Top 10 Most Beautiful Schools In The World

Schools or educational institutions are a place where knowledge is transferred to students from teachers. Schools are a place where formal education is achieved. In most of the country formal education is nowadays a must. Schools are designed in such a way that students can have learning environment in a joyful manner. Classical antiquity is the period since when schools or grouping of students for teaching purpose or for the purpose of spreading knowledge is existent.

If we observe the common things of a school apart from education then every school posses a playground, cafeteria, auditorium, library and computer labs. But there always a question, which school is better in all aspects, as it affects the child who is learning over there. Here in this article you will know about top ten best beautiful schools.

List of the world’s top 10 Most Beautiful Schools in 2017

10. Concordia International School

Concordia International School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2016

Concordia international school is a private school located in Shanghai, China. This school is a church based school and is a part of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. This school was formed in the year 1998. A traditional schooling process is followed in this school. They have grades in a range of pre-kg to 12th grade. They have one of the best infrastructures which give them a position in the top ten best schools. Perkins Eastman’s team is the people behind this stunning infrastructure of the school. The school has more than one building the phoenix building was the first permanent building and the infrastructure increased as years passed. The school even provide after school programmes.

9. Ivy Bound International School

Ivy Bound International School,World's Most Beautiful Schools 2017

This school is one of the latest found most beautiful schools. The mission of this school is to create dynamic leaders for future. Ivy bound International is located at central Bangkok. The schools infrastructure makes it one of the most appealing schools. It looks more like a mansion than a school. The environment of this school is peaceful and calm. The architect designed this building with such efficiency that that it doesn’t hamper the environment but also increases the greenery with the eco friendly style it posses.

8. Kollaskolan School

Kollaskolan School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2018

Leading infrastructure that shows passive design model is one of the major features about this great school. Externally the school looks simple but elegant. The interiors of the school gives as another picture it is sophisticated and stunning. Hanging ceiling lights, spiral stairs re special features included in the infrastructure of the school. If you believe that environment of a school will affect the child learning over their then this school will not disappoint you.

7. King’s School

King’s School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2019

This is a British co-educational school. This school is located at Canterbury. This school is believed to be founded a century after the fall of Roman Empire. Earlier this school was just a grammar school but after Victorian era the school established itself. The most interesting thing that makes the school one of the most beautiful is the buildings that are based on old British architecture. The infrastructure of the school looks like an old roman kingdom. The school has got strong walls that can resist natural disasters and it has one of the calmest atmospheres.

6. American International School

American International School,World's Most Beautiful Schools 2016

American international school is one of the best international top schools in Bucharest. The infrastructure of this school is stunning. The school looks more like an international resort than school. The school is wide spread within 10 hectares. Green campus without compromising infrastructure is the specialty of this school. They possess a large green campus. The international syllabus that they follow is tough yet balanced.

5. Benenden School

Benenden School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2017

This is a private boarding school for girls located at Kent. Mrs S. Price is the present head of this school. This is the only full girl’s boarding school in UK. This school was founded in the year 1923 and the infrastructure of this school is based on British architecture. The school looks as peaceful as a church. One of the oldest schools in UK this school will stun you with its diversification in interior and exterior infrastructure.

4. The Druk White Lotus School

The Druk White Lotus School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2018


Ladakh, India is the place where The Druck White Lotus School is located it is based on Buddhist believes. Druk White Lotus School One of the most beautiful schools in the world. Arup associates are the company that is behind the awesome architecture of the schools building. This school was building on the request of the local people of ladakh as they wanted to protect their culture. This school has won various awards for its infrastructure. The buildings are simple yet elegant. As a part of sustainable development the whole school is powered by solar panels.

3. Makoko Floating School

Makoko Floating School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2016

Before the formation of this school Makoko had only one primary school. The buildings of this school are based on the lifestyle of the residents of Makoko. The play area of this school itself is of 1000 square feet. The architecture of the school was affected by a heavy rainfall. The legs of the floating architecture are not fixed. Barrels are used to balance the whole building. If you are in love with nature and if you love to study in open air then this school will inspire you.

2. Pomfret School

Pomfret School, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2017

Founded by William E Peck this is one of the best private co-educational schools. The campus of this school looks like a large farm land due to its greenery and eco friendly infrastructure. The interior design of this school will make you remember the classrooms and halls of the factious schools. If you are in love with fictions and nature then you should surely visit this school.

1. Stowe School in Buckinghamshire

Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, World's Most Beautiful Schools 2018

When we think of most beautiful schools Stowe will come to our mind at first. It is a private school in Buckinghamshire established in the year 1923. The infrastructure of this school is beautiful and stunning. The school looks like a monument with greeneries water bodies and sufficient buildings for educational purpose. This school is a blend of historic and natural incredibility. If you are interested in history and nature then you should visit this school.

If we thoroughly go through the given details of various schools then we will be able to know that historic connection, Beautiful infrastructures and strong educational facilities are the reasons the schools are the top beautiful schools.

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