Top 10 Oldest Universities Around The World

These are just a few of the oldest and coolest universities around. They still have classes that are held here on daily basis. If you know of any of these then you know they are huge and can be used so that people can be taught what it is really like to learn certain things. If you want to go to these schools then get good grades so you can go and learn at the oldest and biggest schools around.

List of Top 10 Oldest Universities Around The World in 2017

10. University of Valladolid


This is a public university in Valladolid. The place has two thousand teachers to teach the thirty one thousand and seven hundred and eighty people that attend. It was found in the year of twelve forty one. It is in Spain and the students there are very well educated. Just go and see this lovely building that teaches so many different things so that people can learn just how they want to.

9. University of Siena


It is located in Tuscany and was found in twelve forty. In the year of two thousand and six around twenty thousand people was going to the school. It is best known for its Law and Medicine practice so that you can become something in the fields. It celebrated being open for seven hundred fifty years in November of Nineteen ninety. It is very huge and looks very neat just go and see for yourself if you are in the area.

8. University of Toulouse


Bishop Foulques was one of the founders of the school and help get it off the ground. It looks beautiful in the winter with the snow all around it. It looks like an old school building just get ready to learn a lot of different things when you attend. If you was looking for a great school and like the older ones this is one you should really try to get into. It is located in the center of France and was found in the year of twelve twenty nine.

7. University of Naples Federico II

University of Naples Federico II Top Most Famous Oldest Universities Around The World 2018

This school is in Italy and found in twelve twenty four. It has thirteen faculties that it is organized into. It was named after the founder of the school. Frederick II was the founder and enjoyed when he found it. He opened it soon after he found it and the students started flowing in ready to learn. Two of the people who went to this school was Roman Catholic and Thomas Aquinas. It may look like the white house because of the structure but this school has such a better build on the foundation that you will want to visit just to see how everything works. So many rooms and windows to look out of. The first thing you will notice is the windows that cover the front of the building.

6. University of Padua

University of Padua Top Famous Oldest Universities Around The World 2019

Also another school in Italy and another great one at that. It is in the city Padua and was found in twelve twenty two. It is a school strictly for Law. if you go here here you will learn so many things about law that you will be ready to focus on the main points of it and you will understand the history of why it become about. In the year of two thousand and ten the school at sixty five thousand students that went to learn and get their degrees. The school may be old but the foundation is very well built and will always be kept up so that others can figure out what they love about it.

5. University of Salamanca


This is one amongst the Top 10 Oldest Universities Around The World 2017. It is the first institution in the European country to get the formal title of being called a University. King Alfonso X done this in 1254 and it got recognized by the Pope in 1255. Originally the university was founded in 1134 but did not become a Royal charter school until the year of 1218. This is by far the oldest university if Spain the in the University of European section it is the third oldest that is still in working condition. The place has unique flair to it and is actually quite beautiful to be inside.

4. University of Cambridge


The year 1209 was good for this University since that is when it became found. The official charter year for it was not until 1231 but the university acknowledges the year 1209 as being their anniversary. It is a public research area and located in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. This one comes in at being the second oldest university in the english talking world but in the whole world it is actually seventh in the oldest list. Another name for this place is Cantab which is actually an abbreviated version of Cambridge.

3. University of Oxford


There is no actual date for when this university was founded but there was at least some type of teaching done here in the year of 1096 and moved at a rapid pace from the year 1167 because Henry II made it to where the English students that wanted to attend University of Paris would not be able to so they had no other choice but to attend University of Oxford. In the year of 1209 the teaching was not able to continue because two scholars got executed and then in 1355 a riot happened which caused teaching to be put on pause then as well.

2. University of Paris


Found in France and such a wonderful place. There was one point that they had to close it down but then they reopened it and made it right back into a school so people could learn just how much it really meant to the world and the area. It changed but not enough to make a huge difference and this is one of the best schools to attend if you want to learn something really fast and know what you are talking about when you get your degree,

1. University of Bologna


Found in Italy and one of the oldest schools around. The color is a brick color and it has twenty three different schools in it. It has almost a hundred thousands students that go there each and every year. This is why it is still around because of how many people still go and love the school. If you go and take a tour you may just want to go to this college so you can learn just how much of their lives are spent in the school systems.

These above are the Top 10 Oldest Universities Around The World 2017. If you want to see these schools go to the area and I am sure they will let you tour. The schools over hundreds of teachers because of the thousands of students that attend the school each and every day of the year. Most of the schools teach Law and Medicine in some way or form. Take your time and walk around they look lovely and the students have to keep their grades up so they do not get kicked out.

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