Top 10 Most Beautiful High Schools in The World

It is definitely the matter of success and progress when someone tries to select a high school. Performance and results are bound with each others. Best result means definitely best grades and best career options available to students. But when it comes to environment and school atmosphere some of the most beautiful high schools of the world can make an attempt to capture someone’s interest.

Being part of such schools will be able to help a student flourish in many other opportunities. Some of these buildings are designed by best architectures of the world. What make it more astonishing are their particular characteristics perfectly matched with their situations. They are capable of making a student rethink their decision of choosing their high schools over them. Here is the list for top ten of those beautiful high schools:

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful schools in 2018

10. Central Los Angeles Area High School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

As mentioned above, this particular high school is influenced by the famous architect Coop Himmelblau. There are seven buildings to be found in this school. A unique atmosphere is built around the tower which has delivered its special mark to this school. You will find this design quite a compact appeal to all those architecture lovers who roam around the world for beautiful buildings and houses. The special technique of educating students with modern technology has also established it as a well-known high school in Los Angeles.

9. American Canyon High School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

This school is known for its special approach to a green campus surrounded by small learning centers. This has claimed its reputation for a unique and modern architecture that has placed many small courtyards around those small study centers. The architect of this school has made it clear that students should value the natural lives and also find peace and comfort with a healthy educational approach.

8. Canning Vale High School:

This is an amazing creation to show modern ways to feel free and be free from conventional schooling techniques. It is built in Perth on Australia where the main view is to deliver the ideas of an openness found in its architecture. The teachings are embedded with this modern appeal also. More or less it is found to clutch the free and adaptive social concepts as its basic foundation that has successfully enlisted it in most beautiful high schools.

7. Diamond Ranch High School:

This high school has been promoted to McDonalds advertisements for its amazing architectural appearance. The unforgettable appeal to its modern views climbed from bottom to its top has made people stare at it for hours. What makes it more astonishing is that it is made in a site where hills and steep areas were quite troublesome to be of any use. But with amazing architectural qualities Thom Mayne has made this impossible thing possible.

6. Marcel Sembat High School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

The greenest high school is established in Sotteville-les-Rouen in France. This is a park to be exact which has been transformed into a high school with amazing architectural ability. The most jaw-dropping fact is that this school is the collaboration of 1900s buildings that have equally shaped green roofs to provide duplicate appearance. The green atmosphere has provided a perfect educational environment with natural landscapes of this park.

5. Rafael Arozarena High School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

If a student want to feel an urban atmosphere from the top level architectural appeal from his/her high school then this is the one. It is situated in La Orotava of Spain. It is an amazing piece of architecture where most of the buildings are one storied. This has been made the way in order to deliver beautiful views on landscapes and the sea. This school is built with a positive idea that is helpful for farming spaces available on the area.

4. Santa Barbara High School:

It is definitely an amazing approach to present 18th century Spanish atmosphere. This is built on huge spaces of Santa Barbara of California. This is one of the oldest high schools which have also been recognized as City historic landmark. The vintage personality of this school has successfully attracted many students around the world.

3. Facilitair Centrum Niekée:

If it is about odd and unique then this the high school in the news. This school is situated in the Netherlands and is now found to be an astonishing architectural success over the world. The specialty is the bubble wrapping buildings where main issue is to be free and be large. The total setup is made in a way with decks that are open and large in sizes. The skyboxes are just amazing to look at that are found hanging with the purpose of seminars in the school.

2. Concordia International School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

This school is situated in the grounds of shanghai where the influence has been made clear on greenery and natural growth of mental abilities. There is a special installation of climbing wall for the elementary students of this school. This school has gained international reputations for its modern approach to educational system.

1. Stadium High School:

Most Beautiful High Schools

This school has started its journey as a hotel which was burned to ashes and rebuilt as a high school of Washington DC. This is situated in the downtown of Tacoma. As its name suggests, the beautiful sea facing stadium is just amazing to look at.

These are well-known most beautiful high schools in the world in 2018. They are not just beautiful but also unique in their particular educational approaches.


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  1. Whoever made this list is about 3000 miles off…it’s not the “high school of Washington DC” it’s stadium high school in Tacoma Washington (state)

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