Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In USA

Nowadays, the education charges in most of the universities in the USA are soaring high and in couple of years, it would be out of reach for some students. However, these educational fees cover all kind of facilities that a student enjoys during their studies, and it acts like a long-term venture. These costly universities in the USA provide all kind of educational backup that a student would excel in their life.

Among the reputed universities in the USA, some universities can be reflected as the most expensive universities in the USA. However, most of the student who graduate from these universities, place themselves in a reputed position both the industry and society. Apart from these facilities, they also hire a highly qualified teacher who can give students in-depth knowledge of their respective subject, so the educational doesn’t go worthless. Here are the top 10 most expensive universities in USA 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In USA in 2017.

10. Vanderbilt University (Net expense – $42,768)

Vanderbilt University

Situated in the Tennessee of USA, Vanderbilt University holds the spot in the costly university of USA. This institution of higher education was first founded in 1873, and it has ten undergraduate and a graduate division. On an average, almost more than twelve thousand students enroll themselves every year, and these enrollments comprise students from both the USA and other countries. The alumni of this university have two vice president and seven noble prize winner.

9. Boston Conservatory (Net expense – $43,000)

Boston Conservatory

Boston Conservatory is among the most expensive university of higher education in the United States and their average educational fee is $43,000. This university was founded in 1876, and Julius Eichberg established iEichbergt. This university is for a student who wants to study in the field of art, and they offer graduation musical theater, music, and dance. There are huge hostels and dormitories for the students although only 30% of students stay up there.

8. Dartmouth College (Net expense – $50,000)

Dartmouth College Most Expensive Universities in USA 2017

Dartmouth College holds the spot in the costly university list, and a student has to pay $50,000 on an average for their course. Eleazer Wheelock founded this prestigious university in 1976, and it offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. At the beginning, it could not do much but during the 20s, it became one of the best universities in the United States.

7. Fordham University (Net expense – $50,150)

Fordham University Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In USA 2017

Fordham University is a research institution of higher education, and this private institution was founded in 1841 by Catholic Diocese. It holds the spot in costly university list, and it has three campuses under it. It has one of the biggest libraries in the country comprising 2.5 million books and 20 million virtual books. It has ten colleges under it, among which four are undergraduates and six are post-graduate.

6. Northwestern University (Net expense – $51,500)

Northwestern University Most popular Expensive Universities In USA 2019

Northwestern University is a costly university of higher education in the USA, and a student has to pay $51,500 for their educational fees. This private university was founded in 1851 by John Evans and has many campuses all over the country. This university was founded for only one purpose that is to serve the students of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and North-Western part of the country. It offers more than twenty courses, and they are typically known for their research purpose.

5. New York University (Net expense – $52,000)

New York University Top Most popular Expensive Universities In USA 2018

NYU or New York University is considered as the most prestigious institution of higher education, and it is the one among the most expensive university in the United States. This organization was founded in 1831 and it governed by a private body. It has more than 20 schools and colleges under its belt, and it is also present in other countries. In its alumni list, it has 35 Nobel laureates, three Abel Prize winner, 50 Academy Award winners, Pulitzer prizes holder, Turing Award winner and Draper Award holder.

4. Washington University (Net expense – $52,250)

Washington University

Having the tag of costly university in the United States, Washington University charges around $52,000 per year. It was established in the year of 1853, and it was named after George Washington. It has seven schools and college under its coverage and it gets students from all over the world. It is highly acclaimed for its engineering and research studies, and there are 20 Noble Prize winners in its alumni list.

3. Columbia University (Net expense – $53,484)

Columbia University Top Most popular Expensive Universities in USA 2018

Columbia University is one of the oldest and the among the most costly institution of higher education in the United States. It was established in 1754 and at the beginning it was formed as King’s College. The campus of Columbia University is so massive that it has been divided into six city blocks. The alumni list contain many prestigious personalities, and they are 43 Nobel Prize winner, 3 President of United States, 30 Academy Award winner and 9 Justices.

2. University of Chicago (Net expense – $56,000)

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is the among one of the most expensive institution of higher education, and this private institution was founded American Baptist Education Society. Under this institution, there are six schools and one college. This is the second most expensive university of higher education in the United States and it charges $24,000 per quarter. It has many famous alumni in its list, like 89 Nobel Prize winner, 50 Rhodes Scholars, and 20 National Humanities Medalists.

1. Sarah Lawrence College (Net expense – $60,000)

Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawerence College is the most expensive university in the USA, and it has a tuition fee of $49,680 for 30 credit hours. The number of students and teachers in this institution is tiny, but this small ration didn’t degrade their academic standards. It has a huge educational fund, and needy students are given scholarship for their studies. William Van Duzer founded this prestigious universityDuzer, and he named the college after his wife.

The above list contains the name of the most expensive universities, but they are mostly known for their academic standard. Students from a different part of the world join this university to excel in life.

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