive skyrocketing and solidified itself as one of the wealthiest universities across the globe. Its flashy success can much be attributed to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud’s funds of $10 billion, who resigned from power in 2005 until January 2015.Endowment increased the same to $20.Nicknamed as the ‘House Of Wisdom’ and the ‘Arab MIT’, KAUST is internationally recognized as a brand of success.

5. Princeton University ($20.7 Billion)

Princeton University

This university was founded as The College of New Jersey in 1746 then it is named Princeton and now it is the top ranked of the nation and the 5th wealthiest college in the United States. Valued at $21 Billion, Princeton owns a world-class museum which houses artifacts of Van Gogh, Claude Monet among others which are the primary source of revenue, apart from generous donations from tech giants and large land revenues.

4. Stanford University ($21.4 Billion)

Stanford University Most Richest Universities in the World 2018

Originally founded in 1885, by US Senator Leland Stanford, this massive university is ranked the 4th best in the world and is world renowned for its world-class student and faculty base. Most of its funds are generated from donations leading to a whopping 21.4 bn dollars, apart from land revenues and state funding. Stanford University is popular for the quality of education, engineering, law, medicine, and business, among others.

3. Yale University ($23.9 billion)

Yale University Top Most Popular Richest Universities in the World 2019

Ranked 9th in the country, Ivy League is a highly competitive pool of students and faculty, all the same, and is highly selective in applications. With a rapidly increasing endowment, it is also one of the richest in the globe.

2.University Of Texas ($25.4 billion)

University Of Texas

Founded in 1876, the UT Chain consists of nine institutes valued at a total of $25.4 billion. Most of this revenue is generated from individual donors like Moody, Hearst, etc among others. In 2011, UT Texas signed to a whopping $300 million deal with ESPN.

1 Harvard University ($32.7 Billion)

Harvard University Top 10 Richest Universities in the World 2017

With the current endowment of $32.7 billion, Ivy League clearly stands out from its lakes in wealth as well as quality.In 1636 when this college was founded the name was New College, then it was renamed after a Cambridge-educated clergyman who donated $1,285 whose name was John Harvard and a large collection of books. Since then, Harvard has been pulling off its major revenue from books, land, and charity.

So if you want to read your higher studies in the best universities, then these universities are the right choice. These universities are costly, but the best thing is that you will get the best facilities and the best quality of teaching stuff in this universities. So if you want to read in one of these richest universities then do not hesitate and take the admission.

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