Top 10 Most Expensive Degrees in The World

When someone has a higher education is very important even if he or she is not going to earn from it. However, more jobs in today’s life require degree globally because people have become more competitive than ever. To have that education you have to go to institution of higher learning that are very expensive. Besides having good grades that helps you to enter into these schools, you have to know what job you can go with the degree you are pursue, salary to expect. Below are some for most expensive degree you can do.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Degrees in The World in 2017

10. Music/Technology, Connecticut College


This is a secluded college of are located in London, it was established in 1911. Connecticut College has more than 1,999 students who live they for four years. First it was known to be a women’s school before men started to be admitted in 1969. They have 41 major to choose from including self-designed interdisciplinary major. Music and technology courses are very costly, entire fee is about $229,950. It was ranks number 84 by Forbes in 2014, 45 in Northeast and position 70 among private institution. Some of the students who have graduated qualify to get job in positions like violinist with Boston Pops, assistant professor, software engineers in well-known companies.

9. Music, Bard College


It was established in 1860, a private college owned four-year large arts based in Annandale-on-the-Hudson in Red Hook, New York. Episcopalian Church is founders and well known for its beauty. Consist of conservatory, eight graduate offers more than 20 degree in science and art programs. Richard B. Fisher center of art performing and CCS Hessel Museum of art contemporary are located in campus. Each year their only accept 35 percent applicants. Over 35 associate programs are covered in five states, twelve cities, four continents and seven countries.

8. Law and Public Policy, Trinity College

Law and Public Policy, Trinity College Top Most PopularExpensive Degrees in The World 2018

Trinity is second oldest state college found in Hartford, Connecticut. It has a long history of creating great lawyers since 1823. They have been admitting male students only, but they started accepting female in 1969. It has a ratio of 10: I with twenty six minors, thirty eight main and more than twenty-five hundred students registered. It has been ranked at position 38 in U.S. News & World Report. Public policy teaches them on how to practice thinking in order to become active in issues concerning legal analysis. This program cost almost $308,490.

7. MBA, Columbia University

MBA, Columbia University Top 10 Most Expensive Degrees in The World

This is secluded university located in Upper Manhattan, New York. It is among six loved union business school and is part of most selective top school of business. In 1754 was year it founded in Great Britain by George as King’s College of royal charter. This university was ranked at 5th rented higher learning institution in the nation. This campus is offered in twenty institutes that is Engineering school, General Studies School, Columbia school and Applied Science. In United State, this school was the first to funding degree in M.D.

6. Media Studies, Vassar College


This is a school of media studies and one of world’s decent degrees. It is a private institution based in Poughkeepsie, New York. Matthew Vassar founded it in 1861, offering higher level in B.A. in more than 50 majors with flexible curriculum. In 1969 it become for both men and women. Vassar College has history of seven sisters and with Yale University relationship. In 2015; only 23 percent of applicants were accepted having around 2,450 students attends. In annual ranking of News & World Report in U.S. it was position at number 12 of best art college in 2016.

5. Film Studies, Wesleyan University


It is located in Middletown, Connecticut as a private school. Methodist Episcopal Church founded it in 1831 and was named after Methodism starter John Wesleyan. It mostly put emphasis on undergraduate in science and arts, master’s degrees in academic discipline and PhD in chemistry, biology, computer science, music, physics and math. Generous arts degree is one of the most costly and popular course, costing around $218,000. However, once you graduate you will find job in this field.

4. Biochemistry, Bucknell University


Bucknell University was founded in 1846, sited along West Branch Susquehanna River in Lewisburg town, Pennsylvania. Their offer programs like humanities, arts, social sciences, engineering, education, music and science. In addition, they have programs for advising that students prepare to study medicine and law, offering over 60 minors and 50 majors. Biochemistry course most expensive and it was ranked number 32 in National Arts Liberal Colleges.

3. Master of Liberal Arts, St. John’s College


This was a private preparatory school instituted in 1696 before it received a collegial contract in 1784, making it United States oldest higher learning institution. It is small with ratio 1:7 professors to students. St. John’s College is also located in Santa Fe, New Mexico offering same programs as in Annapolis. It is best known for its unique centered curriculum on discussing and reading Great Books of Western Civilization. In 1937 they adopted great books curriculum called New Program, which talks about works from western religious, mathematical, philosophical, historical, literary and scientific work. Masters in art is applied mostly by undergraduates in China, India and Japan. Arts liberal masters in about $308,392.

2. Law, Vanderbilt University


South Methodist Episcopal Church is the first founders of Vanderbilt University in 1873. One of oldest law school in United States and was ranked among top 20. This high-status and expensive school only accept 12 percent of applicants annually. Not only does it have leading employment in Tennessee but also it has best medical center in whole state. Legal degree cost only $375,620.

1. History and Law, Sarah Lawrence College


Sarah Lawrence College is based in Yonkers, New York. Early in 1926, it was for female students later about 50 years it began to admit male students. Although they offer 65% financial awards, it is one of most expensive college internationally. Congresswoman Sue W. Kelly and director of city planning in New York Department are among the alumni of this institution. Student fee is approximate $402,962.

Some of these top ten most expensive degrees 2017 have reasonably amazing figures. Going to an expensive college also contributes to having best degree. It is very important to have high education because you can get good paying job. You can enroll to one of them and get quality education.

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