Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France

France is best known for having famous university that offers quality education. Many successful celebrities are alumni of these universities, colleges and institutions. I have conducted much research and here is a list comprising of best universities in France for 2017 review. All that you need to know is clearly stated and explained below. Students from high school are permitted to enroll there if they meet required grades.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France in 2017

10. Aix-Maiseille University

Aix-Maiseille University Top 10 Best Universities in France 2017

This is a famous and successful university in France. An idea of establishing it came in 1409, several years ago. Pisan Anticope Alexander V who at that time had a task of creating University of Provence that was later established by Louise Anjou established it. Aix-Maiseille University was officially opened on 1st January, 2012. There are five campuses of Aix-Maiseille, which are located in Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence. This school has many notable alumni and this is a great contribution to its reputation hence featured in this article.

9. Mines ParisTech

Mines ParisTech Top Popular Universities in France 2019

Mines ParisTech is an engineering school in France. King Louis XVI on 19th march, 1783, created it. This school has been rated among ten best schools in France. Mines focuses mainly on five major filed. These fields are material, mechanical, energy and processing engineering, environment and earth sciences. It is located in Latin Quarter of Central Paris, a district near Seine River. Environment is favorable for learning and other curriculum activities. ParisTech is a big institution with Cinemas, Evolving exhibitions, restaurants and other related career fields for students. Notable alumni of this university are Louis Paul Cailletet. He joined in 1832 and left in 1913.

8. Paris Diderot University


It is also known as Paris 7 and is located in Paris. This school is best among many people in France and other countries for offering a variety of degrees in sciences, medicine and humanities. Diderot got its current name from a philosopher in French Known as Denis Diderot. It happened that way in 1994. There is a very close relationship between this institute and foreign universities. Main aim of this relationship is to develop quality research and training for international understanding.

7. Ecole Normale Superieure

Ecole Normale Superieure Top Most Popular Universities in France 2018

Ecole is one of leading public university that was established in 1794. Main aim of this institution was to train its student attain professional skills needed in job market out there. People from all social and background classes have gone through this university. It has a rich environment for learning. Due to these features, Ecole has been able to retain its reputations ever since it was established. There are 35 other branches scattered in France and all of them have 14 departments. Students who come to enroll for undergraduate, postgraduate of doctorial level are required to sit for an interviewing exam before sitting in for any class.

6. CentraleSupelec University

CentraleSupelec University Top Best Universities in France 2017

It is also known as Ecole Centrale Paris and was found on 1st January, 2015. This school is amongst newest institutions in French offering engineering courses mostly. CentraleSupelec has 852 employed official staffs. There are more than five thousand Postgraduate students observed in 2016 review. Researchers that are employed in this institution are to assist students in creating and submitting research projects. Due to those interactions, alumni of Ecole get immediate employment after school. This achievement ecole a reputation rarely earned by other public universities in general.

5. Paris Descartes University


This is another popular University in Paris, France. Popularly known as Paris V, Descartes University was found in 1971 after division of university of Paris. Paris Descartes University offers quite a number of programs that are pursued by students of different careers. Main headquarters of this school is located in Paris, an international city in France. This university has produced very famous people or alumni that are successful in life. It is because of better and quality education that they received here, I am sure they have never regretted steeping in Paris. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France 2017.

4. Paris-Sud University


Paris-Sud University is also known as University of Paris XI. This school was established on 17th December, 1970. Several other branches are scatters in suburbs of international city, Paris. Some of these places include Cachan, Orsay, Chatenay-Malabry, Sceaux and Kremlin Bicetre. There are more than two thousand employed official stuffs and a population of 30,000 students enrolled years. Two thousand others graduate in different fields of profession or careers. 40 different sports are offered in this institution. Not all students are from France only. Some come from different countries to seek quality education offered in Paris-Sud University.

3. Pierre and Marie Curie University


On tenth position of this article, is this great university known as Pierre and Mary Curie University. You will hear some people calling it university of Paris VI. Population of Pierre University is 32,000 students. Administration staffs are more than ten thousand. Specific location of Pierre and Mary Cutie University is on Jussieu Campus of 5th arrondissement of Paris in France. Pierre and Mary used to be students in this school. After performing so well, management staff decided to retain their reputation by naming this university after their names.

2. Ecole Polytechnic


On second position of this article is Ecole Polytechnic. Napoleon, Lazare Carrot and Gaspard Monge found this amazing French institution. Jacques is current president of Ecole polytechnic. Three main colors make its logo. These colors are Yellow, Blue and Red. Total enrollment of students adds up to 2,944. Apart from several degrees that are offered here, Ecole has added to more degree programs. They are as follows, an industry oriented graduate analysis and a PHD program that combine masters and PHD to develop quality scholars.

1. Ecole Normale Superieure


Among other best French universities discussed in this group, Ecole Normale beats all of them with high perfomance. It has been ranked in top position of this article. This popular school was established in 1794 with an aim of transforming people into useful career persons. Yellow and purple is their favorite colors and covers their logo. Ecole is a great achievement in France.

Now you have full information of best universities in France 2017. If you have dreams of studying in this country, then go through this article once again and make a right decision for your life. You can even take a step of visiting their websites for more information.

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