Top 10 Largest Universities In The World

Some of the world class Universities are Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Princeton etc. However, when we talk about the biggest or the largest Universities in the world these names do not top the list in terms of enrolment of students every year. To everyone’s surprise, the list of biggest universities in the world includes universities from Asia and Middle East.

The largest universities in the world include the active enrollment throughout all the campuses and also off the campus studies. The total number of enrolment numbers are the sum of both undergraduate and post graduate students with active enrollment. Therefore, all the universities mentioned below shares the total enrolment number of students for 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and largest Universities in 2017.

10. Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut, UttarPradesh, India

Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut,Largest Universities 2016

Enrollment: 560,000

It is a state university which is located in Meerut and was established on 1965. Meerut university was later was changed into its present name after formed PM of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh. University completed its silver jubilee in 1991. It covers an area of 2655.38 sqm. Meters and every year enroll more than 560,000 students in various affiliated degree courses across the country.

9. Tribhuvan University Kirtipur, Nepal

Tribhuvan University Kirtipur,world's Largest Universities 2017

Enrollment: 604,437

Tribhuvan University was established in 1959 and it is one of the oldest universities in the country. The university offers more than 4000 courses and almost 500 courses are intermediate level, 2079 undergraduate and over 2000 post graduate courses. University has almost 60 constituent campuses and 1053 affiliated colleges all over the country. The university is financed by the government due to which the expense of the university is comparatively lesser than other private deemed universities.

8 Universitas Terbuka Jakarta, Indonesia

Universitas Terbuka Top 10 Largest Universities in 2017

Enrolment: 646,467

UT is 45th Indonesian state university that offers distance learning system for students all across the country especially for students living in the remotest area as well as different parts of the world. The university was established on 1984. It comprises of the student body of almost 460,000 and every year enrolment of more than 600,000 is reported for various courses. University has been awarded “International Accreditation” by International council of Distance Education and Open Learning.

7 Bangladesh Open University Gazipur, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Open University Gazipur, Largest Universities in 2018

Enrolment: 650,000

BOU was established in 1992 as the only public university to offer distance education in the country. This university offers various level courses from graduation to post-graduation for over 1,600 colleges affiliated with National University. BOU is a government-financed university and has been actively seeking the platform to widen and expand through institutions, courses and number of students attending the university.

6. Payame Noor University Tehran, Iran

Payame Noor University Tehran most popular Largest Universities in 2019

Enrolment: 800,000

PNU was established in 1987 as the public university and has become one of the biggest universities in the country. PNU is also considered as one of the Mega University in the world with its main office in Tehran and 500 study centers, 31 provincial centers and many other campuses across the country. The university offer doctorate and master level courses and specialized research-based courses as well.

5. Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Open University Top Largest Universities in 2017

Enrolment: 1,326,948

AIOU is touted as one of the first open university to open in Asia in 1974. It has its main campus in Islamabad and operates several regional study centers across the country. The university serves students from the Middle East and Pakistan with many programs ranging from graduate to doctoral levels. There are growing plans for the expansion of education facilities through distance learning with new recruitments of more than 900 faculty members.

4. Islamic Azad University Tehran, Iran

Islamic Azad University Top most biggest Universities in 2018

Enrolment: 1,613,000

Islamic Azad University was established in 1982 and it consists of a various private chain of universities across Iran. University offers master level programs and doctorate programs and also known to manage the biggest academic library in the country. The university has its own news agency with monthly newsletters

3. Anadolu University Eskisehir, Turkey

Anadolu University Eskisehir, Turkey

Enrolment: 1,974,343

Turkish university Anadolu was established in 1958 and offers three open and distance learning courses, 7 schools and four vocational ones, 28 research centers and 9 institutes and two campus units in Turkey. It has over 1800 faculty members and also prides itself with up to date technology and intensive English studies.

2. Bangladesh National University Gazipur, Bangladesh

Bangladesh National University Gazipur,

Enrolment: 2,097,182

BNU was established in 1992 . This university has various undergraduate & post-graduate degree and diploma courses. There are over 1,600 colleges affiliated with National University in the country. BNU is a government funded university and actively expanding its realms through more umber of courses and institutions throughout the country and also the overseas options.

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University Delhi, India

Indira Gandhi National Open University Delhi

Enrolment: 3,499,999

IGNOU was established in 1985 and is located the capital of India. It is both an on campus and open learning distance college. The university got its name on former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. The university is the largest university in the world with more than 4 million students. The university as founded to expand the education and offer the means of distance education for various remote areas and far fledged places in the country where there is the scope of higher education to strengthen the human resource of the country. The university has started setting up the five centralized zones for each part of the country viz east, west, north and south. With total 20 schools and 67 regional head centres, 2667 study centres and 29 overseas centres in 15 countries, IGNOU is ranked number one in the list of world’s biggest University.

As per the list, most of the largest universities in the world in terms of student enrolment are totally based out of Western countries like Europe and US. There is wide varieties and range of good universities in the other part of the country which are often neglected. The above-mentioned universities offer all the majors and higher study courses with proper faculty members and academic libraries for the resources.

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