Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in Paris

Education is one of the most important things in life; most people go all worldwide to look for education. In universities is where the highest education is found the very educated people are found here in Paris being the most visited city they have very good universities that offer quality education and the building built here are high class too. In the history Paris have produced the best student in all the courses they offer, accommodation is guaranteed with clean environment. The following are the best universities in Paris in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in Paris in 2017


Universite Paris Dauphine, Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in Paris 2017

The university is located in Porte Dauphine near Arc de Triomphe is a famous site that attract very man people, the campus host over 10000 student and 580 teachers. The institution trains student in economic, math, business, it, law and social sciences. The building here are excellent they are big very spacious and well built. The school fees is cheap too and they offer scholarship every year the student here come from all over the world no discrimination and unity is one of the main thing that is important in this institution. In the ranking of all the universities these was found to be one of the best so if one is admitted here no regrets.



The institution is not as big as the others in Paris it only enroll 2000 students which only a quarter are female so the population of male compared to female is high in this campus they offer accommodation but most students prefer to live near the city. They offer urban planning, management, and engineering. In addition, they also offer transport. In the worldwide ranking it has appeared to be one of the best securities is given at all times even at night.


Universite Paris Diderot, Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in Paris 2018

It also known as Paris 7 by very many people, located at River Seine just a few meters from the national library. Have a population of 26000 students who most of them come from international level. Its known for science subject but offers dentistry, social science, humanity and arts. Initially, it was located at Latin but later moved to look for a better location to offer a good environment for students. Paris known best for science research that they have done for very many years and this making it to appear in the top 10 best universities.



This university is ranked as 241 campuses in the world; they have four campuses in Paris only. It is built on a 200-hectare piece of land, but its 40 minutes’ drive from central Paris. The medical school is located 30 minutes’ walk from central Paris.



The above university is ranked as number 6, enrolling 40000 students one of the largest university in Paris. Most research is done here offering humanity courses they are the favorite here. They operate on the historical sites that are commonly known including Sorbonne, this makes it to be and prestigious universities. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in Paris 2017.



The main campus is located in Saint Germaine des pres., commonly known to offer social science and humanities. Most of the student 50% of the total population are international students’ .total population is 14000 meaning the institution is not very big .The surrounding offers a good studying environment for students. It is spacious enough and also offers other activities including sports.



UPMC is the largest worldwide offering science and medicine having a community of about 34000 students with 125 laboratories. It was established in 1971, 20% of the student are international student from all over. Focuses on research mostly the science research Environment is very beautiful with a botanical garden and flowers all over, providing a good learning environment for students .in the surrounding there is a river that water flows always and a national museum .Packing is available and offers even masters courses



It is ranked as 3 in the list and deals with mathematics. This university was initiated in the year 1976, now it has a population of 4600 students and teachers too, its 30 kilometers outside central Paris. Ecole main campus offers 160 hectares with outside sporting facilities. They have so many branches in the city. If looking for a good campus to pursue your dream math career this best you can go for. Not big as the rest but this one of the best .For private students they can afford at a very nice cost.



Commonly known as Paris IV they inherited languages and humanities from the University of Paris .Have a population of 20,000 students’ Paris IV to make sure that the languages are well passed and in the best way ever they have events after every three months to ensure this. The events mostly major with poetry competition, theatre performance, music gigs and dance events, this mean that the student are not only trained as linguistics but also have fun in the school making it a complete institution. Once a student is enrolled here, he comes out as an all-round student with even confidence to face the world .The events are to ensure that the students are not shy.



They have so many awards including the Nobel price, offering humanities and science courses .ranked as the best university in Paris with a very nice environment .The yearly intake enrolls even student from outside Paris. It is a walking distance from the central Paris near very famous sites such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Jar din Du Luxembourg and the second largest public park in Paris. Most people fight for opportunity here but they are very limited to avoid over population because with over population it affects the performance and the comfort of study. If looking for the best university to study from goes for this.

Interested in learning in Paris there very nice universities here that will not let you down with satisfied qualification and you can walk out from them when you are well trained. The above are the best universities in Paris 2017. So choose among them in order to have the best education.

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