Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World

A lot of people today do not read very much but when they do it is usually done on some sort of technology such as a kindle or their cell phones. The problem with this is that not a lot of people will visit a library that often any longer. But, just like technology has came a long ways in the past few decades, that means that libraries have as well. Many of the ones today are all beautiful and worth walking into in order to check out an old classic novel that you just can not find anymore.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World in 2017

10. Conarte Library

Conarte Library Top Famous Beautiful Libraries in The World 2019

When you go to read here get ready to sit on cozy spots while you have the books all around you. The small comfy spots on each side of the stairs. You can sit and cross your legs or you can lay down and enjoy the book while relaxed. The design is weird but you will not care as long as you get to read the books that you enjoy the most. The blue walls will have you relaxing even more. The wood bookshelves has the smell of the new and old books that you will be able to read all at your own time.

9. Halifax Library

Halifax Library Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World

If you are scared of heights stay on the first floor. If you are scared that the glass will break then you will want to stay away. But the love of books will have you forgetting all of this and going straight in the building. It has several floors but some just float above the ground and will have you wanting to stay on the lower floors. It is made of mostly glass which is kind of scary if an earthquake happens. It has a rooftop garden so you can go and get a book then go sit on top of the building and enjoy the view of the world and the lovely garden that is around you.

8. Birmingham Library

Birmingham Library Top Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017

This library has everything that you will enjoy. The round lights above keep you from getting a headache and have you relaxed more so you can enjoy the plot of the book you want to read. The ceiling may be dark but the colors around are wonderful to see. It has over four hundred thousand books having you going back each and every time you finish a book to get a new one. The balcony looks over a book rotunda.

7. Chicago Public Library


It has so many things to help the inside out that you will have you enjoy the atmosphere. The solar shading keeps the building nice and cool and not to bright so you can enjoy the feeling. Kids enjoy the children’s books that are stored in the library. It is shaped like pebbles on the outside. It is built and wrapped in glass so make it look that much better. You will enjoy the nice feel of it all.

6. Bodo Library


This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017. This place is nice and huge. You can read a book while sitting near the windows that look over the town. Every so often you can look up and see what is happening around you. With sixty eight thousand square feet of space there is no need to worry of someone bothering you. It sits on the plot of the former bus station. The stairs look amazing and you can tell they put a lot of work into making it for the comfort of you and everyone else.sit back and enjoy before having to go back to work and deal with things you would rather just not read.

5. Vennesla Library


Number one these shelves are so amazing to look at and they have a structure that makes them look amazing. Go up a set of stairs and see the wonderful structure of the building and the shelves. Just enough light that keeps you from seeing aglare of the sun. no worries of the noise the building is sound proof. It has cream color paint to keep the colors relaxing. Go to the reading nook to enjoy the silence.

4. Beyazit Library


This small library was once a soup kitchen back in fifteen oh six. It did not become a library until the nineteenth century and it is very small. You can learn a lot while you look around and the manuscripts that are rare are kept here. So you will probably not get to touch them but you will want to more than anything. The look of the books are old and you will have your hands itching to be able to read but just look back and enjoy the view.

3. Yangzhou Zhongshuge


This may not be a library but you will be able to go inside and buy the books you are wanting to read. It is located beside a river. The floor is a mirror making the reflection look like the floor has books. When you first look at a picture or when you first walk in you will think “how do I walk through?” it is an amazing look that will make you want to go more and more. The books will have you wanting to find more like it. Search the shelves for what you love to read day to day.

2. Lawrence Public Library


This library has floor after floor of books that you have never heard of. It has the history books and all the books that you will enjoy. The stairs are in the middle so you can look around and see what you have to choose from. Sections are split off so you can decide which to explore. It was built in nineteen seventy two and has more books added each and everyday so more can be found rather than the same old same old. It has rooms for reading and the glass look makes the light flow in and gives you the light that you need.

1. Dokk1 Library


This is the best library as of two thousand and sixteen. It is one of the largest in Scandinavia. If you look up in the center of the building you will see the bell that hangs from the center. It looks amazing and the books are great. Every time a child is born the bell rings telling people the population is growing day by day. It will ring several times a day sometimes and the smile will appear on your face because of why it rings. The joy of a child is another story happening.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017. Going to one of these libraries will be well worth the time and the trip. They are so beautiful and peaceful that you are going to be able to enjoy a nice quiet time while reading one of your favorite books and relaxing all at the same time. Some of them on this list is not only a quiet place to read but you can also purchase the books because they are a bookstore as well.

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